Facts About the Organic Food You Need to Know

photo of fruits and vegetablesThese days, organic food has become popular given the fact that many people are now health conscious. If you have a food business or plan on putting up one, it will be a wise move to start selling organic food as well.

Whether you want to be one of the best organic fruit and vegetable suppliers in your place or you want to sell other food items, you will surely draw a group of consumers into your business, provided you offer the best products and service.

What is “organic”?

Organic refers to a certain way of growing and processing agricultural products. As for organic crops in the US, they don’t use fertilizers (particularly petroleum-based and sewage sludge-based), synthetic pesticides, and bioengineered genes.

As for organic livestock, they should eat organic feed and be allowed to roam around outdoors.

What do you get from organic food?

While we know that organic food is good for the body, many of us don’t know how exactly it can enhance our health.

1. Organic food comes with a great amount of antioxidants.

A study suggests that organic fruits and vegetables contain higher antioxidant levels than those of conventional crops. Researchers found a 17% mean percentage difference in antioxidant activities between organic and non-organic crops.

2. It is fresher than non-organic food.

Organic food does not contain preservatives. In most cases, it is produced on farms near the place where it is sold.

3. It saves our bodies from the harmful effects of chemicals.

Organic food does not contain pesticides (or contain only small amounts). As you know, residues from insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides remain in the food we consume.

4. Organically raised animals are healthier.

The use of growth hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts may create antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Because organically raised animals don’t have these products in their bodies, they are apparently healthier.

The process of growing or raising your food has a great impact on one’s health; may it be on the physical, mental, or emotional aspect. As a food supplier or an aspiring one, you should make it your responsibility to care for your customers’ health and offer the best they can get.