24 April 2017
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3 Solid Advice for Used Car Buyers

mechanicAre you looking to purchase a used car but are afraid of the risks involved? Do you feel like getting a new car is not worth the price because of the monstrous interest rates that result in you paying almost double the list price?

Peace of mind indeed comes with a new car. However, financial responsibility can save you a ton of heartbreak and headache for years to come. The trade-off here is that you need to be diligent in researching and scrutinizing the used car you’re interested in. Here’s some solid advice:

Bring the car to a good mechanic

In Arvada, CO, brake repair, tune-ups, and routine car inspections can all be done in an auto repair shop. Auto repair shops know what goes wrong with a car. This makes them competent in “reverse investigating” a car for any issues. They can also tell you if a repair will be costly or if it’s a quick fix. With these pieces of information, you can make the best decision. Some cars have issues that are hard to fix while some have small problems that don’t take away from the overall value of a car.

Set a strict budget

There are probably thousands of used cars for sale in your area. Without a fixed budget, you’re running the risk of closing a deal on a car you can’t afford. While newer and fancier cars are inviting, there’s no substitute to the smooth sailing life you’ll have if you don’t incur a backbreaking debt. Set a budget and stick to it! Be patient and you’ll find a car that suits your needs.

Stick to cash as much as possible

These days, there’s little struggle when it comes to getting a financing plan with a dealership. However, dealerships and used car lots are notorious when it comes to imposing hidden fees and insane interest rates. It’s always better to get a car for cash. If you need to finance a car, chances are you can’t afford to make good on the payments either.

When it comes to buying used cars, it’s important to be safe and smart. Follow these tips and you’ll be driving your new baby soon.

21 April 2017
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The Perks of Having a Classic Car

A Row of Vintage CarsCar enthusiasts often debate on the subject of classic cars versus modern cars. Obviously, modern cars win by a landslide when it comes to power, practicality, and safety. On the road, you’ll find yourself surrounded by powerful modern cars everywhere.

However, don’t think that classic cars are only things of the past. Though they’re not commonly found on typical roads, classic cars never cease to excite and interest buyers.

Here’s a list of what unique classic car aficionados love about their classic rides.

Uniquely Beautiful Designs

There’s just something appealing with a classic car’s design that makes it pleasing to your eyes. The flowing lines of a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado or a 1965 Jaguar E-Type spell simple elegance that’s uniquely beautiful.

These vintage vehicles were crafted from the imaginative minds of designers who used pencil-and-paper to design the cars. Their designs reflect the era in which they were conceptualized, and that unique quality makes them more appealing.

Simple Yet Efficient Engines

Classic cars have simple engines delicately put together to create a mechanical system that works harmoniously. These efficient engines have over a thousand parts that work together to keep a car running smoothly.

On the other hand, modern car engines operate as a single unit and are often automated. The intricate mechanical systems of classic cars have been replaced by automation and several other modern systems.

While modern engines are designed to improve driver experience and incorporate additional features, the simplicity of classic car engines still stands out because of its power-centered efficiency.

Components Don’t Easily Break Down

Your classic car’s mechanical components are much easier to repair and maintain than a modern car’s numerous electronic parts. Vintage components also withstand harsh conditions. Depending on your classic car model, some car shops still carry pieces that are useful for fixing a classic car engine.

Doesn’t Rob You of the Driving Experience

Classic cars allow you to control them manually, giving you the actual driving feel each time you rev up. You get an authentic driving experience each time you go out with your classic car. It also improves your mechanical know-how and driving skills.

Using a vintage car truly has its perks in the automotive industry. For many classic car aficionados, these are enough to love driving their vintage vehicles on the road.

19 April 2017
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Driving Habits That Increase Car Maintenance Costs

A person driving their car Owning a car, especially when you have a family is no longer a luxury. It falls right there on top of the list with other essential needs. It enables you to drop off and pick the kids from schools, drive them to rehearsals and other functions with relative ease.

It also means that you can get to your place of work or tend to your errands with minimal disruption. Despite the great convenience, owning a vehicle comes at a cost.

Without due considerations, it can prove to be a costly experience that leaves a gaping hole in your wallet. Luckily, you can sidestep this trap with relative ease with the help of mechanics down in Rotorua.

Poor driving habits

It might come as a surprise but the way your drive bears a considerable effect on your maintenance costs. Hard driving habits including hard cornering, rapid acceleration, and sharp breaking increase the wear and tear on the car.

With such habits, you tend to increase the frequency of your visits to a repair shop. It means you get to spend more money replacing or repairing the braking system, suspensions, and the engine transmission.

Driving in the wrong gear

With the process at the pump forever on an upward spiral, you would do well to keep your consumption low. Start by buying a car that enables you to get more miles to the gallon. Similarly, you need to avoid driving practices that increase fuel consumptions.

In addition to causing severe damage to your engine, driving at high speeds on low gear increases your fuel consumption by up to 45 percent. Even at lower speeds, say 60 km/h, you get up 25 percent better fuel economy by driving in fifth gear instead of the third.

With a little bit of effort, you can root out inefficient driving habits that increase your fuel costs.

While owning a car brings about great convenience in the home, it comes at a significant financial cost. Luckily, putting theses pointers to action enables you to curtail the runaway car running and maintenance costs.

17 April 2017
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Travel Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Man opening the hood of a carTravelling can be a joyful experience to many. You can explore new sights, visit new places, and gain a new perspective on culture and life in general. It is a fact that New Zealand citizens are a travelling bunch, and if you want to make the most out of your travels, you need to avoid a few mistakes.

Avoid car troubles

Car troubles can mean significant problems for travellers. Luckily, if your vehicle breaks down, you can trust in a mobile car repair shop. Make sure to have the number for professional mobile car repair on hand. If you forget the number or do not take it with you, it could leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Do not travel with outdated information

Make sure you update your personal data before you go. The relevant personal information you will need to update includes information about your name, phone number, address, finances, and personal health.

If something were to happen to you while you are vacationing, you want to make sure authorities can properly treat you and notify relatives if necessary.

Make sure you do not over pack

Whether you plan to fly or drive, make sure you do not over pack for your trip. If you are flying, you may have to pay for additional baggage costs if you over pack. If you are driving, you could eat up valuable space in your vehicle by packing too much.

Keep in mind that you will not wear all the clothes you plan to bring and many hotels offer laundry services that you can use while on vacation.

Know the rules of the road

Although the laws of the road are standard across regions in New Zealand, some places have different rules that you need to know when travelling. Knowing the rules of the road can help you avoid an unnecessary accident.

Make sure your vacation and travel experience is both fun and memorable by following the advice given above. Avoiding mistakes can help steer your travels away from unnecessary disaster.


30 March 2017
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Can Repair Shops Help You Find the Best Auto Insurer?

Mechanic Fixing Car

Repair shops and motor insurance companies share a special bond. Both have to work together for faster, efficient, and cost-effective motor repair. As a result, repair shops would know which among the automotive insurers are the most trusted.

Why? Experienced specialists from LRC Automotive reveal that first-hand experiences with insurance companies tell about the latter's service delivery, from claims processes to financial aspect to assessor's competence and accuracy of an estimating system used.

Claims Process

Repair can only start with an insurer's authorisation, and it starts before the submission of a claim. Yes, it needs an assessment report first, which is complete with a cost estimate. Add the shop's administration time for every claim and the parts sourcing.

The better integrated the repairer's estimating system is with the insurance company's procedures, the easier the claims processes are.


The following points should be addressed in the assessment:

  • Fair labour rate
  • Fair time allowances
  • Fair paint allowances
  • Fair time allowances for subcontracted works

As well as these: ease of invoicing, promptness of payment and, ultimately, the consistency of assessor. The more technically competent an assessor is, the more accurate the estimates are. As such, assessors must be confident in the information they put on the report.

Policy Amendments

Insurance firms have in-house assessors, but you can choose a repair shop to do the job. Make sure to ask if you can choose a repair shop. If not, ask around, including car owners with similar experience. They can tell if both the insurer and the default repairer provide satisfactory services.

Essentially, there are two entities that you are entrusting your car with in times of collision repair. But first, you have to look for the right insurance company. Repair shops can help provide you with insider's information. Just ask around.

20 March 2017
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Ensure Safety During Demolition Project With The Help of These Tips

Fast Cartage
Keeping your workers safe during a demolition project should be your priority. This is because the demolition of a building is a very dangerous job for those around the site. Unless you exercise a lot of precaution, you could put people’s lives at high risk.

Follow these easy guidelines to maximise safety during a demolition project.

Work with a professional

Hire an experienced earthworks contractor to make sure every building is demolished safely and efficiently. Engage a company that offers reliable earthmoving services such as a digger hire or excavator hire to make the project safer and faster.

Brace the ceilings and walkways

If you are demolishing the walls of a building, you want to ensure the rest of the building remains stable. Provide added support to ceilings and walkways so that in case someone needs to walk into the building, they are safe.

Do a thorough pre-demolition sweep

Before the demolition starts, conduct a final, thorough sweep of the building, inspecting all the rooms and closets to ensure there is no one inside. Confirm that all your workers are outside the building. Walk around the building to make sure that everyone is at a safe distance. Carry out regular checks during the project to ensure no one gets too close to the demolition site.

Clear debris immediately after demolition

The demolition project is not over until you have cleared the site of the rubble. This task is not an easy one, and you need to take proper precaution to keep the workers safe as they do it. Ensure they are properly dressed and equipped for the task. Provide gloves, masks, boots, and any other necessary equipment for the job.

Like all construction projects, demolition comes with its hazards. The key to getting the job done quickly and safely lies in working with experienced professionals and using the right equipment.



31 March 2016
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3 Car Buying Misconceptions You Should’ve Outgrown by Now

Car Buying Myths in IndianaThe Internet has a litany of blogs about car buying misconceptions for a reason: they don’t die, and only increase. While some of them are downright wrong, others are simply outdated. They may used to work in the past, but auto dealers and salespersons also learn from experience and adapt. If you don’t do the same, never expect to get the best deal out there.

Saving the Trade-In Up Your Sleeve

Waiting until the last minute to mention about your trade-in vehicle is a trick dealerships are accustomed to. If you think you’re going to lock in a better price just because you hid this card and suddenly spring it to the dealer out of nowhere, you’re just fooling yourself.

In reality, you’re just going to prolong the entire process. Whether you bring it up early or later during the negotiation makes little difference. The key is to know the fair market value of your trade-in vehicle and the one you’re planning to buy. In addition, you must discuss every aspect of the deal separately, and not just negotiate for your monthly repayment, to ensure you’d save down the road.

Buying on a Rainy Day

To think that dealerships would be desperate to get a sale whenever there’s a downpour and say yes to whatever price you want is nothing but an illusion. Especially in rainy states like Indiana, this myth is still well and alive.

If you test the validity of this decades-old belief, you’d actually discover that the lot is even more cramped with shoppers for great finds, like a used Chevrolet Cruze in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or South Bend, because all of you share this erroneous belief.

Reading the Contract Word for Word

Even if you must, you shouldn’t. If you do, you’d spend the whole day just absorbing whatever is in the contract. But most auto sales contracts are nothing but boilerplate regulated by the motor vehicle registry of the state.

You should, however, focus your attention on the numbers, particularly on the final price, applicable fees, and repayments, as well as the section about insurance, because they’re the ones that really define the quality of the deal.

Auto buying is already deep-seated in the American culture. However, it’s still your job to weed out beliefs that don’t make sense anymore in this day and age. It’s always good to learn about them, but not necessarily use them as a guide.

11 January 2016
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A Running Engine Will Take Care of Your Car Better than an Idle One

Idle CarIt is one of the simplest ways to keep your engine running while you buy some milk from the store; however, idling your car for a short while can have negative effects in the long run.

Vehicle idling occurs when the engine runs but the car does not. Drivers occasionally put their vehicles on idle when stuck in a traffic jam, but some drivers do so unnecessarily. It is a bad habit you can (and should) easily break, especially when you realise what it can do to your car.

More Wasted Fuel

One common myth among drivers is that starting your engine costs more fuel than just idling the vehicle. Technically, this is true, but for only about 5 to 10 seconds. Afterwards, idling uses more fuel than restarting your engine.

Engineers estimate that restarting the engine within the 5 to 10 seconds you turned it off is more fuel- efficient than leaving your car running. A vehicle idle for more ten minutes can actually cost you the equivalent of a quarter litres of fuel.

If it looks like you will not be away for only ten seconds or so, just turn off the engine.

Exhausts your Exhaust System

Excessive idling allows water to condense within your car’s exhaust system. According to Belair Mitsubishi Wreckers, provider of spare Mitsubishi car parts, when the condensed water infiltrates your exhaust system, it results in a lasting corrosion.

Replacement of exhaust systems is not exactly cheap. The replacement of an exhaust system can cost you up to thousands of dollars, depending on the make and model of your car.

What You Can Do

Rather than hurt your car by idling, just turn off your engine if you are waiting longer than ten seconds. As mentioned, restarting your car does not burn more fuel than leaving it running. You can also warm up your engine better by driving rather than idling. When you sit in an idle car, you inhale more of the dirty exhaust rather than remove it.

Vehicle idling will waste your money and also cause damage to your car. If you need to wait or make a quick stopover, keep your car going or turn it off rather than leaving it idle.

26 June 2015
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Are You Experiencing These Issues With Your Nissan Maxima? You Are Not Alone

Nissan Maxima 2004Out of all the Nissan Maxima models, the 2004 to 2006 ones reportedly have the most issues. While some are just minor ones that can be fixed with simple repairs and affordable Maxima spare parts— others are not just your typical rattles and shakes—but costly, extremely exasperating, and potentially, vehicle-destroying problems.

K.D. Auto Spares shares more information below:

Air Conditioning System Issues

Your air conditioner may discharge warm air because of refrigerant loss as a result of low pressure and leaking hose, typically in the connection for the hose crimp.

Check Engine Light Issues

The Check Engine light may light up to indicate a primary ignition signal fault. In many instances, this is due to ignition coil failure. This can result in feedback of the spark energy via the wiring harness going to the other ignition coils. If not addressed as soon as possible, the other coils may also be damaged.

External Seal Failure

Failure of the engine oil cooler’s external seal can result in oil leakage.

Camshaft Sensor Issues

If the Camshaft sensor leaks oil into the electrical connector, the Check Engine light will turn on. Consequently, the engine may experience issues and stall sporadically.

Power Steering Pump Leakage

When the power steering pump begins leaking, it may reach the lower control arm bushings and result in the advanced deterioration of the bushings. You’ll then start to experience knocking sounds while driving on bumpy surfaces and find that you’ll have a hard time controlling your Maxima.

Oxygen Sensor Failure

Failure of the oxygen sensor is commonly attributed to fluid leaks coming from the power steering pump. Normally, leaks from the power steering pump directly flow into the sensor and will cause wiring failure. When leaks are not addressed even if the oxygen sensor has been replaced, the replacement will most likely fail again.

Transmission Issues

Extensive transmission issues are very common with 2004 to 2006 Nissan Maxima models. These issues range from difficulty with acceleration, problems with shifting gears, rough jerking, and worse, to total vehicle failure. What’s more, these issues are usually experienced as early as 35,000 miles into driving the car. And repairs or replacement does not come cheap that some Maxima owners opt to source their Maxima spare parts from reputable sellers instead of from Nissan directly.

24 June 2015
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Off to the Truck Sales in Adelaide: Picking Used Trucks with Care

Used TrucksBuying any vehicle is always a serious matter because it is a big investment. Even if you buy a used vehicle, you still pay a lot overall. This is especially true when you are looking at used truck sales in Adelaide. It can be tempting to go for that big discount or once-in-a-lifetime deal.

Here are some hot tips before you sign the deal.

Make a Checklist

Before going out to the truck sales sit down and make a list. If you are planning to use the truck for your business, this should include what type and size of load you typically carry over what type of roads. Try to calculate how much fuel you typically use. This will help you decide on the type of truck you will need.

Do your Research

Once you know the kind of truck that fits requirements, you can find out what models experts recommend. This will narrow down your search for the best truck for your needs. You will also get an idea of the going rate.

Note that in terms of truck sales Adelaide buyers are familiar with, there is a mandatory two-day cooling off period when buying a used vehicle. This gives you time to check out the truck more thoroughly. You should only pay the dealer in full after the cooling period.

Spend Now or Later

The question to ask yourself when looking at the cheapest truck on the lot is why. There must be a reason y the truck is going for less than the others are. In most cases, it means that you will have to spend for major repairs. It can also mean that it is particularly expensive to maintain. In other cases, it just drinks up the gas as if it was happy hour.

A small upfront cost may mean huge expenses later on. You can choose to spend more now for an economical truck in good, running condition. If you are in doubt, bring someone that knows trucks with you when you go to truck sales.