4 Instances You Should See an Emergency Dentist

Dentist performing dental treatment on a female patientRegular dental care ensures that your teeth stay strong and healthy. Visiting the dentist not less than two times yearly will ensure that issues are detected and treated early on. Even with the best care in the world, you may still develop tooth problems.

When should you see an emergency dentist?

When you have a broken or chipped tooth

A broken tooth can result from trauma to the face or just a weakening of the teeth. Chewing hard things can also cause chipping or breakage. When this happens, you should seek emergency dental services. You can find an emergency dentist here in Bloomington, MN.

Trauma causing teeth to fall off

When a tooth is knocked out, you should see a dentist immediately. This will determine whether your other teeth have been affected and how best to fix the problem. Note that only a professional dentist should see you as there are ways you can save the tooth.

Dentists recommend you should seek emergency services within 24 hours of the trauma. Soak the tooth in milk and don’t touch the nerves.

When adult teeth are loose

Loose teeth are an indication that they will soon fall off. This signifies an infection, tooth decay, or other injuries. Visiting the dentist immediately will ensure that it does not fall off but gets splinted or fixed with a dental crown.

Any trauma near the mouth

Facial trauma near the mouth can affect the teeth. If you have a wound in or near the mouth, this can transfer germs to the teeth that can lead to an infection. To avoid this, get a dentist to check the wound and prescribe medications to ensure your choppers do not get affected as the wound heals.

Taking care of your smile will boost your confidence and prevent serious teeth issues as you get older. Emergency dental services do not only take care of the issue but can prolong the life of your pearly whites.