7 March 2014
Business Adviser

Burger King Aims To Boost Health Portfolio Through ‘Satisfries’

Burger King

Image by Elliott Brown

Fast food giant Burger King aspires to gain reputation in serving healthy grub by tying up with ketchup brand Heinz. The collaboration sees the launch of Satisfries, which contains low calories.

The Collaboration

The launch of the product marks the first promotion in the UK between the two food brands, which are both in the portfolio of business magnate Warren Buffet and 3G Capital. Satisfries debuted last year in the U.S with marketing messages claiming that the food contains 30% less fat than leading competitors’. To complement the campaign, Heinz initiated a PR effort to promote its very own ketchup with reduced salt and sugar.

The Same Principles

Lucy Clark, the senior brand manager of Heinz in Europe, says the move aspires to stress that both brands commit themselves to offering healthier food alternatives. Both brands are signatories to a responsibility deal that aims to reduce obesity rates in the UK.

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