Do You Know How to Negotiate Car Prices?

Couple negotiating with car dealerDo you hate haggling for a discount yet still want to get the best possible price? If you are unlike most car buyers, there are other ways to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal between you and the car dealer.

Extensive research, doing a remote negotiation or simply being unpredictable are just some of the non-confrontational ways to negotiate the best price for a car purchase.

Buying tactics

It pays to know the market value of your desired vehicle, as well as the price of your old car if you intend to strike a trade-in deal. Buyers should also take note of sales tax and other fees. A reputable car dealer in Auckland or Wellington should be able to provide a breakdown of fees, otherwise known as the “out of the door” price.

Those who are not confident with their negotiation skills may consider haggling the price remotely, which means doing it over the phone or email. You should only do this after taking the vehicle on the test drive. This allows you to avoid any awkward encounter in case the car sales representative rejects your offer.

Unpredictable sales

Your body language will sometimes hold more weight than your words. Some people find it hard to say no, even when they are not buying a car. In this case, heading towards the exit may sometimes work in your favour, since the sales agent may reconsider your deal.

Still, your next transaction with a car dealer may not be that difficult due to a projected drop in sales for 2018. The Motor Industry Association expects new vehicle sales to level off this year, after posting a record high in 2017.

Remember that these negotiation tactics may not always work, although these increase your chances of getting the best deal. What is your strategy for haggling car prices?