Amusement Parks: An All-American Tradition

Amusement parkAmusement parks are some of the best places on earth, where people can go to be happy and carefree. From record-setting slides and rides to diverse food offerings and jaw-dropping attractions, summers are just not complete for many Americans without a visit or two to an amusement park. In fact, amusement parks are a $12 billion industry, with 400 parks attracting over 300 million visitors every year.

Each amusement park offers a unique experience that families have grown to love. The tradition was born in 1893 during the Chicago World’s Fair, and ever since, Americans have been flocking to these parks, wide-eyed and eager to see and experience something new.


Nostalgia seems to be a major influence as to why, up until now, Americans keep coming back to amusement parks. You can’t look up at the iconic Wonder Wheel in Coney Island or the enigmatic roller coaster in Cedar Point without feeling a bit sentimental. This is especially true for the older generation who witnessed the glory days of the local amusement park.

Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach in the windswept Seaside Heights in New Jersey is a great example of an amusement park that embodies the glory days. While nearly half of the park, housing world’s fair-style attractions, was wiped out by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the idea was preserved among the locals. Many of the attractions there now are new constructions, but the concept still stands and glimmers over the boardwalk like a real-life time machine.

Modern Marvels

To stay ahead of the pack, amusement parks are on a tireless pursuit to add the coolest and newest attractions to cater to all levels of thrill-seeking. Following the influx of 3D and virtual reality, high-tech thrills have quickly become a big part of the fold. Today’s amusement resorts offer so much more, like dramatic roller coasters, shimmering carousels, one-of-a-kind 3D worlds, performers representing popular characters, and unusual but equally fascinating alternative rides. The search for new heights and new twists and turns is never-ending.

Amusement parks and state fairs are top vacation destinations in America for the good ol’ family fun they provide. It is where you will find a convergence of many types of personalities, all in it for the fun and the thrill.