Messing with Your Head, Literally: The Link between Crooked Teeth and Headaches

person showing their crooked teethCrooked teeth are more than an embarrassing aesthetic problem. When left untreated, it may result in bad breath and gum disease. A lesser-known health problem that misaligned teeth causes is a headache. Many migraine sufferers are not aware that they have “dental headaches.”

Crooked Teeth and Headaches

To understand the connection between teeth problems and headaches, you have to first understand TMJs or temporomandibular joints. TMJs connect the lower jaw to the skull, enabling you to move your mouth smoothly when talking or eating. Now, these joints move properly when you have the correct bite, and a correct bite is a result of teeth correctly aligned. Crooked teeth form misaligned bites, which then results in TMJ disorders. One of its symptoms is — you guessed it — headaches.

According to dentists from West Jordan, people who have TMJ disorders often develop bruxism (or teeth grinding), which intensifies the headaches. This point to the importance of treating crooked teeth before it even messes up with your head, literally.

Treatment for Misaligned Teeth

To know which is the best treatment for misaligned teeth, dentists often take X-rays and teeth impressions. X-rays are used as a guide to where your teeth and roots are positioned and if there are teeth emerging from the gums. The teeth impressions serve as a guide as well, creating an accurate copy of your teeth.

Once the examination is done, your dentist will recommend treatment. Some will require braces, and for this, there are different options: lingual, metal, and ceramic braces. Redwood Orthodontics and other West Jordan dentists would advise how you can take better care of these dental appliances to ensure a good oral health and positive outcomes of the treatment.

Another popular treatment for misaligned teeth is Invisalign. These are clear plastic aligners, which are almost invisible. If you would want to steer clear from noticeable barriers on the teeth, ask your dentist if you’re qualified for such treatment.

Misaligned teeth can mess up with your head. Before it even escalates to a major problem, have it treated as soon as possible.