New Trucker’s Guide To Popular Semi-Trailers

Semi truck in motionIf you’re planning to get into the trucking business, you have to learn which type of semi-trailer you have to purchase. This is important because it will dictate the kind of trucking you’ll be doing. Some truck trailers in NZ give you the opportunity to handle specialised jobs, but they also come with specific upkeep requirements. Before committing to a purchase, there are several things you should know.

Categories of Trailers

There are broad categories of trailers and within them are a variety of extremely specialised units. Learn about the most popular ones and see what they offer. They have their drawbacks and benefits, but they are highly recommended for new truckers.

  • Dry Van Trailers – These are fully enclosed trailers, ranging from 30 to 50 feet in length. They are used for shipping a large volume of goods, usually electronics and clothing. Although it doesn’t have specific temperature control, it provides superb protection from the weather.


  • Refrigerated/Reefer Trailer – The reefer is a type of dry van equipped with refrigeration to provide the right temperature for the products. Any cargo that could be damaged or spoiled without the specific temperature can be shipped safely with the reefer trailer. Beyond being used to transport food, these are the go-to trailers for medical supplies and computers which have components that could be compromised by extreme heat. Although these are always high in demand, they require a greater level of maintenance and cleaning after every load.


  • Flatbed Trailers – These open trailers are used to carry bulky items that can’t fit into a dry van. The loading and unloading process with this type is simple, and the pay for flatbed trucking is often above average.


The type of semi-trailer you choose will have a huge impact on your trucking career. You will never run out of opportunities with certain types like the dry van, but other, more specialised trailers may offer better income.