Movie Star Teeth, for Real

Woman smiling showing her teeth

Veneers are this effective way of getting new teeth without having to get rid of your old teeth. Back in the day, about 40 or more years ago, everyone had their teeth removed. Literally all their teeth removed, and got dentures instead because dentures didn’t rot and they were going to save a whole lot of money at the dentist.

Now it’s still all big perfect smiles but with veneers over your normal teeth and everyone is going to a reputable practice, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic in Harley Street.

Hold on to Your Teeth

Getting rid of all your teeth is not so sexy right?Especially since scientists found out that if you take out the roots of your teeth, then your jawbone starts to dissolve. Your jawbone needs teeth in it to tell it that it it still being used, in a special language of all those little clicks and clangs your teeth do when you bite and chew. So, without that, your jawbone stops making new bone cells and instead starts eating itself.You end up with a pointy chin up near your nose and a caved in face like the worst kind of ugly granny.

So, don’t take your teeth out unless you absolutely have to. But, if you don’t like your teeth because they are too small, or chipped or cracked or misshapen, then do get them covered up with veneers, which can be whiter and more beautiful like a movie star. In which case, do get the whole lot done because one ‘movie star’ tooth in a mouth of ‘average person’ teeth is going to look odd.

The other really good thing about veneers is it only takes two appointments to get them made and put in, so if you have got a hot date, an important meeting or special occasion, you can get your teeth done in time for it.

The procedure itself involves shaving off a little bit of your tooth enamel to create a slightly roughened surface to attach your veneers. This also creates the space they need to seamlessly fit in with the rest of your teeth. Veneers are firmly attached with a special dental glue. Then you’re all set to smile brightly again.