Do You Pop Your Pimples? Here are Reasons You Shouldn’t

It is red, plump, and ripe. And it is staring you right in your face. Many women – and men – have gone through the agonizing battle of whether to pop or not their zits. After all, it just takes one tiny pop to get rid of it. But do you know that you are doing your skin a lot of injustice?

Here are three scary reasons why you should never pop your pimples.

Popping can lead to infection

If you are not happy with your zits, how does a full-blown skin infection sounds? Sure, you can always wash or sanitize your hands before you pick on your zits, but remember that you are leaving the popped area prone to bacteria. Apart from a skin infection, you also risk getting exacerbated lesions.

It is better to let the zit subside on its own. But if you are having a nasty case of acne, better visit a dermatologist in Salt Lake City such as the ones they have at Brian J. Williams, M.D. and get the professional treatment that you need to get rid of bad skin once and for all.

You risk getting scars and discolored skin

Sure, you can always cover the scars and discoloration with makeup, but who wants that? Remember that popping zits can lead to discolored skin patches and even visible scars. And some people experience serious scarring from continuous zit picking.

Popping can lead to more inflammation

Picking at your pimples can cause your skin more inflammation, and its appearances may take a turn for the worst. Instead of just having one pimple, the whole area can swell and become redder, which can last for days! Instead of picking at it, just make sure the area is clean and let a pimple run its course.

If your skin is prone to acne, the worst thing you can do is pick at it. When you pop, the bacteria can spread and lead to more pimples. Do not make the mistake of popping your zits. Either get professional help or let it run its course and go away naturally.