Choosing the Right Type of Commercial Shelving

Neat row of shelves on a storehouseWhen shopping for commercial shelving from reputable online vendors such as, the tips for determining the best solution to your needs are in how you carefully consider the different kinds of shelves and their material composition.

Common among these types include:

Wire shelving

These shelves are common in industrial applications that need easy access. As its name suggests, it only has a wire-mesh with supporting metal frames, and it is open on all sides. This design makes them among the most lightweight storage structures in the market.

Steel shelving

This storage solution is an accessorised shelf that uses racks for high-density applications, mainly, under mezzanine floors and for office use. They are available as open or closed styles depending on your design specifications.

Rivet shelving

This shelf system is among the most versatile types since it is strong, and easy to deploy and access. The solid steel frame of rivet shelves gives them the capacity to withstand loads of over 1,800 pounds (816.47 kilogrammes) in weight. Rivet shelving attracts major applications in warehouses and industrial storage rooms.

Pallet racking

If you want to maximise your warehouse’s vertical storage space, pallet racks are the most suitable solution. They are heavy-duty shelves, so you are confident of their durability and capacity to hold bulky items.

Cantilever racking

This storage system is the stronger, advanced model of pallet racking. With cantilevers, you can store more inventories with zero vertical obstructions. They also have a high level of flexibility to applications that need you to store and easily access both long and bulky products.

To determine which commercial shelving system will be most suitable for the kind of business you run, it is important you first identify with the essential details of the different types of shelves. These will help you know which shelving will be most economical to use in your company and follows safety regulations.