5 May 2016
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The Young Professional’s Survival Guide to Living Alone

Moving Into New HomeMoving out of your parents’ house is no doubt a monumental moment in your life. It can give you an irreplaceable sense of freedom or it can scare the pants off of you. Either way, you’ll figure out that independence isn’t just about doing what you want. It’s taking care of yourself, too.

Learn how to cook

One of the basic human needs is food. It’s also the go-to of exhausted young professionals after a day at work. You need to eat, but since you aren’t in university anymore, you can’t keep living off of fast food. Besides, fast food is unhealthy and may diminish your relative youth. Buy a cookbook for beginners or watch those short clips online about how to prepare quick and easy meals.

Find a place for your things

Clothes belong in the wardrobe, while spare toiletries belong in a cupboard in the powder room. That’s easy segregation to keep your home organised. But as a young professional, your living space may not be massive. Why not go for a self-storage space for your clutter? They are convenient and affordable, and free up extra space.

Balance your finances

When you start earning money, and not just from summer or after-school part-time jobs, you might get excited about it. It’s wise to put away half and divide the other half amongst the essentials like food, transportation and bills, and your personal recreation or wants. That way, you can reward yourself without completely burning out your bank account.

Clean After Yourself

There are many ways to keep yourself occupied, and one of them is cleaning. There’s no roommate around to remind you that the dishes need to be washed or that the cobwebs are accumulating. Remember and do them yourself. Proper house hygiene keeps you from getting distracted by a mess. Also, it keeps you free from allergies or viruses.

Whatever your disposition, these are some things to remember if you want to survive living alone as a young professional.

13 April 2016
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Top Business Travel Destinations for 2016

Business TravelThe first few months are the best time to start planning for your business year ahead, and what better way than to organize trade shows, seminars, business conferences and meetings across the world for connecting with business associates and clients. 

You can, of course, combine business with pleasure and head to these attractive business travel destinations right away.


When Global Business Travel Association named Singapore as one of best cities for business travel in 2016, you have no choice but to sit up and take note. It’s obvious that a lot of business travellers will make a beeline for Singapore, given its strong economic growth potential, endless tourist attractions and a penchant for the good life. The luxury business travel buff will quickly take to Singapore’s immaculate charm.


An unlikely contender for the best business travel destination, Dublin is throbbing with a newly acquired industrious spirit. The World Conference on Entrepreneurship is happening in the Irish metropolis from June 11-14, 2016. The hip and history loving business traveler has plenty to look forward to including quirky cafes and pubs on cobbled streets, classical Georgian structures and fun festivals.

New York City

The forever buzzing Big Apple is wooing the business traveler crowd with its World Business Forum event to be held in October 2016 and the TechCrunch Disrupt NYC in May 2016. And that’s not the only reason you will drawn to the land of Central Park, Times Square and Broadway. Multi-cuisine restaurants to keep global palates happy, an infectiously ambitious vibe and innumerable business hotels make New York City a top destination for business travelers.

Owing to the significant business conferences and the overall facilities available for business travellers, Singapore, Dublin and New York are some of the hottest business travel destinations for 2016.

31 March 2016
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3 Car Buying Misconceptions You Should’ve Outgrown by Now

Car Buying Myths in IndianaThe Internet has a litany of blogs about car buying misconceptions for a reason: they don’t die, and only increase. While some of them are downright wrong, others are simply outdated. They may used to work in the past, but auto dealers and salespersons also learn from experience and adapt. If you don’t do the same, never expect to get the best deal out there.

Saving the Trade-In Up Your Sleeve

Waiting until the last minute to mention about your trade-in vehicle is a trick dealerships are accustomed to. If you think you’re going to lock in a better price just because you hid this card and suddenly spring it to the dealer out of nowhere, you’re just fooling yourself.

In reality, you’re just going to prolong the entire process. Whether you bring it up early or later during the negotiation makes little difference. The key is to know the fair market value of your trade-in vehicle and the one you’re planning to buy. In addition, you must discuss every aspect of the deal separately, and not just negotiate for your monthly repayment, to ensure you’d save down the road.

Buying on a Rainy Day

To think that dealerships would be desperate to get a sale whenever there’s a downpour and say yes to whatever price you want is nothing but an illusion. Especially in rainy states like Indiana, this myth is still well and alive.

If you test the validity of this decades-old belief, you’d actually discover that the lot is even more cramped with shoppers for great finds, like a used Chevrolet Cruze in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or South Bend, because all of you share this erroneous belief.

Reading the Contract Word for Word

Even if you must, you shouldn’t. If you do, you’d spend the whole day just absorbing whatever is in the contract. But most auto sales contracts are nothing but boilerplate regulated by the motor vehicle registry of the state.

You should, however, focus your attention on the numbers, particularly on the final price, applicable fees, and repayments, as well as the section about insurance, because they’re the ones that really define the quality of the deal.

Auto buying is already deep-seated in the American culture. However, it’s still your job to weed out beliefs that don’t make sense anymore in this day and age. It’s always good to learn about them, but not necessarily use them as a guide.

23 March 2016
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3 Secrets to Becoming an Awesome Party Planner

Planning a PartyPlanning a party can be one of the most enjoyable yet stressful experiences of your life. You get to be creative, meet new people, be a part of people’s celebrations, and savor the feeling of people having a good time thanks to your planning skills. The challenge, however, is to organize it in a way that keeps guests happy throughout their time at the venue.

Themes, Themes, Themes

Themes add individuality to any party. Innovative themes set the rhythm for your party and allows you to build on it. This can trigger ideas that you would not have otherwise thought of. A theme gives you more focused ideas and resources about planning the party. They're fun set-ups for guests, and everyone feels unified by the chosen theme. If it’s an outdoor themed party, consider hiring Clearspan structure tent rental services and do preparations as you would with an indoor theme.


In today's digital age, sending physical invites can sometimes be strange. Many people, however, still prefer this method because it gives off a personalized touch and builds an element of excitement. A unique and attractive-looking invitation can make guests look forward to the celebration. Customized invites give you the option of adding your own ideas, images, and materials. If you're not the artistic type, many stationery stores and online printers are available to give you a theme-based invitation.

The Kid’s Corner

This is especially for large functions, weddings, and family gatherings. To avoid kids from messing up the setting, create a separate eating and activity zone for them. Keep their favorite cupcakes, cheese, color pencils, and candy jars handy. This will keep them occupied and out of your business. Make sure there’s someone to watch over them, though, and conduct activities for them.

Planning a party like a pro is easy if you stick to a theme, create personalized invites, and keep a separate fun zone for children. Organizing these details in advance can ensure that your parties are nothing short of amazing.

9 March 2016
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Get the Show Started: 1-2-3 Essentials for Events Management

 Organizing Events in Australia Public events such as conventions, exhibits and meets are no simple affairs. Organising these take the most extraordinary effort, combining delicate timing, coordination, logistics, manpower and strategic planning. To make them into rolling successes, there must be cooperation between the many stakeholders, the organisers, and the guests as well.

If you are in the events management business in Perth, the basics of putting up a successful event is known to you. But in case you forgot, here is a quick 1-2-3 refresher shared by claasichire.net.au.

The Program

All events have to have a sort of skeletal program to take place. The program is essentially what will take place from the time the gates open to the emcees bidding the guests goodbye. This said, for there to be an event, organizers must come up with a solid plan on what the main attraction will be throughout the duration of the event. Although exhibits and conventions are free-roam for the guests, the main stage is where the show will be. A program of main events has to be drafted, containing the who, what, when, and how details. These can be anything ranging from demonstrations, contests to promos of the event sponsors and exhibitors.

The Partners

The event partners are everyone who has a stake in the show. These stakeholders are your exhibitors who will help populate and make your event busy for the most part. These parties pay to become part of the event to market their businesses. For example, events such as food festivals will typically have no problem finding partners in the restaurant business. So to make your event busy and successful, make sure to secure the attendance, support, sponsorships and commitment of these stakeholders. A beefed up event is sure to attract many attendees.

The Logistics

Events management is essentially a logistical affair. To be successful, you have to be a smooth logistical operator. Secure all the necessary materials and support you will need for the event from security to the production of stage programs. Delegate tasks to your committees in charge of the many departments such as food, security, ticket sales, marketing, et cetera. Securing the event venue is also a concern. If holding an outdoor event, make sure you have sufficient awnings, tables, chairs, tents and fencing. Don’t forget the portable toilets too. If your business does not already have these assets, you can always hire rental companies to provide them for you.

Events management is a difficult endeavour, but with the right mentality, team, and resources, you are sure to make every event a success.

21 February 2016
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Roof Care Basics: Everything You Need to Know about Leaking Roofs

Leaking Roofs in Salt Lake CityA leaky roof definitely needs urgent attention. This is not just because it could result to puddles on your floor, but also because it could lead to serious water damage when not solved immediately.

While roofing systems are built to protect the house from weather elements, they are susceptible to damage due to direct exposure to harsh elements. Repairing roof leaks is considered one of the costliest repairs a homeowner may have to face at some point, so it pays to know the why’s and how’s of tackling this problem.

The Horrors of Roof Leaks

When your roof starts to leak, there is a high chance that there is already significant damage to the system. The water damage may have already taken a toll not only on the ceiling but in the internal components as well. Wooden parts may have suffered from serious rot and other parts may have loosened up.

When ignored, leaking roofs can result in other problems, including damage to walls and windows. This is the reason it’s important to do the necessary repair right away, according to Wesleygreenroofing.com’s roofing contractors in Salt Lake City.

Detecting it on the Onset

There are a few early signs that your roof may have been leaking or is about to leak. One good example is dark spots and stains in the ceiling. These spots can be caused by molds and mildew that may be thriving due to the moisture in the area.

Other signs of damage that may lead to leak include sagging ceiling and warping in areas near gutters and beam.

Roofing Inspection and Maintenance

Roofing issues can be avoided when you inspect your roof and give it the necessary maintenance care and repair when needed. In some cases, such as high roofed properties, it is better to leave the inspection and maintenance to the pros. Roofing companies can do the job for you in a safe and time-efficient manner.

Never ignore a leaky roof nor look at it as just a small nuisance. It’s a serious issue that requires an immediate solution, so seek profession-roofing service right away.

3 February 2016
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Where to Stay During the Construction of Your New Home

New Home The building of a new home is an exciting time for you and your family. In the heat of the moment, you may forget a few important things, such as where you’re supposed to stay while construction of the new house is underway.

Here are a few reminders to help you stay on track and not outdoors.

No place to stay at the construction site

This is important for those who are tearing down a house to build a new one in its place, or for those who are moving out of their old house or rented residence even before construction of the new house has begun or is completed. You need a place to stay.

Find an affordable hotel near the construction site so you can still visit the site frequently to monitor the progress and to receive any material delivery. This is trickier if you have a big family, a pet, or many belongings. A hotel may not accept all. So if you do need a place to stay while construction is ongoing, you may have to talk to a relative who can let you stay at their place for the meantime. You can also rent an apartment with a short contract. Time the expiration of the contract with the schedule of your home construction. Talk to your contractor about the tentative date when you can move in.

Moving in halfway through the construction

Some families will want to move in even before the construction is done. This is fine if you don’t mind the noise, dust, debris and materials lying around, and the presence of the construction crew. Plastic sheets can separate your temporary living areas. Have a temporary bathroom built if the permanent one is not ready. You can look for a construction tent rental in Minneapolis, MN – such as Apres Party & Tent Rental – where some of your less sensitive belongings can stay for now. This may also serve as your pet’s temporary stomping grounds, or a place for you to stay and watch the construction. You may need several tents, as these are particularly useful during construction.

Moving into your half-finished house is not advisable if you have a baby. It’s also bad for children especially if they have a condition that makes them sensitive to dust or noise.

14 January 2016
The Daily News

Parenting Tips: Handling Your Young Adults When On A Trailer Road Trip

 Road Trip in Australia Feeling a little disconnected with your teenage kids? Want to give some quality time with them after long months of working for their future? If you want to take them outdoors on a trailer trip, here are some survival tips to remember when dealing with young adults.

Literally, Take Them Out

Even if your kids are introverted by nature, research suggests too much time indoors can make them more prone to sickness and have less resistance to allergies. For example, Classic Hire suggests encouraging them to step outside of the trailer when you make stops. Have barbecues and picnics instead of having your meals inside the cabin. Find something that coincides with your youngsters’ tastes and work with that.

Respect Their Opinion

Simply telling your children where you are going and what you will be doing for the summer will not do to increase relationship values with them. Ask them what they’d like to go during this trailer road trip. Find out what else they’d like to do besides camping out and watching Perth’s sunrises and sunsets. If they agreed to a hire a trailer and join you on this trip, be supportive of what they want to do during their free time. That would be the first step for them to stay open and communicative with you.

Communicate Directly

Young adults nowadays can’t wait to step out of the ‘training wheels’ stage. Having someone chaperone them might further upset them or even discourage them from opening up to their own parents. If this trip is meant to be spent within the immediate family members, avoid having a third wheel included to act as your teenager’s mediator. Personally give them the time and attention they need.

Parenting is a skill that few people automatically get. Just because you have a child doesn’t mean you’re a master at knowing what your kids require of you. Use this time out on the road to communicate and connect with them. If it’s done right, this trip will become memorable enough for them to make you their role model when they become parents too.

11 January 2016
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A Running Engine Will Take Care of Your Car Better than an Idle One

Idle CarIt is one of the simplest ways to keep your engine running while you buy some milk from the store; however, idling your car for a short while can have negative effects in the long run.

Vehicle idling occurs when the engine runs but the car does not. Drivers occasionally put their vehicles on idle when stuck in a traffic jam, but some drivers do so unnecessarily. It is a bad habit you can (and should) easily break, especially when you realise what it can do to your car.

More Wasted Fuel

One common myth among drivers is that starting your engine costs more fuel than just idling the vehicle. Technically, this is true, but for only about 5 to 10 seconds. Afterwards, idling uses more fuel than restarting your engine.

Engineers estimate that restarting the engine within the 5 to 10 seconds you turned it off is more fuel- efficient than leaving your car running. A vehicle idle for more ten minutes can actually cost you the equivalent of a quarter litres of fuel.

If it looks like you will not be away for only ten seconds or so, just turn off the engine.

Exhausts your Exhaust System

Excessive idling allows water to condense within your car’s exhaust system. According to Belair Mitsubishi Wreckers, provider of spare Mitsubishi car parts, when the condensed water infiltrates your exhaust system, it results in a lasting corrosion.

Replacement of exhaust systems is not exactly cheap. The replacement of an exhaust system can cost you up to thousands of dollars, depending on the make and model of your car.

What You Can Do

Rather than hurt your car by idling, just turn off your engine if you are waiting longer than ten seconds. As mentioned, restarting your car does not burn more fuel than leaving it running. You can also warm up your engine better by driving rather than idling. When you sit in an idle car, you inhale more of the dirty exhaust rather than remove it.

Vehicle idling will waste your money and also cause damage to your car. If you need to wait or make a quick stopover, keep your car going or turn it off rather than leaving it idle.

5 January 2016
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Clean Offices Mean Impressive Quality of Business

Office in JandakotThe office is a reflection of the company’s products and services. Don’t give your guests the wrong impression by showing them how dirty the workplace is. They might think you don’t have a keen eye for detail, or relate your practices with your dedication to the project.

Having a dirty office will not leave a good impression. Worse, applicants may think twice about working with you. Here are some ways to keep your workplace clean and impressive.

Go green

Keeping your office clean doesn’t have to be an expensive weekly activity. Use simple items you can find at your home to clean your desk. From baking soda to lemon, you can scrub surfaces and bring back their shine.

For some serious cleaning, you may need to invest in high quality cleaning products such as microfibre cloth and spray nozzles to apply cleaning ingredients easily. In Jandakot, Kwikskips.com.au recommends hiring skip bins and scheduling a weekly clean-up of your office. Having skip bins ready may help you transport a big bulk of trash accumulated for a week.

Disinfecting your work area should also be a habit. Keep some alcohol or sanitiser on your desk.


Your desk may not be dusty, but it can still suffer from disorderliness. Things piling up on your desk are never a good sight for you or for any guest. Maximise the use of your cabinet or introduce dividers, so you can segregate your files. Look over your papers and see which ones are no longer of value to your current tasks.

Half of your paperwork may be old files you don’t need anymore. Having your very own trash bin underneath the table can make the transfer of junk easily.

Keeping the work environment clean and clutter-free promotes productivity.