Call the Exterminator When You See Signs of These Infestations

Bed Bug Pest ControlBug infestation can go from annoying to dangerous. Some bugs can damage your property, affect your health, or even threaten your physical well-being. You can get rid of them yourself, but your efforts may not be worth it or even bring danger to yourself and those around you. There’s a time to struggle, and there’s a time to just call the exterminators.


For bed bugs, run of the mill exterminators may not be effective. Hire a company specializing in bed bug removal when you see these signs:

  1. Tiny bloodstains on your pillows, sheets, or bed. These are traces of blood that bedbugs leave when they feed on you. Bed bug bites can cause a wide range of problems, including skin problems, insomnia, and anxiety.
  2. Maroon or rust-like stains on your mattress, furniture, or clothing. The bedbug’s diet on your blood causes their feces to have this appearance.
  3. Coriander-like musty odors and molted bedbug shells. If you start smelling coriander and see those molted shells, that means your house is definitely infested. Bedbugs will only molt after feeding for weeks, and a pervasive coriander odor means there are a lot of them.


Termites can be hard to spot and when you do spot them, chances are the damage has been done. Make a quick inspection of your house to see if you have these telltale signs of termite infestation.

  1. Mud tubes in your floors or walls. Termites create these mud tubes for transportation and protection.
  2. Sawdust inside your house. Unless you work with wood inside your house, these sawdust-looking particles are probably termite feces. Termites like to keep clean, so they push excrement out of their lairs.
  3. Termite-eaten wood. If you see your walls having hollowed portions that look like tunnels — that probably means the termites have done their work.

Wasps and Bees

Unlike the other two, signs of wasps and bees are easy to spot. However, getting rid of them is best left to professionals. Getting stung or even swarmed can be dangerous — or even lethal — so it’s best to be safe.

Calling an exterminator can be a bit expensive, but when it comes to these bugs, it’s best to be safe.