6 Signs of Alcohol Addiction

An alcoholic womanAlcohol abuse and addiction can have a serious negative effect on your health, your career, and your relationships with others. Once you realize that you or a family member has a problem, get assistance as soon as possible. Here are symptoms of alcohol addiction.

1. When you repeatedly get into legal problems because of alcohol

If you have been arrested on several occasions for drunk driving or being drunk and disorderly, you need the assistance of drug and alcohol rehab centers. This is a clear sign your drinking is getting out of hand.

2. When you neglect your responsibilities for alcohol

If alcohol causes you to perform poorly at work, neglect your family or miss your classes, for example, you have a problem with addiction.

3. When alcohol use gets you into dangerous situations

If you start operating machinery when intoxicated, drive when drunk or take alcohol against the advice of your doctor, these compromise your health and safety.

4. When it gets in the way of your relationships

Alcohol addiction might cause family and friendship fallouts. If your friends and family cannot put up with your drinking behavior, you might already be an alcoholic.

5. You use alcohol as an escape from your troubles

Taking alcohol should be a leisurely activity. However, its abuse sets in when you start taking it to soothe raging thoughts or relieve stress. If you take alcohol every time things are not going right or when at a crossroads with your people in your life, your condition might no longer be normal.

6. When you drink to steady up

If you cannot get down to work without drinking alcohol, it means your body has gotten used to alcohol. When alcohol levels in the blood get low, you start trembling, sweating or getting anxious. This is a major warning that you are becoming dependent on alcohol.

Seek the assistance of an alcohol recovery center if you experience any of the signs mentioned above. The earlier you seek help, the faster you get your life back on track. Similarly, assist friends and family members with these symptoms.