30 June 2015
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Short on Space: Shelving Solutions for Retail Shops

Retail StoreThe Auckland International Airport now has The Loop Duty Free Shop. The shop aims to provide passengers with a good retail experience and to achieve that, they paid special attention to the layout.

It would be nice if your shop had shelving that maximised space—and did not break down easily. Shelving is a practical storage solution, but you need to decide on the material. Wood and steel are two of the most common building materials used.

While many appreciate the charm and beauty of natural wood products, if your main requirement is durability, then get metal shelving. In New Zealand, libraries, schools, offices, shops and other establishments use them for varied purposes.

Perfect for tight corners

The strong kiwi dollar throughout 2014 encouraged investors to buy commercial properties in New Zealand. With many investors, getting ample space is now a luxury.

When your shop has a limited floor area, metal shelves can provide you with additional clearance. These products are easy to install even in the tightest corners.

Hydestor Manufacturing – Shelving also recommends mobile shelving that doubles the storage capacity of your shop, giving you more head space. Remove storage boxes and supplies on the floor to widen the area where you do business with customers.

Which type of metal is best?

Galvanised steel is one of the raw materials used to build practical storage solutions. They can withstand high temperatures and direct force and trauma. They also last for a very long time.

Stainless steel is a prime choice in industrial settings and other working environments. Even the food industry prefers stainless steel.

Meanwhile, chrome wire is a less expensive product that is equally versatile. These elegant and functional shelves fit anywhere, including commercial, residential and industrial settings. Now, if you are after style and durability, then wrought iron shelving trumps all other options. Just be ready with wads of cash because they are expensive.

Metal shelving solves any problem you may have with limited space. They are durable, versatile and stylish. They fit traditional as well as contemporary tastes. Find the shelving that fits not only the size of your commercial space, but also the design.

26 June 2015
Ride On

Are You Experiencing These Issues With Your Nissan Maxima? You Are Not Alone

Nissan Maxima 2004Out of all the Nissan Maxima models, the 2004 to 2006 ones reportedly have the most issues. While some are just minor ones that can be fixed with simple repairs and affordable Maxima spare parts— others are not just your typical rattles and shakes—but costly, extremely exasperating, and potentially, vehicle-destroying problems.

K.D. Auto Spares shares more information below:

Air Conditioning System Issues

Your air conditioner may discharge warm air because of refrigerant loss as a result of low pressure and leaking hose, typically in the connection for the hose crimp.

Check Engine Light Issues

The Check Engine light may light up to indicate a primary ignition signal fault. In many instances, this is due to ignition coil failure. This can result in feedback of the spark energy via the wiring harness going to the other ignition coils. If not addressed as soon as possible, the other coils may also be damaged.

External Seal Failure

Failure of the engine oil cooler’s external seal can result in oil leakage.

Camshaft Sensor Issues

If the Camshaft sensor leaks oil into the electrical connector, the Check Engine light will turn on. Consequently, the engine may experience issues and stall sporadically.

Power Steering Pump Leakage

When the power steering pump begins leaking, it may reach the lower control arm bushings and result in the advanced deterioration of the bushings. You’ll then start to experience knocking sounds while driving on bumpy surfaces and find that you’ll have a hard time controlling your Maxima.

Oxygen Sensor Failure

Failure of the oxygen sensor is commonly attributed to fluid leaks coming from the power steering pump. Normally, leaks from the power steering pump directly flow into the sensor and will cause wiring failure. When leaks are not addressed even if the oxygen sensor has been replaced, the replacement will most likely fail again.

Transmission Issues

Extensive transmission issues are very common with 2004 to 2006 Nissan Maxima models. These issues range from difficulty with acceleration, problems with shifting gears, rough jerking, and worse, to total vehicle failure. What’s more, these issues are usually experienced as early as 35,000 miles into driving the car. And repairs or replacement does not come cheap that some Maxima owners opt to source their Maxima spare parts from reputable sellers instead of from Nissan directly.

24 June 2015
The Daily News

How to Make the Most of Your Poolside Space

Pool Built On Your PropertyA pool built on your property automatically makes it the centerpiece of the yard, while the area around it somewhat becomes an extended living space. Aside from improving the aesthetic of your property, this space becomes a haven for relaxation, where you can spend quality time with family and friends.

So, how do you make the most of your pool space?

Add Pool Enclosures

Deciding on having a pool is easy enough; making sure it is usable in any climate is the challenge. If you live in a climate that limits pool use in certain times of the year, think about getting a pool enclosure. On hot summer days, you can open up the doors or roof to welcome the sun rays and warm the waters.

On rainy days, you don’t have to feel stuck inside looking at your pool as the enclosure allows you to swim anytime. Pool enclosure also offers versatility in design and materials. You may build it either as a freestanding installation or attached to your home.

Customize the Design

It’s awkward having a big pool and barely enough space left for anything else around it. This is why you should think about customized designs for the pool or spa. This way, the experts can appropriate the right size—or shape—depending on the area you have. Bullfrog spa dealers in Utah offer customized designs so you can have enough space left for anything you want.

Build a Pool House

Pool houses can serve as a storage space or a fully functional guest room. It gives you the convenience of enjoying your pool without running back and forth to your home when you need something. Use this space to store all swimming supplies and just take them out when needed.

Construct a Cabana

Cabanas provide a storage place for all your poolside needs, from floats to maintenance equipments. It also gives you a relaxing, cozy spot to enjoy the view of the pool while taking shade. A larger structure can include a bathroom, shower and changing room.

There are limitless designs for the pool and the space around. Make the most out of that area to ensure a more comfortable and fun pool experience with your family and friends.

24 June 2015
The Daily News

Must-Haves When Designing Your First Ever Living Room: A Guide for Stylish Homeowners

Designing your living roomDesigning your first living room ever can be a difficult task. With a little research and some help from experts, you can enjoy a functional yet appealing room that serves as the cornerstone of your whole house. Here are some essentials that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Comfortable Chairs

Chairs are important whether you’re just chilling while reading a good book or having some special guests over. You may want to buy an affordable but comfortable sofa or chair with colors that complement the room. A love seat in one corner may also be a good addition.

Beautiful Lamps

Apart from giving a dim light for a night of movie marathon, lamps can also act as strong points that add visual interest in the living room. Go for soft, warm lights so that everyone can look and feel good. There are some expensive ones in the market, but a little research can help you save a lot.

Entertainment System

NinosTrading.com suggests looking for TVs for sale, an audio system, and DVD player for a complete entertainment experience you, your whole family, and even your guests can enjoy. If you know someone who is tech savvy, ask for his or her help to find the best one that fits you budget. You might even learn a few tips and tricks to make your entertainment time more exciting!

Artwork and Memorabilia

A painting or photograph framed and hanged on a wall can be a great addition to any living room. Don’t forget to display some family portraits or cute candid shots on tables and other surfaces. These prints can give an exciting and personal touch to your living room, making you feel more at home.

Set a budget, take your time, plan carefully, and consult an expert when you are designing your very first living room. By doing these, you’ll have a place where you will always feel comfortable and at ease after a tiring day at work.

24 June 2015
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Off to the Truck Sales in Adelaide: Picking Used Trucks with Care

Used TrucksBuying any vehicle is always a serious matter because it is a big investment. Even if you buy a used vehicle, you still pay a lot overall. This is especially true when you are looking at used truck sales in Adelaide. It can be tempting to go for that big discount or once-in-a-lifetime deal.

Here are some hot tips before you sign the deal.

Make a Checklist

Before going out to the truck sales sit down and make a list. If you are planning to use the truck for your business, this should include what type and size of load you typically carry over what type of roads. Try to calculate how much fuel you typically use. This will help you decide on the type of truck you will need.

Do your Research

Once you know the kind of truck that fits requirements, you can find out what models experts recommend. This will narrow down your search for the best truck for your needs. You will also get an idea of the going rate.

Note that in terms of truck sales Adelaide buyers are familiar with, there is a mandatory two-day cooling off period when buying a used vehicle. This gives you time to check out the truck more thoroughly. You should only pay the dealer in full after the cooling period.

Spend Now or Later

The question to ask yourself when looking at the cheapest truck on the lot is why. There must be a reason y the truck is going for less than the others are. In most cases, it means that you will have to spend for major repairs. It can also mean that it is particularly expensive to maintain. In other cases, it just drinks up the gas as if it was happy hour.

A small upfront cost may mean huge expenses later on. You can choose to spend more now for an economical truck in good, running condition. If you are in doubt, bring someone that knows trucks with you when you go to truck sales.

20 June 2015
Medical Standard

Elderly Care: Letting Your Parents Stay at Home

Letting Your Parents Stay at HomeIf circumstances permit, elderly people have the option of staying at home in spite of their age and possible incapacities. Their children should respect their parents’ decision to avoid senior homes and help them find means to remain independent and comfortable.

Why they want to stay home

Their reasons may vary from having too many possessions of sentimental value to disliking the stigma of senior homes. Either way, allowing them to do what makes them happy without sacrificing their medical needs become the children’s priority as their parents grow older.

The emotional health of elderly people may be difficult to deal with, especially to immediate family members; hence it’s always a good idea to have a long discussion about the available options, including homecare services from organisations like RDNS.com.au, as well as the necessary renovations to the house.

Moving to a new home

The house where the parents raised their children may sometimes prove unsuitable to their current needs as senior citizens. The stairs may now be too steep and too high for their knees to manage, and the distance from the bedroom to the kitchen may be too big.

In order to retain their sense of independence, moving them to a new house or apartment that suits their physical capabilities solves the problem. The ideal location makes supermarkets, hospitals, and recreational parks easily accessible to the parents.

Professionals nursing them in their own homes give the children peace of mind in case emergencies happen. Even the presence of hired people to do the cooking and the laundry provides a huge convenience in efforts to avoid accidents and injuries.

While some elderly people remain strong and healthy, they may be forgetful of the limitations their age impose on them. Their children should take the time to explain their own worries and open up about the availability of hired help.

Caring for elderly parents creates emotional and physical stress and may even lead to strained relationships. The best means to avoid such things depend on the cooperation and the willingness of each family member to accept the changes they have to cope with.

18 June 2015
The Daily News

Different Species, Colours, Hardness and Grades

hardwood floorBlackbutt, spotted gum and other hardwood are just some of the flooring options in Australia. These timber species used for flooring and decking abound in the country, particularly in Queensland. Apart from their wide availability, these types of flooring materials are also popular because of their durability.


The type of timber chosen for flooring usually determines the overall colour of the floor. Hardwood grown in Australia come in a variety of colours, from brown, dark brown, light sapwood (spotted gum), pale pink to yellow brown (Victorian ash), pale straw to light brown (Tasmanian oak, messmate, mountain ash, alpine ash), rich reddish-browns to soft salmon pinks (jarrah) and rich reddish-browns to pale pinks (karri), among others.

Blackbutt is another specie that comes in pale hues. Chelsea Flooring mentions its colours ranging from cream to pale brown. It may have soft pink undertones.

Factors like species and age may result in slight differences in colour. State legislations on use of floor finishes may impact the final colour.

For instance, the law requires that spotted gum be treated. While there are non-colouring treatments, some can leave a green-grey or brown tinge to the sapwood.

Manufacturers offering similar timber flooring species may also supply wood strips with slight colour differences. Prospective buyers should use this as a reminder to buy from one manufacturer or supplier only.


Hardness, as measured by the Janka hardness test, indicates the wood’s resistance to abrasion and indentation. Spotted gum, blackbutt, white mahogany and grey ironbark are some very hard species. Note that the classification of wood as hardwood or softwood does not depend on the specie’s relative hardness.

Hardwood species boost the wood flooring’s resistance to scratches and indentation. Floor finishes, however, do not significantly add to the hardness of timber flooring. Age may impact the flooring’s quality; younger species may have lower hardness level compared to mature types.


The specie also determines the grade, or the number of features present in the wood. Other standard specifications like profile and end-joint type, thickness and cover width will depend on the manufacturer and relevant legislations.

Hardwood floors are durable and stylish. Choose the right colour and specie depending on how you want your house to look.

18 June 2015
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Yoga Offers More than a Calm Mind

yogaAre you suffocating from the daily grind of city life? Maybe you need to get away from it all, even for a moment. Yoga in some faraway land is a popular choice for many twenty and thirty somethings looking to break free from the office and a rigid schedule.

The allure of spending weeks or even months, in a tropical country like Cambodia to do yoga and meditate is an option waiting for you. Soothing the mind is the main selling points of Yoga, but what else does it offer other than oneness with the universe?

Improves Strength, Flexibility, and Bone Health

Yoga poses do wonders for your flexibility. It pushes your body to its flexible limits when you bend forward, backward, sideward, or even upside down. The first few classes will be torture, as you might not even touch the floor with your fingers without bending your knees. Once your body gets used to the poses, you will notice a gradual loosening of your muscles. The usual pains and aches you felt at the start of your sessions dissipate as you perform all sorts of poses.

If you think contorting your body in different ways is the only benefit of yoga, you will be pleasantly surprised with its strength gains. Lifting your body weight with the poses increases upper and lower body strength. Stronger muscles mean that you reduce the risk of getting muscle-related ailments, such as arthritis and back problems.

Weight bearing exercises like yoga improve bone health and reduce the risk for osteoporosis. Many poses in this exercise requires you to lift your body weight, which strengthen the different bones in your body. They also improve posture, reducing the stress put on the neck and spine to hold the body upright.

The Holy Trinity: Mind, Body, and Soul

A Yoga meditation retreat does more than just free you from your worries. It is an exercise and way of life that combines mind, body, and soul benefits. A calmer mind relaxes the tensions that the body feels. It allows you to do better at work, have healthier relationships, and improve your overall health.

The calming mind and body effect of practicing yoga also affects your spiritual wellbeing. It helps you understand your place in the universe. You find a spiritual lift once you do the poses and discern the philosophy behind it.

Yoga offers more than just meditation; it provides you with health and spiritual benefits that help you overcome stress and the drudgery of daily life.

16 June 2015
The Daily News

Driving Business to Success: Strengthening Ties with Your Carrier

Driving Business to SuccessAs is the case in all industries, those who venture into shipping aim to be the best. To accomplish this goal, you need to establish a strong personal relationship with a reliable carrier and make sure to keep it a priority. Building rapport is often a challenge, but it does your business good in terms of improving logistics operations reducing costs, and managing crises.

The Foundation of the Relationship

Experts from West Coast Carriers believe that relationships should be built on trust, especially transportation business partnerships. From workforce insufficiency and port congestion to high fuel costs and capacity shortages, the transportation sector faces many challenges. Shippers and carriers have a lot on their plate, and things can get tricky from here.

In most cases, these issues are the reason for tense relationships between client and service provider. To overcome such challenges, businesses need to cultivate trust. When it comes to this matter, know that is doesn’t automatically happen once you sign the contracts. It’s a constant effort to create and build trust. The key here is effective communication.

The Route to Success

Right from the start, set clear expectations to help carriers align their services to meet your demands. In the same manner, ask them about their goals and see how you can help in achieving those. This open communication creates a collaborative atmosphere.

Your partners must know what you consider as service failure or excellent performance. Agree upon a set of success metrics so you have an easier and more objective way of measuring effectiveness.

Set standards on penalties and rewards. Review traditional methods, though, like disciplinary actions and paychecks. In the competitive industry today, these may not be that effective anymore. Consider unique ways of evaluating performance.

Hold regular meetings and discuss performance and opportunities for improvement. Ask them also about what they think of the existing logistics strategies. You are sure to find valuable insights that will help with improving methods and customer service.

A Give-and-Take Relationship

As with other business partnerships, shipper-carrier relationships should be give and take. While you expect them to do this and that, stay true to your commitment to them. Meet their expectations as you listen to their needs. Share benefits. When opportunities arise, present it to your partner first and they’ll do the same for you. It’s a win-win situation if both parties arrive at an equitable agreement.

Trust, communication and give-and-take attitude make a rewarding shipper-carrier relationship. Strengthen your ties so you can drive your business to greater success.

12 June 2015
The Daily News

(Don’t) Do It Yourself: Why DIY Air Conditioning Repairs Are Not Enough

Air Conditioning RepairYou may be all too familiar with how warm the weather can get. To cool off, you crank up the AC every day, and maybe even overnight. Obviously, your air conditioner is one of the appliances in the house that you use a lot. So don’t be too surprised if it suddenly gives way or stops working altogether. When that happens, one thing crosses your mind: get it fixed.

You Can Only Do So Much

If you want to save some money and want to get your AC fixed in the fastest way possible, you might be tempted to do the repairs yourself. Besides, they’re easy to do and cost close to nothing. Also, you don’t have to wait for days to get your AC back. Once you’ve done the repairs, you can use it immediately.

The disadvantage of this, though, is that your DIY repair doesn’t always get to what’s actually causing the problem. Most of the time, you’ll only get quick fixes; DIY repairing is only temporary. What’s worse, the damage of your AC unit might be causing it to eat up a lot more electricity. Your quick fix might have made it work again, but it might be doing so with double the energy it usually consumes. Then, you’ll end up paying a lot more than you expected.

It’s All Right to Ask for Help

When it comes to repairs like these, you can (and should) ask for help. Unlike the DIY repair methods, ApexAircon.com.au says professional repair services know how your AC unit works from the inside out. They can get to the root of the problem and fix the damage thoroughly. Also, they’ll be able to restore your AC so that it’s as good as new, and they can help you prevent any similar problems from happening again.

So, before you become the hero handyman the next time your AC breaks, stop and think about asking help from the pro. More importantly, ask help from a repair service you know you can trust. If you do that, you probably won’t have to do DIY repairs ever again.