How to Get Over New-Home Anxiety

An image of a new, modern homeFor most people, moving to a new home is an exciting change. For some, however, it gives them the jitters. Don’t worry because you’re not alone. Most Australian homeowners struggle with the same feelings when they step into their new home, especially those who are transitioning from living in a big ciy, like Melbourne to settling in close-knit suburbs.

The anxiety you are feeling is normal. This is a big change you just leapt into. So, it is natural to be a little overwhelmed with the new environment and the seemingly endless to-do list: opening boxes, arranging furniture, getting kids to their new school, etc.

But here is how you can overcome those feelings little by little:

Ponder about the Good Things

New homeowners often think about the stressful stuff in this major life change: mortgage payments, DIY kitchen remodelling, socialising with neighbours, etc. What you need to do is take these out of your mind and replace them with positive thoughts.

Often, the stressful things in life are indications of blessings coming in soon. For instance, you do have to pay mortgage monthly, but it means you are able to invest in, say, a house and land around Laverton North or Werribee in Victoria. Yes, you have a kitchen remodelling project to take on, but it means you are healthy and able enough to tackle such a strenuous activity.

Put in ‘Familiar’ Elements

Part of the reason you are feeling anxious about your new home is precisely the fact that it is a new environment. To address this, make your space look familiar by bringing in elements from your former house.

If there are window treatments or light fixtures you loved in your old home, replicate them in certain areas in your current space. As you become at ease with your new environment, changing things up a bit will be easier.

Add Plants

Exposure to nature brings a lot of health benefits physically and emotionally. It is good for a new homeowner’s anxious mind. So, bring in nature inside your home.

Add some greenery, fresh flowers and indoor plants. This will not just give the space that cheery pop of colour, it will likewise improve indoor air quality at home. For sure, tense homeowners can do away with wheezing and sneezing problems, right?

New-home anxiety is real and it is normal. Keep the jitters away by turning your house into a home through these tips and more.