18 July 2015
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Feline Essentials: Raising a Healthy and Happy Cat

Raising a Healthy and Happy CatCats are among the most domestic pets in Australia, ranking second to dogs. If you identify yourself as a cat-loving person, and you have plans of adopting one, you must know that it is not all furry cuddles and purrs. Caring for a cat entails different responsibilities.

Here are the three aspects you have to cover if you want to raise a happy and healthy feline in your home:

Nutrition and Diet

As the pet experts of Shop4Pets explain, all cats need a healthy diet. While most people think cats only eat fish and mice, any kind of meat will do. Cat food is also a great option, as this contains vitamins, minerals and proteins that your feline companion will need. Be sure to get the one appropriate for your pet; there are different choices for both kittens and adult cats. You should put variety in the food, as the taste buds of cats are not that well refined and reactive. They only get used to the taste of few items of food.


Grooming and hygiene is also a factor when it comes to pet care. Cats are more conscious of their hygiene than dogs, but they still get dirty. Even if your pet knows how to clean itself, you need to stock up on pet cleaning products and set a regular grooming session. Grooming not only is good for the cat’s health, but also reinforces your bond with your pet.


Cats are predators by nature, and these predators learn the craft and art of stalking, pouncing and hunting as they mature. This is why kittens are always playing with each other. As the owner, you must acknowledge this nature and devote time to indulge your pet in playtimes. Buy toys and play with them when you’re not busy. This helps them expend all that energy and gives them a bit of exercise. If you do not give toys, your cat will most likely find something else to play with—and you don’t want that to be your sofa or the curtain.

Cats are creatures that are simple yet complex. Know them, understand them, and give them your time. Even if they are just domestic pets, cats can serve as your companion and provide you some comfort from the everyday stress.

17 July 2015
Medical Standard

Common Concerns of Parents Regarding their Children’s Fear of Dentists

DentistUrging children to go to the dentist is one of the most common problems of parents. Dentist appointments understandably intimidate children because they don’t know what to expect and the dentist tools are scary-looking.

Here are the most common questions your children may have and the answers to them.

  • My child is too young to see the dentist.

It is most ideal to bring your child to the dentist after their first birthday. Your child is never too young to see the dentist. As soon as your child develops baby teeth, it is best to bring them to the dentist to make them feel secure and comfortable with the setting.

  • The dental clinic frightens my child.

Environments like the hospital or clinics worries children, naturally. The solution to this, Red Cliffs Dental says, is to find a good family dentist with a welcoming clinic, like family dentists in St. George, Utah. You want a comfortable atmosphere and a colorful clinic that will both entertain your children and put them at ease.

  • My child always feels nervous, and I don’t know how to deal with it.

Treat a dentist appointment as you would an ordinary trip to the outside world: no fuss. Choose your words well. The more effort you put in convincing your child, the more they would feel nervous about the appointment. Don’t make them feel like it’s such a huge deal.

When speaking to your child, keep the conversation simple but learn to avoid the words “pain”, “hurt” or “shot”. This will help them be at ease.

Take all these tips in mind and try to use them the next time you schedule an appointment for your child. Remember to talk to them: keep it simple, and be sure to dangle some rewards after the appointment.

14 July 2015
The Daily News

It’s all about Quality: Change the Way Your Site Gets Clicks

SEOSEO services in Brisbane are well known for their advantageous effects on websites no matter what the nature of the site is. With expertise in the field, they offer solutions that will not only resolve issues, but also help optimise your site and ultimately help it function better and more efficiently. Here are the best tricks of the trade.

It’s all about quality backlinks

You will be surprised at how powerful backlinks can be. By the principle of ‘association’, backlinks can make or break the ranking of your site. A regular and thorough checking of these links should be among your regular activities.

However, with the many backlinks associated with your site, it can be difficult to check them all. This is where SEO services in Brisbane come into the picture. Equipped with the tools and the knowledge in the field, they eliminate the bad links. This is a task that will not take a day for them—truly convenient and efficient.

Optimise keywords: one page per keyword

When it comes to the use of keywords, do not overcrowd your pages: clutter will only result in your potential customers losing interest. SEO experts optimise sites to determine which keywords work and which topics will help boost your ranking. With such services, your site will only contain the essentials.

Title tags and meta tags

Sometimes, it’s all about the invisible things. The tags can help generate more clicks. Seasoned experts are familiar with the catch phrases that generate interest. Enlist their help and see how they transform your site.

With these advantages under your belt, your site will surely rake in the ratings and enjoy a higher ranking. Use these tips wisely to get maximum profits.

10 July 2015
The Daily News

Word Count: How Much Should You Write

Keeps the Readers ReadingThe notion that you should write 500 words to make it to the Google indexing caused jittery nerves and overcautious typing. Little do writers know that a 200 word count article or lower will rank anyway in Google SERPs provided it contains the meat of the topic.

Keeping up with the prescribed word count is not about the preference of search engines so why are you racking your brains just to fill up a 1000-word blog? Well, it’s because of a far more important factor in your job – your readers, shares PayPerContent.net.

The 7-Minute Attention Span

When measuring the content that performs best on their site, Medium focused not on clicks, but on attention the attention allotted to it. How long does one stick to the article?

In this sense, an ideal blog post would be one that has strong readership. Medium’s research on this front says that the ideal blog post is seven minutes long. Beyond that, you start to lose your readers.

Under 200 Words – Thin Content

For Google, it may be hard to provide all the information readers need in less than 200 words. Google’s Panda update punishes websites with article with under 200 words that Google labels thin content, or pages impregnated with links or bad SEO writing.

If at an average, the article length is under the 200 word count, search engines will be more critical of the content. The rule is that articles of 300 words or more are less likely to put you at risk for infringing on “thin” content. This is why many stick to 300 to 350 word count formats.

Long Copy vs Short

A study by Marketing Experiments shows that long copy outperforms short copy throughout a three test series. In the first test, long copy beat out short copy by 40.54%, in the second test, long copy converted by 50%, while short trailed, and both long and short converted equally in the third.

This proves that longer length provides better ROI if the content is relevant. Yes, it is about how much value your content is giving your reader. In the end, the word count is not the deciding factor as much as what was actually being said.

You are not writing to express; you are writing to be read. Keep this in mind and get your content at the top of the game.

9 July 2015
The Daily News

Got Space? The Different Types of Storage Units and Their Uses

Storage UnitsMost of today’s homeowners would only consume a small space for storing their valuables. Nonetheless, some do not have the extra space for their items. This is the reason the concept of storage units is becoming popular, especially among Australians.

Storage facilities offer the convenience of space and security to individuals and businesses. These facilities offer separate units where you can store household items, office supplies or other materials that you cannot fit in your current space. You can have monthly or annual storage unit rental, depending on your specific needs.

These units come in different sizes. You can get a unit as small as your closet or as big as your house. Storage facilities can serve different purposes, apart from residential and commercial uses. Each unit comes with security measures such as alarms, video surveillance and controlled gates.

Here are the different types of storage facilities and their uses:

Room for vehicles

With the increasing number of vehicles, some people are having trouble finding the space to store their cars. Room for vehicles usually includes an individual unit. One example of Perth car storage is PerthMetroStorage.com.au.


Self-storage is best for residential and business uses. In this storage set-up, only the tenant will have access to the unit.


This is similar to other storage compartments when it comes to security measures and layout. This storage set-up is ideal for belongings that need protection from extreme weather conditions.

Portable unit

Storage facilities offer a tractor-trailer compartment for the safekeeping of items. You can have this delivered to your house or office. This type of storage is best for people who are renovating or relocating. Businesses may also use this option if they need temporary storage.

Evaluate your storage choices regularly. Keep in mind that you will be leaving behind your items in the unit, so you need to choose a facility that you can trust.

8 July 2015
Medical Standard

How Dental Health Needs Assessment Supports National and Local Priorities

Dental ServicesMedical services are more efficient when they suit the requirements of patients perfectly. The government conducts health needs assessment (HNA) to gather information on a certain population; this is to help them make a targeted plan for addressing the people’s health needs.

This systematic method for reviewing health issues increases the quality of life and decreases inequalities, as it yields agreed priorities and resource allocation. In a way, HNA supports national and local priorities by providing a vital tool that reduces specific health issues within the region.

Authorities cannot go about the assessment without encountering a few challenges along the way, though. Sometimes the government has to work their way across professional boundaries to get information. Oftentimes they find it difficult to access relevant data and even the targeted local group.

Despite all the challenges, officials still undertake HNA because of its many benefits. The method helps communities utilise their resources properly and improve communication between the government and private agencies or the public regarding their health, whether it is physical, psychological or dental.

Significance of Oral Valuation

Dental issues are prevalent amongst locals. The Cheshire dentists from CheadleHulmeDental.com agree that proper assessment is necessary to address the lingering problems. Recent dental health needs assessments focused on areas of Cheshire and Merseyside. Studies show that some groups in the area have different levels of tooth decay issues.

Five-step Assessment Process

In conducting HNA, authorities follow a five-step process. Step 1 is planning, which includes identification of the population, assessment of goals, persons and resources required, and the risks. They then identify health priorities by gathering data, profiling the population and determining factors.

Next step is choosing the health conditions that are predominant in the population, those factors that have the most significant effects to the locals, and determining the most suitable solution. After that the authorities plan their action, monitoring and evaluation and risk management methods. The last step is reviewing the conducted assessment and learning from the project as well as planning for the future.

HNA is essential as it determines the current needs of people, which the authorities can use to address the problems efficiently. Furthermore, this leads to evidence-based recommendations for local commissioners on the provision of oral health promotion for the local population.

6 July 2015
The Daily News

Prenups for Protecting Assets

Reasonable AgreementWhen a marriage comes to an end, it is usually up to the courts to decide how best to divide the properties. Though there is an attempt to be fair, there are times when one party may get more than the other.

Prenuptial agreements can be a form of asset protection. California is an example of a state where lots of couples choose to have it before entering into marriage. With a prenuptial agreement, you can protect your assets for your children from a previous marriage, for example.

Prenuptial Agreements for Asset Protection

In general, for prenuptial agreements to be enforceable and serve as asset protection, there should be full and fair disclosure of all the assets of the spouses. The courts won’t recognize agreements if they’re based on:

  1. Fraud
  2. Misrepresentation
  3. Duress
  4. Compulsion

In California, the agreements should be reasonable and fair. They should be clear and easy to understand. Prenuptial agreements that are free from ambiguity are more effective.

Allowable Provisions under Prenuptial Agreements

California enforces the Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act, which supports the view that spouses should have the freedom to define the aspects of their marriage relating to their finances. Some of the issues that it addresses include:

  1. The right to design contracts regarding property
  2. The disposition of property in the event of separation, dissolution of marriage, death, or the occurrence and nonoccurrence of other events
  3. The modification or termination of spousal support or alimony
  4. The ownership rights and disposition of death benefits from life insurance policies
  5. The creation of wills, trusts, and other arrangements in case of death or other devastating events

The provisions for the creation of wills are particularly significant in premarital agreements. Without them, your surviving spouse can claim under the law a statutory portion of your probate estate. This may prove to be a challenge, especially if you’re planning to bequeath it to others.

3 July 2015
The Daily News

Planning an Event DIY Style: It’s Not as Hard as You Think

Do It YourselfThrowing an event for your business and going the DIY route? Planning can be a daunting task, most especially if you don’t really have any experience. From the location, food, atmosphere and decorations, among many others, pulling off the perfect event requires careful planning—here’s how:

First, create a to-do list along with each task’s timeline. This will help you stick to your top priorities, making sure you finish all time-sensitive tasks and that you’re always on schedule.

Conceptualise your ideas. Whether you’re promoting your business or having a cocktail party, deciding on a theme will help you get the ball rolling and make it easier to decide on food, location, decorations, etc. Remember that your theme must be appropriate for the type of event you’re planning as well as the attendees.

Set your budget for the event and stick to it. This is one of the most crucial steps. Brisbane functions tend to be very elaborate, so it’s important to factor in all expenses such as food, venues, decoration, entertainment, and others to make sure you won’t overspend.

Begin scouting for locations and scheduling meetings with potential vendors. Check your shortlist of potential venues and inquire about the fees and what’s included in them. Also, check if the venue will provide decorations or if it’s up to you to spruce up the place. This is important since you have to take advantage of any freebies to lower your overall expenses.

Check the menu of your chosen venue and arrange the manner and timing of serving. Are you keen on a plated, sit-down meal or an eat-all-you-can buffet? Make sure to get the right timing; remember, hungry guests are not happy guests.

Finalise all contracts with chosen vendors and secure your own copies of all signed documents. Buy decorations that will set the tone of your theme and then send out invitations to your guests.

Check your to-do list a week prior to your event, the day prior, and the actual day itself to make sure everything is in place and that the event will go as planned.

• Lastly, consider having an assistant who can run errands for you during the party in case of additional tasks, so you can stay put and oversee the event.

Keep all these things in mind and you’ll be sure to have one successful, fun-filled event.

2 July 2015
The Daily News

Work Made Easy: Lifting Equipment for the Modern Times

Modern Lifting EquipmentMake your life easier with the use of modern lifting equipment. For those who need a mobile work platform and those who change working locations and positions quite often, equipment such as the cherry picker can save you time, effort and money.

The Ideal Utility Machine

Originally used for farming and harvest, support equipment helped lessen the work time. Now, these types of machines help individuals in other industries as well. There is a wide range of lifting and support machinery best suited for various industrial and building projects.

The equipment called cherry picker is still important in farming industries, though. Equipment hire company Classic Hire says that this equipment is of great importance during harvest season. Authorities expect good harvest despite El Nino affecting Perth and most of Australia, which means there will be more people needing the appropriate machinery.

Versatility and Flexibility

There is more than one way to use lifting equipment. As the modern times call for it, even the film industry uses them. Film sets need cherry pickers—or condors—to set up lighting for outdoor scenes. Lifting cables and even something as simple as hanging house decorations may also require some equipment.

Value for Money

When choosing machines or equipment, you need to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Call several companies and compare rates to get the best price and deals. Having the right machine to help you with your work means finishing the job on time and within your budget.

There are many tools and equipment that make it easy to complete complicated tasks. Remember to take the time to know what you need and where you are getting your help from so you can do the job effectively and in no time.

1 July 2015
Medical Standard

Dealing With Unplanned and Unwanted Pregnancy

PregnantAn unwanted pregnancy can be really challenging. It is an unexpected development in one’s life that can shock and cause anxiety to all people involved.

Here are the best ways to cope with the stress and anxiety of the change that is about to come.

Deal with the Emotions

There will be an overwhelming amount emotions brought by shock, panic and stress at this point. Learn to deal with all of these one by one. Remember that the shock will wear off once you come into terms with the reality of the situation. There is also no need to panic,as this is a step-by-step process and the changes will not come overnight. Finally, deal with the stress by keeping yourself informed.

Get Your Partner Involved

It takes two to tango: get your partner involved. Talk to your partner about this latest development on your life. A word of caution, however: be prepared no matter what the outcome may be. No matter the possible outcome, however, you still need to seek unplanned pregnancy help from those close to you and those who are directly involved. This includes your partner, your parents and your closest friends. Seek support from them to keep yourself grounded.

Plan the Unplanned

The pregnancy may be unplanned, but this does not mean that you should go about your daily life without a plan. It is important that you plot your decisions and create an understanding as to what you really want and how you wish to go about the situation. While taking advice from people is helpful, the decision would still rest on your hands.

Decide on your Plan of Action

You can keep the child if you wish to, but if you find that this is not an option for you, an unplanned pregnancy help is available. You may choose to put up the child for adoption. This way, you can be sure that they will have the life that they deserve.

Take careful consideration of these factors in order to fully address the situation. Take a long time to think things over and decide accordingly.