Educational Trips: The Key to a Child’s Future Success

Kids on a Field TripStandardised tests, heavier workloads and tighter budgets have led to fewer field trips in the recent years. Nevertheless, schools should be aware that reducing the budget for educational travel is a huge mistake. Metropolitan Rentals says that it’s not just about lessening expenses on minibus hiring in Auckland for each trip, but more about the children’s future.

The Survey

The U.S. Travel Association took a survey of 400 adults and asked them to reminisce about their school years. Half of those who took the survey did not take part in educational field trips in school, while the other half joined educational trips regularly. They were chosen regardless of income, race, age, and gender.

The Key Benefits

The study revealed that regardless of their socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or gender of the subjects, 59 percent of those who had educational trips had better grades. In addition, 95 percent of them graduated from high school and 63 percent from college. When they grew older, they even received higher incomes, which is about 12 percent higher yearly.

All in all, 89 percent of them admitted that educational trips had a lasting and positive impact on their education and career. They said that the trips made them intellectually curious and more engaged. It also piqued their interest.

In fact, the President and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, Roger Dow, shares that his parents taught him the three things when he was growing up: reading, writing, and arithmetic, but he wanted to add the fourth one for his own kids – roaming.

Dow explains that living in a global society is worthless if kids do not venture outside their comfortable neighbourhoods. He adds that traveling has opened his children’s eyes because will be able to acquire skills that could help them reach their full potential. He says that it also gave them inspiration and confidence to spread outside their regular environment.

Suffice to say, educational field trips offer more benefits to a child’s future. Schools should keep this in mind when considering their budgets and plans for the school year.