7 February 2014
The Daily News

North Korea Imitates Apple’s Mac OSX

Apple's Mac OSXNorth Korea is making an effort to keep up with the times, as the country revealed its new operating system.

N. Korea OS goes all Mac

Screenshots of Red Star Os have recently surfaced, which is strikingly similar to Apple’s Mac OSX platform. Before, the operating system had a look that is closely copied from Microsoft’s Windows.

The country’s national operating system is installed on computers found mostly in schools and libraries.

North Korea Tech, a blog that covers computing and technology in North Korea, published images of Red Star OS 3.0, noting that the software is based on the open-source operating system Linux.

Modern technology

Despite the extreme poverty suffered by a large number of its citizens, North Korea does have its share of modern technology.

Many people do have access to technology including mobile phones. These, however, are heavily restricted.

Access to Internet, for instance, is locked down. Most users are able to visit only a handful of websites.

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