Hiding Smiles and Seeking Treatment

Woman getting dental treatmentThe act of smiling is often black and white. If someone is confident with how their teeth look and feel, they will show them off. But if someone is ashamed or embarrassed by their teeth, they can just as easily hide them with a closed mouth. Having crowded or crooked teeth is not unusual and there are effective solutions available, which is why someone might be considering an orthodontist in Liverpool.

The trouble with having a cross-bite or crooked teeth is that it not only has a negative impact on a person’s smile, it might also mean that the top and bottom teeth fail to meet properly, causing problems for someone when they are eating. If the teeth are crooked, it might be that there are bigger gaps for plaque to build up and lead to further problems. By offering teeth-straightening treatments such as braces and clear aligners, an orthodontist in Liverpool can solve and prevent these issues. Dental practices such as Liverpool Smile Studio want to help patients enhance both the appearance and oral health of their smiles.

Treatments to straighten things up

If someone is seeking an efficient and effective way to straighten their teeth, fixed braces are provided by the orthodontist in Liverpool. These are small square brackets fixed temporarily to the teeth, while wires are attached to them and run through them. Together, they gradually move the teeth to their correct positions. If metal doesn’t appeal to a patient and they are looking for a little more discretion, the orthodontist in Liverpool provides tooth-coloured brackets.

Clear aligners might be ideal for a person who is looking for a teeth-straightening treatment that is comfortable and effective, but also flexible. The treatment entails a switching of clear aligners to shift the teeth over time. This can be done in a year on average, but the duration of treatment is different for every individual patient. They work really well on mild to moderate issues.

Clear aligners are removable, which takes the hassle out of eating and cleaning the teeth while they are being straightened. However, they need to be worn for a minimum of 20 hours a day if the treatment is to stay on schedule.