Improving Company Morale Isn’t Just About Giving Incentives

an employee celebrating recognition and successYou want to improve company performance, and you want every employee to strive to be their best. You want to hit all your goals and even surpass them. For this, you need the whole team’s support. It’s understandable that you’d want to improve company morale. But how are you working towards that?

The Little Things Matter

Contrary to what many believe, employees are not just in it for the bonuses. Recognizing exceptional performance does not always mean giving them monetary rewards. Sometimes it’s enough that they are mentioned in a company meeting or thanked for all their contributions to the company. Surprisingly, a study shows that higher financial rewards may lead to lower performance. Employees prefer to be given some creativity in how they do their job and to have a workplace where they thrive.

It might not easily make sense, but improving workplace culture and checking in with the HR for any complaint can go a long way in keeping employees motivated rather than your monthly bonus for the top performer. In fact, Simply Right Janitorial and other experts say that even employing window and other cleaning services count.

Negative Reinforcement Shouldn’t be the Norm

Monetary compensation isn’t enough to improve company morale, and it’s also not right to rule them by fear. Refrain from threats such as an employee losing their job if they make a single error. It’s, of course, implied in the contract that the company can terminate employment with a justifiable reason, and bad performance is indeed justifiable.

However, if your preferred way of keeping them in line is to make them fear to lose their job, you’re only driving them to be less enthusiastic about work. It’s the opposite of what you intended to do.

To improve company morale, you need to think about what matters to your employees. It’s not money; it’s that you care for them individually and as a group.