A Death in Spain: What British Expats Need to Know

a statue of an angel with flowers aroundMaking funeral arrangements is stressful for any grieving family, especially when the deceased loved one dies in another country. If a family chooses a prepaid funeral plan, it can make things much more straightforward.
Many British citizens have long considered Spain as a desirable place for retirement. They can enjoy the weather, the scenery, and the relaxed atmosphere, but the influx of retirees has increased the number of Britons dying in Spain.

Death in a foreign country brings its own set of complications. Relatives have to deal with international authorities, and they need to obtain an English translation of the death certificate and arrange the repatriation, an overwhelming prospect for a family already under the pall of grief.

If you are a British citizen living in Spain, you should consider taking a prepaid funeral plan. Spain has expat funeral plan providers that can ensure that all the arrangements are made quickly and sensitively.

Many Spanish funeral plans typically include the following:

Notifying the kind of death

The service could be either cremation or burial. A common form of burial in Spain is an above ground niche or burial space to place the body or the ashes.

Liaising with foreign authorities

The service includes working with the foreign authorities, and if repatriation is required, they will also procure a copy of the death certificate in English.

Care of the body

The care for the deceased includes embalming that is compliant with international transportation laws. A prepaid funeral also includes all mortuary fees.

Transportation and repatriation

Some funeral planners provide transportation services in an airtight coffin for repatriation to the UK. If the deceased has been cremated in Spain, the ashes will then be transported to the UK.
Some also include transportation in a special vehicle to a UK funeral home for a funeral.

An Advocate for the Bereaved

With a prepaid funeral plan, an international funeral director can manage everything on behalf of the grieving family. They will also obtain all the necessary documentation for a successful funeral service or repatriation, giving the family the kind of care and concern they need at such a difficult time.