Different Materials to Choose for Toilet Partitions

A cr with glass partitionAre you looking for partitions for your toilets that will fit your commercial space? If yes, you should note that there are different types of partition methods for toilet cubicles that vary in material, choice, and application. Understanding the differences between various materials will help you make a suitable choice for your business.

Solid Phenolic

This material contains a melamine coating and an infusion of resin paper to create a strong material. The material can create a partition of any design due to its being customisable. Also, the material is tough and can handle power washer cleaning.

HDPE Plastic

This material comes in different ratings for fire safety and exhibits high strength. HDPE plastic is also resistant to impact and any kind of physical resistance. Upon installation of this partition, you are not likely to replace it in a long time.

Resistall Plastic

This material creates other lightweight materials for your partitioning needs at low prices. The material contains a reinforcement to make it strong to handle any amount of pressure.

Stainless Steel

Most facilities prefer this material because it is non-porous, recyclable, and resistant to rust. Cleaning this partition is also easy. Mould will not be able to grow on the surface. The material is resistant to physical damage from scratching.

Powder Coated Steel

This material has a high rating for fire safety and is quite pricey. However, it does not result in any emissions and thus environmentally friendly.

High-Pressure Laminate

This material is similar to steel with a powder coating, although the price is low. The material is an infusion of wood and board, thus, the durability and high-strength. The material is damage-resistant and outperforms metal partitions.

Although no general rule dictates the use of partitions for toilet cubicles, some materials suit more commercial spaces than others. Consider working with a supplier of quality partition materials to get the right partitions for your business.