3 Mexican Dishes You Should Try Now

TacosThere’s no doubt that Mexican cuisine is now a global icon in the food industry. Today, there are thousands of Mexican restaurants in the United States. While some bistros made their own versions of fajitas and quesadillas, others stick to the main roots of authentic Mexican dishes.

Mexico is known for its rich culinary tradition and people around the world have embraced this culture. That is quite evident in the southern area of the United States. The rise of “Tex-Mex” culinary is one of the best adaptations for this unique cuisine.

To give you a better idea, here are some of the best Mexican foods in Alexandria, VA that you probably haven’t heard of:


It’s not Cinco de Mayo if you don’t serve pozole on the table. This flavorful soup is one of the favorite appetizers. Some authentic Mexican restaurants serve three types of pozole: rojo (red), verde (green), and blanco (white). The main ingredients include ancho, guajillo chilies, and garnished avocado. These are best served with tostadas.


This dish is made of masa and a variety of meat and veggies. To cook this, you need to wrap the ingredients with banana or corn leaves, and then steam for about 15-20 minutes. You can also fill it with tamal de dulce or guacamole for that extra flavor.


If you’re looking for a heavy breakfast to keep you energized throughout the day, this is the perfect dish for you. Usually served with corn tortilla chips, salsa, beans, and shredded meat (combination of beef and chicken), this popular brunch is one of Mexico’s points of pride. With cheese and cream sprinkled all over, you will definitely love this meal.

Now, you have something more to try other than the usual burritos or tacos. The next thing you need to do is find a legitimate Mexican restaurant that serves authentic dishes.