The Clear Way to Straighter Teeth

a lady holding clear bracesNo one likes being stared at, and yet most people find it very hard not to gaze at something unusual or disconcerting about a person’s appearance. If someone has a smile of which they are less than proud, this can lead to a dilemma. Already sensitive to people’s reactions to what’s inside their mouth, these people are not very willing to undergo even more scrutiny by strangers because they have straightening devices on their teeth. No wonder then that the benefits of clear braces in Buckinghamshire are making them increasingly popular.

Clear braces in Buckinghamshire come in a couple of forms, one is pretty traditional, but with a twist, the other is the product of the digital age and bears no resemblance to traditional braces at all. Both work very well and are available from reputable dentists such as Garden View Dental Care.

Six Month Smiles

These clear braces in Buckinghamshire use the tried and tested bracket and wire system to draw the teeth into alignment. As they are designed to realign the front six social teeth only, they can use much gentler forces than braces trying to move molars with three roots, or realign the jaw. The gentler forces mean smaller brackets, which are made of clear ceramic and thinner wires, which are tooth-coloured. The braces blend in gracefully with the teeth. The small movements required to realign the problems addressed by this system mean that, on average, treatment times take about six months. Patients have to be somewhat careful about what they eat and drink as the brackets can become discoloured.

Clear Aligners

Aligners are not braces as such, but mouth guard-like trays that snap on snugly over the teeth. Instead of one fixed appliance, the patient wears a series of rigid, clear plastic aligners, which are incrementally mis-fitting, and the pressure from where they don’t quite fit gently nudges the teeth into alignment over a period of about a year. Aligners are removable, making it much easier to eat and drink and keep the teeth clean. However, they also require more discipline to keep on schedule, and must be worn for at least 20 hours a day.