29 December 2016
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Aging Gracefully: How Retirement Communities Can Help

Retirement CommunityAs you age, there are things that you now need to consider as compared when you were younger, like choosing the right retirement community for you. But that’s easier said than done.

There are many retirement communities in the different states of the US, like a retirement community in Utah, for instance. It also involves a really big decision on your part. It may potentially affect your quality of life and finances. To get a better idea of the different types of retirement communities to help you decide, let’s take a look at the four main types.

Assisted Living

Retirees who don’t need the high level of care nursing homes provide, but do need some assistance with their daily activities, may opt to reside in an assisted living community. One of the services that might be included is medication reminders, which make it also a good place for those with early stage memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Independent Living

Independent living facilities, also called senior apartments or 55-plus communities, are for seniors who do not have any problems with regards to their physical abilities but want a maintenance-free lifestyle, as these facilities usually include utilities, meals, housekeeping, basic maintenance and scheduled transportation for errands and doctor visits in the monthly rent. This gives you more time for socializing. Independent living consists of private apartments that come in varying sizes from studios to two bedrooms and usually include a kitchen. Apartment size, geographic location, and amenities affect the rent price.

Nursing Homes

Patients who need extensive medical care have nursing homes as an option. This kind of retirement community provides the next best thing to a hospital care. Daily living activities assistance is offered, such as dressing, eating, bathing, and getting around. Some residences have the look and feel of a normal home while others are more like hospitals.

Continuing Care

Continuing care communities have expansive campuses, a variety of housing options, free-standing cottages, and apartments. This kind of retirement community offers a complete lifestyle package from meal service to housekeeping and laundry. Aside from the lifestyle services package, they also offer memory care, skilled nursing services, and a sense of community among the residents. You can also enjoy many community amenities, such as bistros, movie theaters, hobby rooms, and even beauty salons.

Final Word

Before you commit to a retirement community, be sure to check and evaluate the costs associated with the community, especially if there is a large upfront fee. You might also want to check the reviews of the facilities you are considering.

7 November 2016
The Daily News

When You Need to Break Promises: The Choice of Retirement Homes

Retirement HomeNo matter what kind of parent one has, the love every child feels is undeniably strong — even mysteriously inclined for others.

Somewhere along growing up, every adult today has had the conversation about whether to entrust their now aging parents to retirement homes. While some naturally agree with this, there are those who promised to never leave their parents despite any challenge.

However, Legacy Retirement, an assisted living facility in Ogden shares that the choice people thought they had before simply do not apply to the reality. Especially for patients with serious health issues, they need more medical attention than family affection.

Because No Parent Wants You to See Them at Their Worst

Aging demographics with health problems in the mind such as dementia and Alzheimer are extremely high-risk patients. Not only are they forgetful and can cause them harm, they can also influence damage around their surroundings. Of course, the whole matter is a harsh realization, but the last thing you want is to have your parent trip over the clutter of your home; and cause your children or yourself any form of preventable regrets. This doesn’t yet account for the elderly with limited mobility.

Why Hard Choices Feel Light Yet Make Better Outcomes

Simply imagining yourself going to a retirement home someday is already a depressing story. But, going through all the unpleasant things associated with aging, you will not wish to cause your family the pain of seeing your condition too. For this reason, despite the promise some child made with its parents before, the only thing one can ever hope for is to enable them the appropriate attention.

Unless you can dedicate yourself to taking care of your parent day in and out, a retirement home is one of the hardest yet admirable decision you have to make.

21 February 2016
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Roof Care Basics: Everything You Need to Know about Leaking Roofs

Leaking Roofs in Salt Lake CityA leaky roof definitely needs urgent attention. This is not just because it could result to puddles on your floor, but also because it could lead to serious water damage when not solved immediately.

While roofing systems are built to protect the house from weather elements, they are susceptible to damage due to direct exposure to harsh elements. Repairing roof leaks is considered one of the costliest repairs a homeowner may have to face at some point, so it pays to know the why’s and how’s of tackling this problem.

The Horrors of Roof Leaks

When your roof starts to leak, there is a high chance that there is already significant damage to the system. The water damage may have already taken a toll not only on the ceiling but in the internal components as well. Wooden parts may have suffered from serious rot and other parts may have loosened up.

When ignored, leaking roofs can result in other problems, including damage to walls and windows. This is the reason it’s important to do the necessary repair right away, according to Wesleygreenroofing.com’s roofing contractors in Salt Lake City.

Detecting it on the Onset

There are a few early signs that your roof may have been leaking or is about to leak. One good example is dark spots and stains in the ceiling. These spots can be caused by molds and mildew that may be thriving due to the moisture in the area.

Other signs of damage that may lead to leak include sagging ceiling and warping in areas near gutters and beam.

Roofing Inspection and Maintenance

Roofing issues can be avoided when you inspect your roof and give it the necessary maintenance care and repair when needed. In some cases, such as high roofed properties, it is better to leave the inspection and maintenance to the pros. Roofing companies can do the job for you in a safe and time-efficient manner.

Never ignore a leaky roof nor look at it as just a small nuisance. It’s a serious issue that requires an immediate solution, so seek profession-roofing service right away.

3 February 2016
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Where to Stay During the Construction of Your New Home

New Home The building of a new home is an exciting time for you and your family. In the heat of the moment, you may forget a few important things, such as where you’re supposed to stay while construction of the new house is underway.

Here are a few reminders to help you stay on track and not outdoors.

No place to stay at the construction site

This is important for those who are tearing down a house to build a new one in its place, or for those who are moving out of their old house or rented residence even before construction of the new house has begun or is completed. You need a place to stay.

Find an affordable hotel near the construction site so you can still visit the site frequently to monitor the progress and to receive any material delivery. This is trickier if you have a big family, a pet, or many belongings. A hotel may not accept all. So if you do need a place to stay while construction is ongoing, you may have to talk to a relative who can let you stay at their place for the meantime. You can also rent an apartment with a short contract. Time the expiration of the contract with the schedule of your home construction. Talk to your contractor about the tentative date when you can move in.

Moving in halfway through the construction

Some families will want to move in even before the construction is done. This is fine if you don’t mind the noise, dust, debris and materials lying around, and the presence of the construction crew. Plastic sheets can separate your temporary living areas. Have a temporary bathroom built if the permanent one is not ready. You can look for a construction tent rental in Minneapolis, MN – such as Apres Party & Tent Rental – where some of your less sensitive belongings can stay for now. This may also serve as your pet’s temporary stomping grounds, or a place for you to stay and watch the construction. You may need several tents, as these are particularly useful during construction.

Moving into your half-finished house is not advisable if you have a baby. It’s also bad for children especially if they have a condition that makes them sensitive to dust or noise.

14 January 2016
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Parenting Tips: Handling Your Young Adults When On A Trailer Road Trip

 Road Trip in Australia Feeling a little disconnected with your teenage kids? Want to give some quality time with them after long months of working for their future? If you want to take them outdoors on a trailer trip, here are some survival tips to remember when dealing with young adults.

Literally, Take Them Out

Even if your kids are introverted by nature, research suggests too much time indoors can make them more prone to sickness and have less resistance to allergies. For example, Classic Hire suggests encouraging them to step outside of the trailer when you make stops. Have barbecues and picnics instead of having your meals inside the cabin. Find something that coincides with your youngsters’ tastes and work with that.

Respect Their Opinion

Simply telling your children where you are going and what you will be doing for the summer will not do to increase relationship values with them. Ask them what they’d like to go during this trailer road trip. Find out what else they’d like to do besides camping out and watching Perth’s sunrises and sunsets. If they agreed to a hire a trailer and join you on this trip, be supportive of what they want to do during their free time. That would be the first step for them to stay open and communicative with you.

Communicate Directly

Young adults nowadays can’t wait to step out of the ‘training wheels’ stage. Having someone chaperone them might further upset them or even discourage them from opening up to their own parents. If this trip is meant to be spent within the immediate family members, avoid having a third wheel included to act as your teenager’s mediator. Personally give them the time and attention they need.

Parenting is a skill that few people automatically get. Just because you have a child doesn’t mean you’re a master at knowing what your kids require of you. Use this time out on the road to communicate and connect with them. If it’s done right, this trip will become memorable enough for them to make you their role model when they become parents too.

4 August 2015
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Office Privacy Helps with Creativity and Productivity

Open OfficeThere is an increasing trend for open office spaces as it claims to help employees communicate and stir the creative process. Companies cast privacy aside to improve productivity and creativity using this layout. It may have its advantages, but there is still value in having a private space for your employees.

The Cons of Open Office Layouts

A team of designers from Hamburg, Germany originally envisaged the open office layout in the 1950s, to let ideas flow and make communication easier. An increasing set of evidence suggests that the open space impairs the very things it tried to achieve.

In a 2011 review by organisational psychologist Matthew Davis, he discovered that open office layouts created a sense of company mission and a laid-back atmosphere for employees but had adverse effects. Workers in open offices had shorter attention spans, had a drop in creativity, productivity and had a lower job satisfaction.

Compared to having their own private space, open office employees had increased levels of stress, reduced focus, uncontrolled interactions and were less motivated.

Constant distractions and interruptions from fellow colleagues were detrimental to concentration, productivity and creativity. The noise that open layouts created is the biggest detriment to cognitive performance.

Privacy is Still Important in the Creative Process

Private office spaces reduce noise and potential interruptions by fellow colleagues. This reduced possibility of disruptions help your employees stay focused on their work. The occasional brainstorming among your workforce is vital to the creative process, but having a place to think without any distractions is just as important.

Window films, frosted glasses or partitions allow you to redesign your office to make it more private. You do not have to sacrifice design with purely functional features. A decorative window film adds a touch of creativity to an otherwise dull work area.

A window film or frosting on glass keeps a work area or meeting room private from outside disruptions. Your employees can work without interruption and stir their creative juices.

Privacy helps workers make mistakes and get creative with their ideas without pressure or judgment. That private office or cubicle you provide your employees allows them to fully engage in their work undisturbed for better performance and ideas.

31 July 2015
The Daily News

Firms Can Gain Authority with Google+

Google+If we’re going to be completely honest, Google+ has a long way to go in terms of becoming a legitimate threat to Facebook in the social media arena. Regardless of its status, however, Google+ is still a formidable online presence because of its parent company. SEO companies can reap the benefits of that presence for their clients, but only if those clients understand what Google+ can do for them.

Respect the Authority

The social media site may not be as popular as most organic start-ups, but it has one aspect that can become a valuable tool for companies in the future – authority. The meaning of this concept on the internet isn’t far from what it means in the real world.

Establishing your brand as an “authority” on the internet roughly translates to people taking your opinion more seriously with less scrutiny. People just take your word for it and trust that you know what you’re talking about. This type of influence is hard to come by anywhere, and takes years to build – if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Google Power

The one thing that can propel a firm’s efforts to turn itself into an authority online depends on how well they can make connections. It all starts with a great looking website, which sources that include ilawyermartketing can make easier to achieve. SEO companies can then make use of the connective structure of Google+ to not only spread the word about your brand to a target audience, but to gain the allegiance of other lawyers as well.

Facebook can do the same, but its goal is to connect users with as many other people as possible. Google+ allows users to connect with specific people based on the user’s choosing. In order to get a better understanding of how this works, it’s best to compare it with an example from real life.

When a lawyer writes an entry in a law journal, it gains more credibility as more lawyers cite it for their own purposes. Likewise, online presence gains authority with each client and lawyer that attach their name to the brand. SEO companies can use the strategies of online consumer behaviour and make this happen faster.

Lawyers need the internet whether they realize it now or not. Getting ahead on using the tools that are available is the key to gaining authority first, and harder to topple later on.

30 July 2015
The Daily News

With Great Electricity Comes Great Responsibility

electricityWhat a lonely planet it must have been before electricity came into reality. Imagine an evening with no lights, no TV and no smartphone. You have all the time in the world to talk face-to-face, and that may not be all bad, but from what you have seen so far in the news and elsewhere, it isn’t that good either.

Luckily, that dystopic notion of a society is all just fantasy. Still, what many fail to realize is that with everything that electricity offers comes great responsibility. Sadly, however, when people realise that they have reneged on this promise to be responsible, it’s already too late. Their lives have suffered.

The Spider-Man of Things

Electricity is like Spider-Man: it makes lives easier. It powers your hair dryer; it allows you to use your PC; it distributes wonderful things all over the house. And that’s just for starters. Soon, all sorts of robots and artificial intelligence will be running the household.

But like the Spider-Man in the movies, electricity and its power can be misused. As North Carolina’s Electric Cooperative so aptly points out, ‘modern day appliances have given the boogieman a new makeover: electricity’.

As powerful as electricity is, it can be harnessed, however.

Keeping the Basics

Engineering Supplies says that there are many ways to prevent accidents in the home because of electricity. One good start is to make sure your sockets, plugs and electrical terminals are secure, free from any overload or open wires, frayed or worn electric cords.

As for the dreaded electric shock, a most effective method is to utilise a safety switch called residual current device (RCD), paired with your household fuse. RCD is a lifesaver. It cuts power off in but a fraction of a second when electric current passes through a person.

Electricity is like fire: it is a great servant, but a terrible master. Use it properly, and prevent injuries stemming from its use.

28 July 2015
The Daily News

Shelves and Compartments: Space Saving Options for Granny Flats

Granny flats are homes that are usually reserved for elderly family members. Normally these houses have enough space, but with additional features you can maximise the floor area. Adding space doesn’t always require extensive constructions. Here are a few tips to expand your granny flat’s living area.

Shelf It

granny flats in PerthOne of the simplest and most affordable ways to add space is adding shelves. A shelf will make it easier to save space in a granny flat as well as make books, pottery, art supplies or clothes more accessible for the elderly.

Remember that some of the older people living in that granny flat will either have a stooped posture or use a wheelchair.  Keep the shelves at a lower level so elders will not strain themselves by standing or crouching.

In the Closet

Another great way to save space in your Perth granny flat is to keep things out of sight with a wall closet. Have a hollowed out pillar with small shelves that slide out. To get more space, a sliding wall is an excellent addition. It doesn’t have to be as big as a walk-in closet but it does need to be spacious.

Not-So-Secret Compartments

If shelves feel too ordinary and closets are too costly, try the middle ground: build into the furniture itself. You’ve seen them online before, those custom built tables, chairs, sofas and even beds that have built-in shelves and sliding compartments. Consult an architect or download plans online.

Perth is quite familiar with granny flats so if you need more advice to expand your limited space, feel free to contact professional builders. This is not only a place where your elderly loved ones live; it is also an investment.

27 July 2015
The Daily News

The Rise of The Middle Man Site

Online shoppingThere was a time when going on the internet was like visiting the Wild West. It was chaotic, every man fended for himself, and no one knew whom to trust. Fortunately, the maps of internet land have been drawn and people know where to find the things they need online. But, the web still has a bit of that chaos in its system, in the sense that everything can shift at the drop of a hat.

The Expanding Internet

Let’s look at the e-commerce industry as an example. When people want to buy something they go to either Amazon or straight to the website of the company they’re shopping from. Online shopping is a simple and straightforward process, but what happens if either one or both of those channels don’t give people what they want right away?

The beauty of having everything on the internet mapped out is that people don’t have to go through hundreds of pages just to find one thing. But catalogs can become so vast that it can sometimes feel like it takes forever just to make a single purchase. This is exactly why middlemen companies like usaddress.com are starting to spring up around the internet.

Introducing the Middle Man

This is a new classification of online service as they partner with established online destinations, and offer people an alternative method of a specific service. With the USaddress example, they focus on delivery within the United States.

On its face, the idea doesn’t make a lot of sense; why would anyone go to a different website to get an item delivered from a place that already offers the service? The principle is similar to an online version of the travel agency model.

Creating a Service Bottle-Neck

Travelers can easily buy their tickets and other trip requirements straight from the people that sell them. But, going to a travel agency will give them the opportunity to take advantage of bundles, as well as finding everything they need in one convenient location. Instead of going to Barnes&Noble, Bloomingdale’s, and American Outfitters for the things you need, get them delivered from a middleman site.

The internet is a vast place and people are only just appreciating the lands that exist within it, including all the spaces in between.