Beyond Baths in Bath

Woman in a Spa Bath

There’s a city that takes you to a unique experience that mixes old and new types of relaxation. Bailbrook Lodge promotes Bath as England’s only UNESCO World Heritage City. There are many boutique bed and breakfasts in Bath, and whether you’re planning a romantic trip for two, driving out with the family to visit the Stonehenge, or planning to relax in the natural hot springs of Bath, your stay will definitely be worth it.

Not Just Baths

Bath boasts of its many hot springs and Roman Baths in the area, but there are also many historical sites to visit. These include Stonehenge, Queen Square, The Stone Faces Walcot, The World Heritage Site, and the iconic Royal Crescent, to name a few. Bath was also home to author Jane Austen, and the Jane Austen Centre is dedicated to the writer and her works.

Feel at Home in Bath

A weekend trip with all the sight-seeing will make you want to kick your shoes off and relax while basking in the glorious Georgian scenery. There will be many hotels around the area, but what truly captures the magic of this wonderful city are bed and breakfasts. These private homes welcome you to the cosy feel of a home environment. Breakfast buffets are also available, adding to the comforts of the environment. These luxurious accommodations come without the five star price.

Grab a Ticket and Go

When you’re thinking of going on that holiday while seeing historical sites, don’t forget that holidays do not need you to break the bank and stress you out all the more. There are many ways to enjoy the glorious city of Bath while keeping spending on the low. So won’t you grab that ticket and go?