5-Point Checklist for a Successful Marriage Proposal

The Wedding ProposalOne aspect that you should consider before tying the knot is the marriage proposal. It’s as important as the wedding itself as it’ll determine if you are indeed meant to celebrate the occasion. To make it successful, you must plan it well.

Here’s the ultimate checklist to help you along the way:

Brainstorm for ideas

Months before the actual date, ask yourself the type of proposal you'd want to take place. Do you want to propose in front of your partner’s friends or during a big game? Visualize your ideal setting ahead so it’d be easier for you to plan the next step.

Get the parents’ blessing

Once you already have something in mind, don’t forget to ask the parents’ permission or blessing, especially if your partner is close to them. Though this may seem old fashion to some, the gesture means you respect your partner’s family.

Buy the ring

Once you get the approval, it’s time to spend your money on the most important part of the proposal: the engagement ring, which should, in fact, come first before other expenses.

The trick is to look for engagement rings for sale online not only to save time but also to ensure that you get the right ring within your budget.

Get your finances in order

You may have to shell out cash depending on the type of proposal you’d want to happen, so make sure you have enough to execute your plans. You may want to rent an entire restaurant or even fly somewhere to pop the question, so it’s just right to be financially prepared.

Find the right time

Finally, find the perfect time to propose. You could schedule it on your partner’s birthday or your anniversary. But no matter which date you choose, just make sure that your partner’s completely free of other obligations to make it special and memorable.

There you have it, a complete checklist. We may have missed some things, but it is now up to you to fill in the blanks.