Can Repair Shops Help You Find the Best Auto Insurer?

Mechanic Fixing Car

Repair shops and motor insurance companies share a special bond. Both have to work together for faster, efficient, and cost-effective motor repair. As a result, repair shops would know which among the automotive insurers are the most trusted.

Why? Experienced specialists from LRC Automotive reveal that first-hand experiences with insurance companies tell about the latter's service delivery, from claims processes to financial aspect to assessor's competence and accuracy of an estimating system used.

Claims Process

Repair can only start with an insurer's authorisation, and it starts before the submission of a claim. Yes, it needs an assessment report first, which is complete with a cost estimate. Add the shop's administration time for every claim and the parts sourcing.

The better integrated the repairer's estimating system is with the insurance company's procedures, the easier the claims processes are.


The following points should be addressed in the assessment:

  • Fair labour rate
  • Fair time allowances
  • Fair paint allowances
  • Fair time allowances for subcontracted works

As well as these: ease of invoicing, promptness of payment and, ultimately, the consistency of assessor. The more technically competent an assessor is, the more accurate the estimates are. As such, assessors must be confident in the information they put on the report.

Policy Amendments

Insurance firms have in-house assessors, but you can choose a repair shop to do the job. Make sure to ask if you can choose a repair shop. If not, ask around, including car owners with similar experience. They can tell if both the insurer and the default repairer provide satisfactory services.

Essentially, there are two entities that you are entrusting your car with in times of collision repair. But first, you have to look for the right insurance company. Repair shops can help provide you with insider's information. Just ask around.