Essential Tips When Buying a Used Dirt Bike

Motocross racer in his dirt bikeIf you’re on the hunt for a used dirt bike, the first thing you need to know or should already know is that dirt bikes take plenty of abuse because that is basically what they’re made for—dirt biking. Not all used dirt bikes are equal, and some might be more abused than others.

The key is to know which ones are worth your money and which ones are not. Here are some tips to help you out:

Inspect the bike’s exterior.

Aside from the obvious checks such as cracks, fractures, and general wear, check if there’s oil residue in the fork tubes as this points to a damaged seal. Likewise, see if there’s slop on the foot pegs and check if the knobbies are sharp. Otherwise, you could have issues with traction.

Inspect the bike’s interior.

The engine of a dirt bike is often pushed to extreme limits to generate ample power to ride on extreme terrains, so it’s crucial to ask the seller about oil changes, advises Southpaw Motorsports, a well-known dealer of new and used dirt bikes in Salt Lake City. If oil changes performed on the bike are less than what the bike manufacturer recommends, look at another dirt bike. Also, if engine oil with energy conserving friction modifiers was used on the bike, the clutch might not be in good condition. And don’t forget to inspect the air filter.

Ask how the dirt bike is maintained.

It’s usual for used dirt bikes to have several previous owners so the current owner of the bike might now know how the bike was maintained before, but the current owner should know about the latest/ongoing maintenance performed on the bike. Otherwise, skip that dirt bike and look elsewhere.

Get the paperwork right.

This is very crucial since if you purchase an unregistered or untitled, you might not be able to ride it on public soil legally. If you’re not planning on riding it on public soil, make sure that the paperwork is still right, especially if you’re planning on selling it in the future so that it would look more attractive to buyers.

Yes, purchasing a used dirt bike could be quite daunting because you have to make sure that you do your research and inspections as thoroughly as possible. So keep the tips mentioned above in mind when shopping around for a used dirt bike to get the most bang for your buck. And above all, look around for a reputable dealer in your area with ample experience in selling used dirt bikes to make sure you’re in good hands.