Are You a Good Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

A woman getting a plastic surgeryUnlike what most people think, cosmetic surgery is not always a luxury for people who want to alter certain features of their bodies. Cosmetic surgery is also for people who have serious health issues, but some illnesses and diseases could bar you from getting a procedure. The Mohave Centers For Plastic Surgery explained how certain health conditions will help you determine whether you qualify for certain plastic surgery procedures in Lake Hasavu.

Lip augmentation

The major reason for this cosmetic surgery is to increase the volume of thin lips. If you are mature and your lips have thinned out, you can go for the procedure. However, if you have diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, herpes, an autoimmune disease such as lupus, allergic reactions of any type, lip augmentation may not be for you.

Face or neck lift

This procedure is meant to improve the tightness of the skin on your face and neck. You should go for this plastic surgery procedure if the skin on your face sags resulting to a double chin, jowls, and wrinkles. However, if you are obese or significantly overweight, or if your skin lacks elasticity and flexibility, you should not go for a face or neck lift.

Eyelids surgery

If you have puffiness around your eyes, bags or droopy eyelids, then you are a perfect candidate for this procedure also known as blepharoplasty. However, if you have dark circles, crow’s feet or fine lines around your eyes, you cannot go for eyelids plastic surgery. Instead, consult with your plastic surgeon first on how to get rid of these before engaging in the particular surgery.

When considering a plastic surgery procedure, remember that it does not last forever, and it does not stop the ageing process. Instead, it helps you get a youthful look for a certain period. Therefore, choose your procedures carefully and ensure that you are healthy enough to get one.