Common Indications of Impending Engine Failure

Mechanic checking the engineAs a car owner, you owe it to your peace of mind to at least know your engine’s condition before setting out. While the check engine light on your dashboard is the primary indication of looming defects or problems, you might be able to identify other issues through listening. Poor responsiveness and shaky noises are normally associated with wear and tear.

Below are common signs to look out for, which can help you prevent excessive damage to your engine.

Banging or Clinking Noises

These are irritating, strange, and loud noises. Shadetree Automotive warns that when you hear these sounds after starting your vehicle, chances are your engine is succumbing to extreme wear and tear. A professional that specializes in auto repair in Clearfield can identify and fix or replace the affected components. Worn out parts may include valves, connector rod, sump, piston rings, and cylinders. Your engine should be regularly inspected to ensure that its components are in good working condition.

Stalling Engine

A stalling engine can indicate problems as severe as a complete engine failure or as minor as a faulty component. Stalling can also result from battery and fuel issues. The problem can be corrected by replacing a few parts, such as the cylinder block, piston, crankshaft, or the entire engine.

Extreme Temperatures

A vehicle’s engine can overheat due to various reasons, including an inefficient coolant. Truck engines should be supplied with antifreeze, which travels throughout its components to keep them cool. Frequent inspection can help prevent potential overheating. A broken thermostat can also make your engine overheat, especially when you are driving at high speeds. Other reasons include faulty radiators and its components.

Reduced Power

Loss of power occurs when your car cannot perform heavy tasks with ease. Power loss can result from a faulty connection between your transmission system and the engine. On the other hand, the engine might not be transmitting sufficient power. This is especially experienced when there is inefficient fuel burning, which decreases the engine’s power by a considerable percentage.

You should always pay attention to the sound your car makes when you are behind the wheel. Your vehicle may not display problems on the dashboard, which could cause excessive damage if they go unnoticed. The engine components should be inspected frequently to minimize the risks of a complete breakdown.