3 Ways Farmers Can Keep a Healthy Dairy Farm

Do you operate a dairy farm? If you do, there are many simple ways that you can keep your cows healthy apart from ensuring they get adequate veterinary attention. Remember these three tips:

1. Make sure your cows are getting the right nutrition and are fed well.

Notice how humans get cranky when they’re hungry. The same thing can be said about cows. Hungry cows are unhappy cows. It is very important to keep your cows well fed with high-quality dairy pellets from Takanini Feeds, especially during winter season. So make sure you have enough in stock. Some farmers ensure that they order in advance before the cold months, so they don’t have to worry about delivery delays.

2. Keep your cows well hydrated.

One of the simplest ways you can take care of your cows is to ensure that there’s plenty of water available, especially during the winter season. Remember that for every 100 pounds of weight, a cattle requires about 1 or 2 gallons of water. Do the math depending on how many you have. If you don’t provide enough drinking water, dehydration can lead to impaction and colic. Prevention is better than cure, and the way to prevent it can be pretty cheap compared to taking a sick cow to the vets.

3. Observe cleanliness.

Observing cleanliness doesn’t just pertain to how clean your cows are. It also means providing a safe, clean, and comfortable shelter for your herd, especially if you have pregnant stock. Try to keep your cows comfortable by providing a shelter that is suitable for the climate you have. Remember that comfortable and healthy cows are happy cows.

Healthy Cows, Better Produce

Healthy cows fare better during the changing seasons, especially during the winter months and drought season. Employ some of these good tactics in your dairy farm so you can enjoy healthy cows and better produce.