Fun Activities To Do At Home To Support Speech Therapy

Being a parent, you are your child’s greatest teacher. And while this applies to most parents, it matters more to parents of children with speech difficulties. You see, you are your child’s greatest companion and also their connection to the rest of the world. This means that everything that you do with them is an experience and a lesson on how to communicate with other people.

Here are a couple of things you can use for the benefit of your child’s speech capabilities:

Flashcards / Repetition Game

Games for speech therapy are always a good idea. Games that are geared toward their early education are even better. By using flashcards, you can see which sound your child has difficulty producing, and you can help them accordingly. Remember that you can always make things fun by giving out rewards for every correct answer.

Silly Straws

Using straws can help your child develop stronger mouth muscles. This will be beneficial for them by making it easier for them to move their mouth as they produce words. You can offer for them to use the straws not just for viscous liquids like water and juice, but also for a drink with a different texture like milk and fruit shakes.

Silly straws, because they have a more complicated structure compared to just the straight ones, are even better for exercising their mouth muscles. You can shop with your child for different colors and designs and make their next drink more fun to them.

There are other more simple things that you can do, such as putting their toys away from their reach. Make this into a game and ask them to say the name of the object before you give it to them. You can also both face the mirror and say words out loud. 

This way, you can both focus on mouth movements in pronunciation. Just make sure to use simple words that they can easily imitate, and always remember to make it fun for them.