Healthy teeth

Woman with a beautiful smileVisiting the dentist is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Dental professionals provide a level of care beyond what people can do for themselves at home. They can provide cosmetic enhancements that really make a difference to a person’s self-image. They can replace lost teeth with durable, stable implants. Alongside all this, they can ensure a person stays healthy by maintaining high oral hygiene standards.

Visiting the dentist in Stockport

A vital part of good dental care is the regular check-up. At a Stockport dentist, like Unidental, the patient’s teeth and gums will be checked for the early signs of disease, so they can be treated before any serious problems develop. The dentist can give the patient up-to-date advice on oral care, based on the latest industry information.

Repairs to damaged teeth are another common reason people visit the dentist in Stockport. Broken teeth can cause oral health difficulties as well as cosmetic concerns. Gaps in the teeth can make people reluctant to smile when socialising. Dentists can provide natural-looking solutions to these difficulties. Fillings can be done with tooth-coloured materials. Veneers applied to chipped teeth will restore their natural outlines. Dental implants restore the full functionality of missing teeth by using small metal posts, implanted into the jawbone, to provide a stable base. This method enables the patient to enjoy biting into and chewing their food as they used to do with their natural teeth.

Cosmetic options

Making small adjustments can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the teeth. Simple processes like teeth whitening are a popular way for patients to enhance their aesthetic appeal. A dentist in Stockport will collaborate with their patient in designing a dazzling smile.

Better dental future

A Stockport dentist can enhance a person’s dental health by improving the position of their teeth. Using contemporary braces and aligners made of transparent or tooth-coloured materials, a crooked smile can be straightened discreetly and efficiently. Braces can also be attached to the backs of the teeth. The patient will have a more appealing smile and a mouth that’s easier to keep clean, without having suffered the embarrassment of wearing a highly visible dental appliance.