5 Driving Mistakes That Lead to Road Accidents

Car AccidentWe all know the importance of responsible driving. Many drivers, however, still get into vehicle accidents due to bad driving habits. Be aware and stay safe by knowing which mistakes could lead to an accident.

Merton Auto Body lists five of them:


There are many reasons drivers over speed. While some are in a hurry or simply not paying attention, other drivers over speed because of excitement, thinking the police won’t see them. Research says that 27 percent of vehicle crash deaths in the United States are due to speeding. Be responsible and always pay attention to your speedometer to avoid road mishaps.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a criminal offense in the United States. Many drivers, however, still commit it. If you are heading out and you know there will be drinking involve, hire a driver. You can also assign a friend or colleague to drive, preferably someone who doesn't drink.

Low Pressure on Tires

Low tire pressure reduces gas mileage, making it difficult to turn your car away from an emergency. According to a company that provides auto collision repair in Sussex, most of the vehicles they have serviced were involved in an accident caused by inadequate tire pressure. Always check your vehicle, as well as your tires before, going for a drive.

Immediate Change of Direction

It all happens to us: driving then suddenly deciding to change lane or direction. While it may be convenient at times, changing your driving direction can lead to a vehicle collision, especially when you’re unaware of your surroundings. Don’t make this a habit. Plan your route before driving and always check for road signs.

Running a Red Light

In 2007, 41,000 deaths occurred due to drivers running red lights at intersections. Side impact collisions are more dangerous than frontal or rear-end ones, so always pay attention to traffic lights. Look both ways when the light turns green and never run when it goes red.

Safe driving is good driving. Be aware of road signs, as well as follow traffic rules and regulations, to stay safe on the road.