Probiotics for Beauty That’s More Than Just Skin Deep

Woman SmilingThe benefits of probiotics are well known, and lots of people consume yoghurt drinks, but fewer have heard of the benefits of probiotics in skin care products. Topically applied probiotics can do wonders for the skin.

People have been guzzling yoghurt drinks since the 90’s to try to gain the health advantages that friendly bacteria provide. These advantages include reduced risk of infection, easing of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, a reduction in allergies, protection from stomach ulcers, improved insulin resistance and immune system enhancement.

Benefits of Topical Probiotics

People do not have to drink probiotics to obtain the benefits. If they use them on the skin, they can be absorbed and work wonders that way. Probiotics in skin care are one of the latest techniques to promote skin health.

Applying a probiotics-rich moisturiser is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, reducing redness and irritation and treating acne. It also repairs the skin’s barrier, giving a healthier complexion. It works by boosting the cutaneous immune response and encouraging the growth of ‘friendly’ skin microbiome.

This gives the person a more effective defence system – from the outside in. Topical probiotics are so effective at improving skin health that doctors are working on developing creams medicated with them. They aim to treat skin conditions that are so severe, they will not respond to conventional treatments.

Probiotic Anti-Aging Treatment

Probiotic creams promote a healthy skin PH, preventing the colonisation of harmful bacteria and maintaining moisture in the skin. They enhance protease activity – the production of a protein produced by the pancreas.

This protein is vital in replicating DNA. The more precisely it is reproduced, the slower the ageing process occurs. Therefore, the regular application of probiotic beauty products could help people stay looking younger for longer.

Probiotic creams have many benefits that extend far beyond the surface of the skin. They represent one of the latest frontiers in medicine. Why not try them and see what they can do for you?