Preventing Information Theft: Keeping Business Secrets Intact

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Technology has paved the way for an easier way to send and receive information. With this advancement, information thieves abound, which can mean a loss of profit for you.

Here are some tips to keep critical data and operational strategies intact.

Confidential Shredding Services

Some businesses transact with customers using paper. There are also instances that information needs printing. For example, a company printed a number of copies of their policies, standards and procedures. They update these sets of information, thus the old ones should be disposed of.

These booklets or documents contain information that needs protection. If the printed materials are too many, you need to get a confidential shredding service to get the job done.

Protection from Malware

Malware can easily infect any company’s computer, especially those with regular internet access. Your IT department should be able to block these sites when someone in the office will use them accidentally or intentionally. Your company computers should have malware detection and protection as well.

Secure Email System

Ever wondered why your email cannot send emails and you cannot bring your mobile phone inside the office? This is because the business is protecting itself from any information theft that can lead to lawsuits.

This applies to companies that deal with personal information from people like health plans, credit cards and financial institutions.

Monitored Access

Secure access does not only mean physical access. It also means electronic access where the exchange of information can happen. The IT department can monitor and record employees’ computer activity with different system software.

This is to prevent any mishandling of information and track potential data theft as well as prevent them.

Information provides a certain amount of power and can be used against you or your company. It could mean the loss of a job or loss of a profitable partnership. As such, it is vital to have the necessary standards in keeping and disposing of information pertinent to the company’s profit and survival.