Personnel Safety: Use the Right Access Equipment

Orange Access PlatformAerial lift equipment and platforms play many different roles in various industries. From moving personnel to carrying equipment and tools, they make operational procedures efficient and safe. However, these specialised machines can only serve their function when used correctly. You should only use them for the specific application they were designed to do.

It does not help that many people use access equipment terminologies interchangeably, which can put people at risk. For this reason, it is critical that employers and managers work only with a reputable lift and platform service for hire in Staffordshire to ensure that they use the right type of equipment.

Know the differences between access equipment

Access equipment comes in several forms, with the most common typically referred to as standard work platforms, mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), cherry pickers, scissor lifts, boom lifts, and personnel lifts. The key to ensuring your facilities remain safe and secure for everyone is to select the specific type of equipment most appropriate for the job at hand.

Knowing and understanding that they have different uses and applications can make a difference and make sure that you have a safe and accident-free work environment.

Choose a highly reputable equipment hire service provider

Your choice of a provider of the lifts and platforms you need plays just an important a role in the efficiency, productivity, and safety of your workplace. You want to be certain that the equipment they will provide is up to Australian Standards, and are in perfect working condition. Even the slightest defect them can compromise their integrity and safety, so you do not want to source them from a company with a questionable reputation.

The safety of your personnel should be your top priority. Use only properly-maintained access equipment designed specifically for the job they were designed to do.