Flaunt Your Individuality Through Facial Plastic Surgery

Woman ready for facial plastic surgeryWith all the talk and attention dedicated to the engagement of Prince Harry and American actor Meghan Markle, plastic surgery surprisingly spiked in the past year as women rushed to have rhinoplasty procedures.

They wanted to have a Meghan Markle nose. Demand rose to such a level that likely equaled or even surpassed the demand for Kardashian cosmetic requests, yet this recent trend remains to show how women still want facial features not their own.

The Rise of an Opposing Trend

Women usually undergo rhinoplasty to achieve a nose approved by society or similar to those of famous personalities. Basically, they want a narrower nose. Facial plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills can help achieve this. A rising millennial trend, however, may upend this norm, allowing you, and all other women, to embrace your natural nose.

Love Your Natural Body

Feminist ideals have incrementally built up and spread through the years to give rise to body-positivity. Body-positivity refers to accepting the natural appearance of one’s body even though it might not be the body that society considers “perfect.” This sentiment has flowed into the realm of rhinoplasty as well.

Enhance Your Natural Nose

Plastic surgeons have noted that a rising number of patients no longer want narrower noses. Instead, new nose job goals aim to enhance what naturally make the women unique.

When you have a nose that stands out for a certain feature, you could have it enhanced — disregarding society’s demand of making your nose “perfect.”

Back to Your Natural Self

Even when you had already undergone rhinoplasty before and had the Barbie-doll nose, you can now embrace the natural look you had before the cosmetic changes. Let your individuality shine. You can undergo another rhinoplasty procedure and have your surgeon bring your old nose back.

You can receive dermal fillers instead of a full-on rhinoplasty as well. Today, you can be proud of your appearance, and you could even make your natural appearance more pronounced through facial plastic surgery. Embrace your uniqueness and let it shine!