Auto Repair: Key Things to Check to Get the Best Service

Car maintenance being loggedWhen in need of car repairs, people often look for shops with great mechanics or great reputation. But what if you can’t afford enough time to find these shops, and, likely, the budget to pay for them?

In Alexandria, auto repair shops can be found along important roadways and on key street corners. To find a good, reliable repair shop given your budget and time constraints, here are some tips that you can follow.

Research online or ask family and friends

Looking for local mechanics is now easy, thanks to the Internet. Google it. Or if you want to have a subscription for ease of getting information, try Consumer Reports. But still, family and friends are the best sources for repair recommendations.

Look for certifications

At the barest, the mechanic and shop must be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). A certification from the American Automobile Association (AAA) is also good evidence for quality service.

Test the shop with a simple repair or a second opinion

Before having a bigger repair, it’s prudent to test them with a smaller repair, like an oil change. Here, you will get a sense of their service. If you’re getting a second opinion though, don’t tell the mechanic about the details of the first diagnosis, especially the price.

Check for warranties

Shops typically offer different warranties, so be keen in choosing the one with the most acceptable warranty. Ask for a warranty as early as possible so you can compare it with more shops.

When you search for the right shop, check if the shop is convenient and clean. Many shops and mechanics provide options to ensure customer convenience. Look for those. And lastly, a clean and tidy shop is a sign of quality and convenient service.