Prevent Coffee Stains on Teeth After Whitening in 6 Ways

Woman pointing at her teethEnamel consists of minute gaps. When you drink coffee or other staining beverages, particles get stuck in these gaps and form extrinsic stains. It is recommended that you visit your dentist for teeth whitening as soon as you notice any slight discoloration.
Since the stains are only on the outer layer at this point, it is easy to get rid of the coffee stains. Once you have had your teeth cleaned, you do not want the stains to come back. Mahoney Family Dentistry outlines some effective ways to keep your teeth sparkling after a teeth whitening procedure in South Bend, Indiana:

1. Brush Regularly

The primary action in maintaining good oral hygiene is regular brushing. It gets rid of the causes of tooth decay, eliminates food debris, and keeps those undesirable coffee stains away.

2. Chew Gum

A constant supply of saliva is essential. Chewing sugar-free gum increases the production of saliva. The saliva then washes away any unwanted element from the mouth. Also, chewing gum helps clean the teeth and clear up coffee breath.

3. Use a Straw

When you use a straw for your coffee, the amount of liquid that is in direct contact with the teeth reduces. This minimizes the chances of discoloration.

4. Sip Water

Sipping water in between your coffee intake will help wash away any staining liquids from the mouth. It acts as a quick rinse, which allows you to prevent the coffee from adhering to the surface of the teeth while keeping you hydrated.

5. Add Milk

Adding milk can make a big difference for your teeth. The proteins in milk are known to latch on tannins, the staining elements found in coffee; therefore, preventing the staining. For best results, high-fat milk is recommended.

6. Be Quick

Exposing your teeth to coffee for a long time increases the chances of staining. To diminish the effects, take your coffee in a short time and avoid prolonging the intake period.

If you are a coffee lover but concerned about your pearly whites, you do not need to give up coffee. These tips will help you have the best of both sides.