A Buying Guide For Hospitality Amenities for Your Hospitality

well-kept and neatly tucked hotel linens

Guests are quite keen on the services and products offered by hotels, and this means you should ensure that you offer the best in your hotel. When making your purchase make an exhaustive list of all the things you want to buy and a proper budget.

Try to buy all your products from the same wholesale hospitality supplies provider, such as The Star Line Group. This makes it easy for you to manage your inventory and is cost effective as you get high discounts. Here are some hotel amenities you should consider buying on wholesale.

These include soap, body wash, shampoo, lotions, oral care products and bath towels. Keep in mind the quantity, scent and common allergens when getting soap, lotions and body wash for your bathrooms. You can go for soap with hypo-allergenic properties to protect against any specific allergens guests may have. Have attractive presentation skills for your products to leave a good impression on your guests.

Room Amenities

These include ice buckets, waste baskets, matches, ashtrays, hangers, room service trays and rugs. These amenities need to add style and elegance to your hotel room. The service tray needs to have milk powder, sugar, coffee mugs and a kettle all perfectly laid out. These amenities may seem less important to you but remember your guest will pay attention to tiny details.


Hotel linen includes pillow covers, towels, bed sheets and blankets. Linen should be soft, comfortable and easy to clean. 100% Cotton towels are absorbent, soft and lush but may be more expensive. You can settle for blended cotton fabrics if your budget cannot allow pure cotton. You can get your sheets in white, slightly brown or cute colours and match them with your pillow cases.

Paper towels and napkins, mattress pads and cutlery are also important amenities you can get in bulk. Your guests will always be on the lookout for comfortable well-furnished rooms with quality supplies. When buying your supplies, never compromise on quality.