Latest Trends in New Home Construction for Spacious Interiors

Man doing home constructionIf you are looking for a house to buy, you have two options. You can opt for an old or a new home. Old houses cost less upfront, but they have additional charges for renovations and repairs. New homes are ideal for home-buyers looking for a cost-efficient route to home ownership.

New homes in Kansas City have more spacious interiors than homes constructed in the past. Interior spaciousness isn’t however entirely about the house’s square footage. Brookfield Residential will be the first to tell you this. Here are some of the latest building trends that produce both a reality and illusion of spacious homes.

High Ceilings

Raised ceilings make houses appear larger since they open up the house. New homes typically have space in between the floor and ceilings of 9–10 feet. Regardless of the size of the room, the additional vertical height creates a significant difference. Entry halls, living rooms, and family rooms are some of the areas that have double height ceilings.

Open Spaces

Rooms that flow into each other minus the disturbance of walls appear larger. Open living spaces are the latest trends in new homes. Interior spaces extending to the outside also create the illusion of endless living spaces and create a secondary space on the outside. The connection to your home’s exterior also adds a luxurious feeling to your house.

Large Strategically Placed Windows

Large windows create a spacious look and add light to your rooms. New homes have windows offering an optimal view of the backyard, pool or scenic landscape. They are also strategically located to avoid excessive heating up of your indoors which would lead to high air conditioning costs.

Light paint colors reflect light and hence increase the effect of open and large rooms. White finishes or blond wood are the ideal way to make interior spaces appear brighter and bigger. Double-duty rooms give homeowners the flexibility to use a single room in various ways. You can now combine guest bedroom with a home office and laundry rooms with craft areas.