20 August 2014
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The Secret Weapon Schools Can Use to Fight Childhood Obesity

kids playingChildhood obesity is a serious problem in Australia. The number of overweight children has been increasing over the past few years. There’s no single cause; it’s simply a combination of many different factors that lead to unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles.

As their second home, schools need to take an active interest in the health of their students. You can’t just rely on parents, as not all adults know about proper nutrition or are willing to get up and play catch with their kids.

While many schools are now offering much healthier food options for their students, exercise is still widely neglected. Here is how you can make a difference.

The secret to making children more active

There is one universal way to encourage children to exercise, and that is to make it enjoyable. The fact that even the least sporty of children still love playgrounds is testament to the power of fun. Moduplay even states that the best playgrounds help children grow physically, mentally, and socially – all while they are having a fantastic time.

The classic playground is the perfect example of a good fitness environment. Following its example should be the goal of every school, yet many forget something so simple.

Where schools go wrong

Physical Education is where almost every school fails in the fun department. How many times has popular media portrayed gym class as ruthless torture where only a select few excel and enjoy themselves? While these depictions are obviously exaggerated (we hope), there is no denying that today’s gym classes are far from perfect. Here are ways to make gym class something that everybody can look forward to.

  • Start with the teacher. We’re sure you know the “typical” gym teacher stereotype; loud, gets angry easily, humiliates underperformers, and is actually unfit himself. Your goal should be the exact opposite. Get a skilled P.E. teacher that leads by example, encourages children to do their best, and is interested in seeing his or her students progress physically and mentally.
  • Many curricula simply treat Physical Education as a necessary evil, rather than as a valuable experience that teaches children the importance of physical fitness and how to progress beyond their limits. Revise metrics to reward significant progress, and try to relate the lessons to practical “real life” applications.
  • Encourage teamwork and healthy competition without fostering rivalry. Have plenty of team sports, and regularly switch team members around while keeping the sides “balanced” in terms of ability. Try to avoid punishments for the losing side, as this will lead to resentment. Teach them the value of sportsmanship, as being able to win or lose gracefully is a very valuable skill.

With these methods, you can help your students develop an active lifestyle, reduce childhood obesity, and give them plenty of fun memories all at the same time.

19 August 2014
The Daily News

Say Cheese: Significance of Photographs in the Future

cameraDo you barely remember your childhood days? Researchers found that people tend to forget their previous memories as early as the childhood days. They noted that the growth of new brain cells effectively overwrites new ones.

This does not happen systematically, though, because based on a theory, memories that are rarely retrieved and rehearsed will eventually be forgotten. It is not entirely lost, but remains deep in the long-term memory.

Saving Memories through Cameras

The development of the brain, language, and sense are essential to store and recall memories. There is another way, however, to remember the past events effectively. This is through a photograph. By taking pictures of an occurrence, you preserve the memories of that event.

Modern technology enables people to capture almost anything, anywhere, anytime. Photography authority DSLRPros stresses that technology offers better opportunities for people to store memories and reminisce on their past experiences.

Visual Story-telling

A mere picture itself can tell a tale. Whether it is candid, fine art, or just taken from your mobile phones, a picture is the truest form of documentation. It allows a person to visually share different experiences with others.

Value of Photographs

Words can be deceiving, but photos are just pure truth. This piece of paper can be a time machine, a window to the past. It is a peep hole that allows you to look back in your life, or even someone else’s life. Photographs provide a clearer image of the past compared to the memory.

As it reminds you of the past, it also tells how you should shape your future. You’ll never know that a random photo taken today might evoke strong emotions in following years and so. They say that photos are a reflection of the photographers view. That is why you should take pictures with happy thoughts.

Everything goes through change. After all, memories do fade; even photographs wane like memories when seldom retrieved or often disregarded. Never skip an event without taking a photograph. Every time you refuse to click the shutter, you close a window to your past.

15 August 2014
The Daily News

Everything You Need to Think of When Choosing the Right Flooring

choosing the right flooringThe flooring is one of the biggest components of your home. Choosing the right material and texture is important not only so that you and your family are comfortable, but also because it’s essential to aesthetics. Another factor you need to evaluate is its color. Aside from being functional, it must also be appealing.

Here are some pointers on how to choose the right flooring to fit the overall look of your home.

Match Your Style

What you want matters simply because it’s your home. Think about colors, patterns, and textures you like seeing, and then think about the different elements you’d like to see in the room. The flooring color is a base element and dictates the design scheme you can implement in a particular room.

Think of Your Lifestyle

According to About Floors n More, Having kids and pets make all the difference when it comes to choosing the flooring. For example, you may want to skip on the carpet if you have furry pets that are allowed to run around the house all day. You might also want to get some strong and non-slippery tiles for the bathroom to avoid kids from slipping. Any choices you make should always reflect your lifestyle. Flooring should be durable and have the capacity to withstand wear over long periods of time.

Stimulate the Right Emotions

Colors stimulate different emotions, and you must choose a color that fits the room. The kitchen could benefit from red or maroon flooring, while the bedroom calls for relaxing colors. Graffiti and patterns with various colors can work in recreational rooms.

Crunch Numbers

Although you want floors that are tough and look good at the same time, you should still consider the overall costs. Compute the material, delivery, underlayment, and installation. Planning ahead and calculating your expenses is a good way to determine if you’re making the right decisions.

Flooring is a versatile component of your home since there are so many options. Knowing which one is best is important to prevent any damages and regrets.

13 August 2014
The Daily News

Make Some Noise: 4 Ways to Block Out Loud Neighbourhood Noise

home fencingGetting a good night’s sleep is important, but getting shuteye is not always easy, especially if you are constantly disturbed by loud neighbours and other annoying sounds at night.

Moving out shouldn’t exactly be your first choice, so the best thing you can do is block out all the noise with some of these strategies:

Talk to Your Neighbours Nicely

Make friends—start doing so before problems happen. However, if your noisy neighbours won’t hush up, then the next best thing you can do is to talk to them nicely. Sometimes people just aren’t aware of how loud they have become. Drop by and explain the situation calmly.

Put Up a Fence

One of the most obvious solutions to your problem is to have a high fence put up to block everything out. According to Amazing Fencing, a fence will only be effective if the structure is thick enough to block out the sound waves. Timber is one of the best choices, as this is a material with great acoustic property.

Insulate the Walls and Floors

If it’s real soundproofing you want, you might have to add a wall or drop a ceiling, which are both quite unpractical. Your best bet would be to insulate the walls and floors. Create a sound barrier between the home and outside environment.

Use White Noise

The rhythmic noise from water fountains, air conditioners, air filters, fans, and other machines, also known as white noise, is an effective way of masking annoying sounds. While white noise only adds up to neighbourhood noise and may not work for extremely loud neighbours, it can divert your attention and ease intruding noises.

Sound machines, which are built for that purpose, are not only helpful in drowning out sounds, but can also lull you to sleep.

It can be hard to calm down when you are struggling to get some shuteye or hear your own thoughts; making a bad situation worse won’t really help. Instead, talk to your neighbours, put up a fence, insulate your home, and use white noise, as these will serve your needs better.

11 August 2014
The Daily News

Sick of Getting Sick? 4 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

regular exerciseHow you live your life and the activities you do can affect how well your immune system protects you from germs, viruses, and other illnesses.

There are simple everyday activities that have immunity-boosting powers. These do not only help you become healthier, but happier too. Try these today to give your body a much-needed boost:

Listen to Feel-Good Music

That’s right—listening to music can actually boost your immunity. Whether it’s a piece by Beethoven or a number from one Britney Spears, the trick here is finding the right music that soothes your mind and soul. Listening to a song that sends shivers down your spine can stimulate parts of your brain normally activated by food.

Making music is better than listening to it. According to a study, participants in a group-drumming session greatly enhanced natural killer-cell activity.

Move Your Body

Try to get regular exercise – even if it’s just a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. This helps your immune system fight sickness. Moderate exercise, in particular, releases stress and enhances immune infection.

Yoga, in particular, results in changes in gene expression that boosts immunity at a cellular level. Aerial yoga, specifically, is the most beneficial type because using a yoga hammock means you are combining the basics of yoga with Pilates, acrobatics, calisthenics, and dance.

Laugh Out Loud

Laughing is good for you, while painful emotions like anger and grief have negative effects on health. A real laugh that comes from the gut limits the levels of stress hormones in your body, while boosting a type of white blood cell that fights infection. Even just anticipating a humorous encounter can enhance your immunity.

Aside from the immunity boost it triggers, laughter also stimulates digestion, increases circulation, reduces muscle tension, and lowers blood pressure.

Socialize More

Your immune system loves it when you spend time with your friends. People who feel connected to friends have a stronger immune system than those who feel alone. The more social contacts you have, and the more diverse they are, the less likely you will catch a cold.

They say prevention is better than cure. Obviously, it’s no fun catching a bug whenever the cold weather kicks in. Your immune system should be as strong as a shield, so give it a boost by doing some exercise, listening to music, and socializing.

8 August 2014
Business Adviser

How Social Media Becomes the Game Changer

trustworthy social media marketing companyToday, more and more companies are leveraging the web to boost their profits. To be a success, businesses should create their own distinguished image online by having a website for their firm and launching their own web services.

As a business owner, creating an intriguing image that will surely capture your potential customers’ attention is your key to success. But, how are you going to do that?

Most companies, big and small, don’t have time to manage their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing on their own. Making improvements to their sites to increase the online traffic flow can be a daunting task for these enterprises. For this reason, they hire professional SEO services to do the job for them.

One of the most common strategies these SEO firms use is Social Media Marketing. Read on to learn more about it.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of gaining online traffic through social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Why Bother Using Social Media?

Social media not only feed into the discovery of new content, but they also help build links that support the SEO efforts. A lot of Internet users also turn to social media sites to find news stories and other social media content.

How Do Social Networks Affect Business Decisions?

You may not be required to spend all day posting your insightful comments on Facebook, but it’s important to realise the value of sites like this in driving decisions. Think about the post which received the most number of “likes”. You can create brilliant ideas from gathering statistics on that information and use it to gain advantage from your competitors.

Can Social Media Really Boost Your Income?

According to Digital Insights, “social” is now the top Internet activity. The figures and statistics from 2013 show that there are 1.26 billion Facebook users, making it the leading social media network today. What’s good about social media is that you can reach out your target audience on a more personal level. You should take advantage of this by integrating social media on your site to generate traffic and sales.

The importance of social media today is no longer debated. Don’t miss out on your chance to be on top. Work with an SEO firm to develop strategies that will make your brand known.

6 August 2014
The Daily News

Hong Kong Tax Policy: Simple, Reasonable and Ideal

hong kong tax policiesApart from having a free market economic policy, Hong Kong boasts a simple and low-rate tax system. In the 2014 Paying Taxes study of 189 economies, it is said that Hong Kong has one of the most tax-friendly economies in the world. The city imposes three direct taxes and has a generous deduction, which lowers the total taxable amount.

Ideal for Entrepreneurs

According to the Globe and Mail Article Hong Kong’s simple, low taxes: don’t we all want it?, the tax system in the region increases the people’s entrepreneurial drive. While the maximum personal tax is 15 per cent, there are plenty of allowances to lower it. The corporate tax, meanwhile, is set at 16.5 per cent, giving people more money to keep in their pockets.

The best thing about the city’s tax regime is that there is no capital gains and dividend tax. There is also no tax on interest, and only the income sourced in Hong Kong is taxable. Its low tax system and easy procedures for company registration make it one of the best locations for foreign investors to enter the Asian market.

Easy and Fast Tax Filing

Another good thing about Hong Kong’s business environment is the ease of submitting tax returns. People can complete tax returns on their own and submit them online. Some companies rely on accountancy and tax firms for effective tax services and advice.

Free Port Status

Hong Kong has a free port status that thrives on free trade. It is one of largest trading economies in the world and an international center serving the mainland China and Asia Pacific region. This only means that the region doesn’t keep barriers on trade and does not charge tariff on exportation and importation of goods. Licensing is kept to the minimum and only imposed when there is a need to fulfill obligations.

The Hong Kong government takes on only minimal amount of money through direct taxation. This enables small businesses to flourish and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in the economy or open a business.

6 August 2014
Business Adviser

Look Before You Leap: Is It Time for a Dramatic Career Change?

If you are feeling unchallenged or unfulfilled in your work, maybe it’s time for a major change. Most people leave a job because they are unhappy about something: irritating co-workers, demanding boss, ridiculous hours.


A change is a great opportunity to become someone new. Changing careers, however, is not something to do without some serious thought. The desire to find your ideal career path can be frustrating. Let this article help you.

Call a timeout

Career transitions are stressful, so you need to understand what’s behind the idea to make a change. Perhaps you are just starting to become disillusioned with your work and you are no longer on the way up. This is the time to step back and think about your career broadly.“Know yourself” may seem like a cliché, but it’s important if you want to make sure you find a job where you will be happy.

Build a strong team

During a career change, keep in mind that your personal support network will become the cheerleaders who will encourage you to keep going. Your close friends, your colleagues, or even recruitment agencies that provide career tips can become your huge source of energy. They are willing to help and support you during the transition. It’s best to have someone who can act as a second pair of eyes to review your resume and other job requirements.

Take conscious action

It can be impossible to move into a new career if you know nothing about that field. Networking is crucial for people in career transition. Join relevant seminars and industry events that will put you in contact with smart people in the sector. You must connect with people who can introduce you to decision makers.

Recognise what you can control and do things with purpose. The most important thing about making a career change is finding something that works with your personality and who you really are.

5 August 2014
Ride On

5 Tools You Shouldn’t Leave Without Before Off-Roading

land roverYes, an off-road adventure’s thrill is like no other, especially when you have prepared beforehand. The open road, after all, can still get the better of your car. When this happens, you should have the right tools to fix your vehicle and help you resume the wild ride.

Apart from doing a routine maintenance check with your mechanic, McDonald 4×4 suggests bringing these essential tools along in the open road:

Utility knife

The purpose of this item is in its name: utility. Your tool box should always have one of these, regardless of where you’re going or how long you’ll be using. Off the beaten path, the rugged terrain might launch missiles onto your tubes or belts, a situation wherein a utility knife will be of great use. Moreover, the knife edge of this item helps you remove any item that might have been stuck in the car’s undercarriage.

Hammer and pry bar

Slamming nails aside, the hammer is one of the most useful items you can bring to the beaten path. Paired with a pry bar, you can use it to fix your car when you’re stuck in tricky situations, particularly when the vehicle gets stuck in a ditch. Additionally, you can use the pry bar to push off a tire and turn it into a makeshift leverage to help your vehicle up a steep incline.

Wrenches and sockets

Always have both standard and metric wrenches and sockets when you hit the open road. These tools are highly useful in almost any vehicle-related repair. Should you encounter a tire problem, you can use these to replace the tire without a lot of trouble.


Always equip your car with a full set of screwdrivers – both flats and Phillips type. You’ll never know when you might have to open something in your car whilst on the road.


Engine trouble is quite common in an off-road adventure, which is why you have to bring a pair of pliers. Whatever issue comes up, chances are you will need to grip, loosen, or tighten something that you cannot touch or reach with your fingers.

A stuck car or a flat tire can take the fun out of off-roading, which is why you have to make sure these things won’t stop your adventure. Put these tools in your car and you’ll surely enjoy the ride, regardless of whatever comes up on the road.

31 July 2014
The Daily News

Rearranged Home, Revitalized Life

rearrange your homeSometimes, you just have to move to a new place to feel renewed and revitalised. This is also a good way to rethink and rearrange your new living space. You’ll never know how a change like moving to Perth can bring about something wonderful.

Turn your life around and head in a better direction by reinventing the look of your new home through these simple steps.

No Clutter!

First and foremost, clutter should go. This will clear your mind and rev up your imagination. It’s a new start, so don’t let clutter pile up. You can also contact experts to do furniture removals in Perth to help you move. Just like a painting, start with a clean canvass so you can see endless possibilities.

Mix Oversized and Miniatures

An oversized sofa or table might work in certain areas, but there’s also a chance that it might not. What you need to do is mix and match furniture and decorations to achieve a certain kind of look. It’s not all about the size, though. The patterns, colours, and materials are also aspects that can contribute to making great combinations.

Highlight Key Pieces

Design is nothing if there’s no functionality. When it comes to the subject of giving your home a certain appeal, think about the furniture you spend the most time on, too. The sofa in your living room can benefit from an antique bookshelf beside it. Your dining table can also serve as a focal point – have it contrast other decorations in the room.

Sentimentality Matters, Too

Browse through old photo albums and maybe frame some pictures or get them resized and posted up on the wall. It’s always nice to redisplay old objects you once cherished. Try placing them in different areas and figure out where they belong. Do this and your house will surely be filled with good memories.

An organised home paves the way for new beginnings. Reinvent your home style and get everyone together to share their insights. This can also be an opportunity to bond with the whole family. After moving and reorganising your new home, celebrate by throwing a housewarming party.