Match Your Wedding Dress Neckline with the Right Accessories

Wedding JewelryBrides, your wedding dress will be the main element of your wedding look, but your accessories will complement and will either complete or ruin it. That’s why you should pick the right pieces as you shop in Salt Lake City jewelry stores. As a general guideline, your accessories must serve to highlight your dress, and ultimately, you. With this in mind, start looking at your wedding dress first. In fact, look at your neckline, and then pick your jewelry.

Naturally Curved Bateau

When your dress has a bateau or a boat neckline, your mission will be to keep your accessories from outshining your neck. You could wear a bracelet, a hair comb, and earrings. Your earrings could be short or mid-length for more style.

Versatile Strapless

Strapless gowns can go with many different kinds of jewelry, although your earrings should follow the “less is more” principle. You could wear bold, multi-stranded, or pearl necklaces. You could pair your necklace with stud or small drop earrings.

Plunging V-Neck

For V-necks, you could wear simple necklaces or long crystal necklaces that will bring more attention to your neck area. As long as you keep your necklace from competing with the neckline, your choice will be good. A pair of earrings and a bracelet could also work in lieu of a necklace.

One-Sided Off Shoulder

When you have a one-shoulder dress, you have to look at the detailing to accessorize correctly. A plain dress calls for more intricate and bold earrings and necklaces. Alternatively, a more detailed dress can work with intricate earrings alone.

Simple Spaghetti Strap

You can accessorize spaghetti-strap dresses in two ways. An earring-bracelet pair goes with an embellished or beaded dress. A triangular necklace, however, will work with a slightly beaded or non-beaded dress.

Intricate Halter

Finally, does your wedding dress have an attention-grabbing halter neckline? Simple mid-length earrings with a bracelet will do great. You could wear hair accessories too.

Finding the right wedding dress is half the battle. The next step you must never ignore is matching your accessories with your beloved dress. It only takes a few little details to make or break your wedding look.