13 December 2015
Tech 101

3 Common Types of AC Systems

Air ConditionerThere are different types of AC systems for different establishments. To make the most out of your purchase and to make it last as long as possible, you need to know how to pick the right system for your needs. You may need to consult your trusted HVAC expert just to be sure before you start to shop. To help you make the right decision, here are three of the most common types of air conditioners and their features.

Window Air Conditioner

Probably the most common type of AC system for residential properties is the window type. Also called unitary system, this type can keep one single room cool. If the horsepower is a bit higher, it can also cool two small rooms. The main con of a window system is that you need a hole to install it. Some use the windows, while some add holes to their walls.

Split Air Conditioner

Split system air conditioner in Perth is most commonly used in medium-sized retail stores, apartments, hotels, and motels. It’s called split or ductless because it has a separate indoor and outdoor units, as well as a condenser, compressor, and valve. Aside from cooling bigger rooms, its advantages against a window system is it doesn’t take a lot of space, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Clear Air Conditioner

Centralized AC systems are commonly used to cool entire residential properties and commercial establishments. Compared to the other two, this one has the best performance, most comfortable to use, and doesn’t produce too much noise. The con is that it needs more frequent maintenance work, but you can handle this properly by consulting an HVAC expert and schedule regular inspections.

Once you figure out which one works best for you, make sure you shop around to get the best possible deal. Hire a professional to install it properly so you can start using it to cool your home.

28 July 2015
Tech 101

Developing the City Through Technology

technologyAccording to the latest statistics, Singapore is one of the most urbanised cities not just in Asia but in the entire world. One hundred percent of the city’s population is urbanised, and its rate of development is at a good pace.

With this stable urbanisation, the city has the potential to have a strong hold on information technology (IT). Along with this, the city can also continue its progress using the same technology.

IT and Urbanization

Discussions on the effects of urbanisation often revolve around its negative impacts. What most people don’t know is that urbanisation also has good effects. One clear benefit of urban development is that it allows an increase in job opportunities and an increased availability in goods and services.

Most of the professions and services that receive the benefit come from the IT sector; urbanised cities become more dependent on networking to monitor businesses, for a wider marketing reach, and to communicate with potential business partners both inside and outside the metro. And seeing how computers and the Internet have become an integral part of daily living, it’s hard not to see just how important networking is for communication.

Thus, an urbanised city experiences advancements in IT, and it is also IT that helps the city continue its growth and development, NEX CorporateIT reckons.

Making IT Work

Of course, the only way to make IT effective is through regular maintenance. Both hardware and software are prone to problems and glitches. These glitches can slow down communications.

Networks require constant monitoring, so that any problem – no matter how big or small – can be addressed immediately. That way, an immediate fix for anything that can cause communication problems in your IT hardware or software is in order. This means you can maintain prompt communication with the people you need for the industry to grow.

Contact professionals who can help you with your networking problems. They can track any and all improvements that your hardware and software may require. In addition, with their expertise, they can help you keep your IT systems in good condition.

14 May 2015
Tech 101

Looking for the Right CMMS: The Essentials

CMMSA Computerised Maintenance Management System or CMMS system is utilised for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of maintaining the asset’s of your company. It is capable of automating and improving your company’s existing procedures.

Basic CMMS Features your System Should Have

When considering different CMMS systems, Mainpac.com.au says the most critical features include flexibility and its capacity to adapt to the present and future requirements of your company. Flexibility assures that you will be able to input information regarding your company and that it can be tailor-fitted to your specific needs. In relation, you must check the system’s limitations. To illustrate, let’s say the amount of records in the CMMS database suddenly and considerably increases, the system must still perform as expected and not show slow reporting and searching functionalities.

Another important feature is the self-sufficiency of the system such that it must be capable of complete and direct usage without requiring a manual or other external sources. On-screen instructions must give precise details about what it is going to perform or currently doing, as well as how to operate it. It should likewise be able to easily and effectively interface with the variety. Other vital features include data and system security, modifications, screens and reports that can be customised by users, and the programming language it uses.

Where to Get your CMMS

When deciding on the right CMMS for your company, it is imperative that you engage the help of experienced and reputable CMMS consultants and providers to help you find the most ideal system for your company’s specific needs. Ask for references, overall cost, payment options, warranty, source code and delivery. Also, find out if they do upgrades, implementation, and training, as well as how they conduct system and customer support.

Remember, a perfectly planned, thought-out, and implemented CMMS system for managing and maintaining your company’s assets will be certain to deliver significant effectiveness and efficiency improvements to your organisation. With the right computer maintenance management system, you’ll be able to see savings and overall service improvements.

28 April 2015
Tech 101

Four Metrics That Could Make Tweets Appear on Google

TwitterAfter switching off its tweet pipeline to the search behemoth in 2011, Twitter renewed its deal with Google last February. After 43 months, the world’s leading search engine regained its access to the social network’s firehose data stream, which makes real-time tweet indexing possible. In short, users can being searching for specific tweets through Google once deal is implemented no later than June.

As far as web marketers and brand owners are concern, this is a pretty big deal in terms of developing strategies for global, national, or local search engine optimization. This agreement creates an infrastructure bridging SEO and social media, throwing more light in the often ambiguous connection of the two.

With the insane amounts of data now at Google’s disposal, how would it use Twitter’s key information to provide better answers to queries? While there is no official statement or set of guidelines yet, the site truelogic.com.ph sheds light on the possible signals the search giant might use:


Google might examine the frequency of the hashtag’s usage over a certain period. This is how topics would find themselves on the In the News section and in Google Trends, mirroring their trendiness on Twitter.


The number of RTs, Favorites, Video plays, Link clicks, and Impressions are prime metrics that reflect the value of a particular tweet. Google always favors the piece of content that a lot of people not only viewed, but also interacted with.

User Influence

The author of the tweet, of course, carries weight. Google would most likely measure a user’s relevance based on network size. Apart from the number of followers, the user’s follower/following ratio, @mentions, and Lists included in might also play major roles.

Link Success

Outside the world of Twitter, the links shared within the platform might matter, as well. Google might check the traffic the external site gained coming from the social network could be a factor.

The hush since the deal went public could mean both companies are brewing something. Until the actual implementation happens, the world can only wait.

25 July 2014
Tech 101

Welcome to the Future: Laser and How It Will Change the World

laser line levelBuckle up, sci-fi fans, your laser-filled dreams are slowly becoming a reality. Thanks to many developments, this technology is starting to steal the limelight across various industries.

The Manufacturing Sector

If there’s one thing the manufacturing sector is always concerned about, it’s productivity. This encompasses everything from the speed of making one item to overall equipment effectiveness. Laser plays a big role in this matter.

LaserToolsCo.com says that there are already many tools that big brands in the construction and manufacturing industry use. Despite the existence of these machines, developments are still underway and will hopefully yield good results. As a matter of fact, laser technology shows some promise in 3D printing.

The Oil and Gas Industry

Laser technology is also making waves in the oil and gas industry. It all began with a few experiments, but now the commerce has become dependent on laser-guided drilling and other applications of amplified light.

Industry giant, ExxonMobil, is one of the companies leading different innovation projects in the oil and gas sector. Apart from maximizing laser-guided drilling and similar technologies, there are also other ongoing innovations about the way the world drills the ground for oil.

The Military

Perhaps this is the area where Star Wars fans truly enjoy the development in laser. Just recently, the US military has announced efforts to create laser-based weapons against drones. While this isn’t exactly Death Star’s super laser (which, by the way, can open a planet to its core with just 30% of its power), the US has certainly opened many possibilities with light, particularly with the idea of weaponizing it and maintaining peace and order.

While laser used to be a thing of science fiction stories, its development for real-world uses has certainly leapt miles ahead. Soon enough, we would be seeing more technology using this amplified light and, hopefully, these advancements would make the world a better place.

23 July 2014
Tech 101

3 Designing Habits to Make a Website User-Centred

Web designWhilst many amateurish designers focus on fancy aesthetics and resource-heavy backdrops, the professionals think about the user when creating a website. Although people recognise the appeal of the portal, the design defeats its purpose when it hampers its functionality and dulls the user experience.

This is the reason DigitalCherry.co.uk advises professional web designers to focus more on the user than the visual impact, especially when it comes to eCommerce platforms. A website, after all, is not just a work of art; it’s a portal that facilitates communication between a brand and its target audience.

To do this, you have to observe these three habits:

Make the site visible

At first glance, your user should understand the layout of the website. Visibility is the first principle you should adhere to. Keep vital site elements, such as navigation bars and sitemaps, easy to find on the screen. When you have the essentials in sight all the time, you encourage your user to be more confident in exploring the website and provide them a simple way to navigate around it.

Keep memory load to a minimum

The problem with websites focused on visual impact is that they take too much time to load. As a result, the user spends some extra time staring at a white page before the content becomes visible. Even though you have a stunning photograph there, you sacrificed user experience for that purely decorative element. So keep things simple (but not necessarily minimalist) to avoid a long loading time.

Today’s Internet users have short attention span. Therefore, you have to find a way to deliver the information fast – and this is where a short memory load time comes in nifty.

Choose the right visual elements

In web design, you’re free to be creative provided that user experience continues to reign supreme. To come up with a user-centred design, your site should be both simple and interesting. The former is easy to achieve, but the latter requires a judicious use of colours, typefaces, and images for the overall appeal. Play around, but do so sensibly.

There is the need for a website to be attractive, but the importance of the user experience topples that. For the next website you will design, make sure that you observe these three habits and focus more on the audience to improve its impact on the users.

6 June 2014
Tech 101

Boost Email Privacy: Google To Test New Security Features

Google is working on updates to security features in Gmail in an attempt to shield emails from snooping and improve its users’ online privacy.

Ultimate security feature

search-engineKnown as “End-to-End” encryption, Google said emails that are encrypted are like sealed envelopes that are less vulnerable to spying.

To encourage more people to encrypt their email, Google released a source code intended at offering an extra layer of privacy protection.

The search engine giant is hoping its new service will make “end-to-end” encryption an easy option for its users.

Encrypting data

The move comes as Google voiced its support to oppose mass surveillance online.

So far, End-to-End is not yet available, but Google said the program is in a public testing phase.

“We recognize that this sort of encryption will probably only be used for very sensitive messages or by those who need added protection,” said Stephan Somogyi, a Google product manager who oversees security and privacy, in a blog post. “But we hope that the End-to-End extension will make it quicker and easier for people to get that extra layer of security should they need it.”

28 March 2014
Tech 101

Facebook’s Oculus Purchase Draws Flak, Cancelled Projects

Image by Glogger | Wikimedai

Image by Glogger | Wikimedai

Speculations of the purchase of virtual reality startup Oculus VR was not a surprise; as for many, it was simply a question of when it will be bought. The shock factor for Internet users, however, comes from who purchased the company, as news of Facebook’s acquisition of the firm came out of nowhere.

‘Facebook is scary’

Gaming news site Kotaku broke the news of the deal in a tone different than usual, saying: “Facebook has just announced that it’s buying Oculus Rift for $2 billion. Seriously.”

Reddit users weren’t as friendly as Kotaku, as many have expressed rage and frustration at how what was heralded as the future of gaming would simply give in to a $2 billion deal.

Joshua Topolsky of The Verge also commented on the issue.

“As a service, Facebook is inspiring, as a platform, Facebook is scary. The company now controls one of the most exciting technologies of the past fifty years. A truly revolutionary product that has reignited a dream that many felt was all but dead and gone. What it will do with that technology is the only question that remains,” he wrote.

Cancelled projects

Many game developers also cancelled their efforts in making games after the deal.

The most notable one is Markus “Notch” Persson, the person behind the block building game Minecraft.

“We were in talks about maybe bringing a version of Minecraft to Oculus. I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me out,” he tweeted.

Oculus started as a crowdfunding project on website Kickstarter. It gained the support of the gaming community and even giant companies like Valve.

21 February 2014
Tech 101

Venezuelan Beauty Queen Is Another Victim Of Political Unrest

Venezualan beauty queen, Genesis Carmona, died of a bullet wound in the fifth fatality from the country’s political unrest, as imprisoned opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez urged supporters to keep fighting for the departure of the socialist government.

Shot dead

Genesis CarmonaCollege student and model Carmona was shot in the head during a protest. She was then rushed to the hospital and placed in the Intensive Care Unit at the Guerra Méndez clinic in Valencia.

“We confirm that Miss Tourism Carabobo Genésis Carmona has passed away from a gunshot to the head, while protesting yesterday in Valencia,” reported the country’s daily El Universal.

Political unrest

“We deeply lament to have to say that our Génesis Carmona has just passed away after receiving a gunshot to the head yesterday. Our condolences to her family,” Miss Carabobo organization also confirmed Carmona’s death on its official Facebook page.

Tensions have risen in the country since Lopez surrendered to troops after spearheading weeks of demonstrations against the government.