26 May 2017
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What Your $142,200 Can Get You in Ogden, Utah

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There are reasons why Ogden, Utah is at the top of the list of many homebuyers. It offers both locals and tourists a wide variety of outdoor and indoor recreational options, giving them plenty of opportunities to never feel bored. There is also the simple fact that the city boasts of natural beauty and wonders.

You can enjoy all these when you choose to become one of its residents. And much thanks to the city’s lower-than-national-average cost of living, you can have your very own home here for just $142,200 – a price (as of writing) that goes well below the countrywide average.

Securing a mortgage: The first step to home ownership

Only a very few people have cash at hand to buy a home right off the bat. A majority of the population needs the help of mortgage lenders; entities that have significantly aided millions of other consumers afford a home.

And while taking out a mortgage is your first and biggest step towards home ownership, there are several pre-application must-dos first. One of these is to check and compare current mortgage rates in Ogden.

What rates look like in the city

At the time of this writing, rates for fixed-rate mortgages (the most common type of housing loan) in the city averaged at 3.57. This represents the average rate of 3.92% for 30-year FRMs, 3.67% for 20-year FRMs, and 3.13% for 15-year FRMs.

Adjustable-rate mortgages, on the other hand, averaged at 3.09%. This consists of the 3.02% rate of 7/1 ARMs, 3.11% for 5/1 ARMs, and 3.14% for 3/1 ARMs. Note that the rates for both the 7/1 and 3/1 ARMs went down by several points.

As mentioned above, residential properties in Ogden have an average price of $142,200, but you will find many others for a lower price. So as early as now, start shopping around while further reinforcing your finances to realize your dreams of home ownership.

25 May 2017
Medical Standard

Drug Addiction: The Parental Guilt

A collection of drugs like heroin and pills Drug addiction has always been a struggle for most people. In 2013, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported 22.7 million (or 8.6% of the population) people in the country required professional treatment for drug or alcohol-related concerns. And the numbers continue to grow.

What those numbers don’t tell, however, is the number of people severely affected by their loved ones’ struggles.

The problem is more difficult for parents. No mother or father would want to see their child struggling with drugs. Seeing their children also results in feelings of shame, guilt, or inadequacy. Are they to blame for their child’s troubles?

Families Struggle, Too

As a parent, it’s only natural to feel responsible for your child’s actions. But remember: even if parents do the right things, some children will still struggle with drug addiction or substance abuse. Whatever the case is, most parents end up blaming themselves. Had they been better parents, would their child end up in an addiction recovery center?

Renaissance Outpatient shares that addiction carves a destructive path, and equally affected as the addict is the family.

Still, the fact remains: your child’s decision (and the consequences of the decision) is out of your control.

Dealing With Parental Guilt

Some feelings of guilt are rational, especially when you know mistakes in the past contributed to your child’s struggle. Dwelling in it, however, is not helpful and becomes a needless form of self-punishing.

Instead of feeling the guilt, be proactive and steer your child toward recovery. Begin by acknowledging the situation and let go of matters beyond your control. Don’t get caught up with the vicious “What if?” cycle; focus on your child and care for them in the best way you can.

Reaching out to an addiction recovery support group is also helpful. Some centers offer groups for both the patient and their families. Remember: you aren’t alone in the struggle. Talking to families in the same situation serves as your bank of encouragement.

If you’re a parent, do not burden yourself with unnecessary guilt. Focus instead on guiding your child toward the right path.

22 May 2017
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Educational Trips: The Key to a Child’s Future Success

Kids on a Field TripStandardised tests, heavier workloads and tighter budgets have led to fewer field trips in the recent years. Nevertheless, schools should be aware that reducing the budget for educational travel is a huge mistake. Metropolitan Rentals says that it’s not just about lessening expenses on minibus hiring in Auckland for each trip, but more about the children’s future.

The Survey

The U.S. Travel Association took a survey of 400 adults and asked them to reminisce about their school years. Half of those who took the survey did not take part in educational field trips in school, while the other half joined educational trips regularly. They were chosen regardless of income, race, age, and gender.

The Key Benefits

The study revealed that regardless of their socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or gender of the subjects, 59 percent of those who had educational trips had better grades. In addition, 95 percent of them graduated from high school and 63 percent from college. When they grew older, they even received higher incomes, which is about 12 percent higher yearly.

All in all, 89 percent of them admitted that educational trips had a lasting and positive impact on their education and career. They said that the trips made them intellectually curious and more engaged. It also piqued their interest.

In fact, the President and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, Roger Dow, shares that his parents taught him the three things when he was growing up: reading, writing, and arithmetic, but he wanted to add the fourth one for his own kids – roaming.

Dow explains that living in a global society is worthless if kids do not venture outside their comfortable neighbourhoods. He adds that traveling has opened his children’s eyes because will be able to acquire skills that could help them reach their full potential. He says that it also gave them inspiration and confidence to spread outside their regular environment.

Suffice to say, educational field trips offer more benefits to a child’s future. Schools should keep this in mind when considering their budgets and plans for the school year.

17 May 2017
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A Weekend in Bath: Where to Go, What to Do

City of BathIn Jane Austen’s novels, she never fails to give her vivid imaginings of countryside living. Although her immense imagination ought to be credited for these literary accomplishments, it is also worth noting that she most likely received enough inspiration from her immediate surroundings: from 1801 to 1806, Jane Austen lived in Bath, Somerset.

The City of Bath is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Founded by the Romans in the 1st Century AD, the City’s Palladian architecture and Roman baths are some of its most popular attractions. If you are in need of physical and mental rejuvenation—something that tourists have been raving about Bath for many years—a short break or getaway in Bath could give you just that.

Two-Day Bath Break

Getaways in Bath are ideal, as the City is only a 90-minute train ride from London. Of the many things you can do in the City, a visit to the Roman baths is always on top. A visit should always include seeing the Grand Pump Room, what remains of the Roman temple, and the Museum.
You should also not miss the City’s Georgian attractions, such as Bennett Street’s Assembly Rooms and the Royal Crescent along Brock Street. A visit to the Prior Park Landscape Garden, with its panoramic view of the city, is the best way to end a short break in Bath.

Book it

The city has a wide selection of hotels and accommodations. You can find comfortable hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfasts that suit your style and budget. Before you comfortably sneak into your room, why not visit Bath’s famous bookshops and pick a book or two? Bath Old Books along Brock Street and the Bath Guildhall Market’s Skoobs are places that will give you the best company for your weekend staycation.

15 May 2017

Other Than Diamonds: Options for the Budget-Conscious

Black and white photo of wedding ringsIn jewelry, particularly in rings, the precious stone is often the most important part. Due to strong marketing and influence, people around the world have long considered the diamond as the best choice when it comes to engagement rings. This same marketing success is the reason you are familiar with the phrases “Diamonds are forever” and “A diamond is a girl’s best friend.”

The truth is that you have plenty of options other than diamond.

Choosing an engagement ring

When choosing an engagement ring for your woman, you may consider the popular practice these days of having her choose the ring with you. The advantage of this practice is you are less likely to make the mistake of choosing a ring that she doesn’t like or having to return it to the store because it’s the wrong size.

But there are disadvantages too. One is not having the element of surprise on your side. Even if you surprise her with a trip to the jewelry store, that still does not compare to getting down on one knee or putting the ring on top of a slice of cake.

If your budget is limited and she chooses a ring that’s worth three times your budget, you might have to ask her to choose another or be forced to buy the ring and incur a huge debt.

What if you chose something other than a diamond?

You can be more creative with your choice of an engagement ring, especially if you are on a budget. For example, if she seems to love rubies and usually buys jewelry with rubies set on them, then it may actually be the best choice. Choose what she likes and what complements her style.

If you want the kind of sparkle that the diamond gives off but don’t want to blow three months’ salary, you have another option: moissanite jewelry.

Moissanite takes its name from Henri Moissan, the French chemist who discovered the naturally occurring silicon carbide from a meteor crater in 1893. Due to its similarity with diamonds, the moissanite grew in popularity as a less expensive alternative and has since been synthesized in laboratories, as the original silicon carbide is extremely rare.

You don’t have to be swayed by marketing, especially if you are conscious of your budget. After all, it’s hardly wise to incur a debt for a ridiculously expensive diamond engagement ring when you have to think of your life together soon as you start a family. If you are the practical type, then choosing a good alternative to diamond is a wise decision, as you can use the money you save to support the family you’re about to build.

12 May 2017
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Water Wells You Can Install on Your Property

Water WellWater is an abundant element on Earth. The planet, in fact, consists mostly of water. Only a small percentage of it, however, is fit for human use and consumption. This is why people look for alternative means to get access to clean water.

Water well providers, such as exterradrilling.com, says that a dependable supply of water is vital in most life situations. Apart from the water running through household and commercial water pipes, some households opt to install water wells to ensure that they always have an ample supply of clean water. If you prefer to have a water well to serve as an extra water supply, consider reviewing these well types before installing one on your property.

Drilled Wells

People consider drilled wells as modern wells. These wells require complicated drill rigs often mounted on big trucks. Creating drilled wells requires workers to drill the ground that’s at least a thousand feet deep. Workers would then seal the space around the casing with grounding material to prevent contamination. They then install a pump to help bring the water to the surface.

Driven Wells

Driven wells work best for shallow waters. Workers construct these wells by placing a small diameter pipe into the sand. Next, they install a screen that will serve as a filter. While driven wells are economical and simple to construct, they are prone to contamination because of its shallow depth.

Dug Wells

People traditionally construct dug wells through manual digging using a hand shovel. They keep digging until the incoming water surpasses the digger’s bailing rate. Workers then cement or cover the well with stones to prevent collapse. There are still people who resort to installing this type of well in different parts of the country and around the world.

Drilled, driven, and dug wells are the well types to consider when installing a water well on your property. Regardless of the well type, it’s important to ensure that the water inside the well is clean so you and your family can use it.

11 May 2017
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Looking to Learn a Foreign Language? Don’t Simply Recite, Sing

A person studying while listening to music You’ve watched countless tutorials on YouTube and spent sleepless nights watching subbed movies but to no avail. You can still barely stammer through the items on a foreign-sounding restaurant’s menu.

While movies with voiceovers offer a peek into the culture of the country you’re visiting, experts say if you wish to get to grips with a particular language, try singing while learning. A study conducted at the University of Edinburgh’s Reid School of Music revealed that singing foreign words or short phrases can help adults become twice as good at speaking the language later.

Improving Recall

Led by Dr. Katie Overy, the researchers taught 60 adults foreign phrases using recordings of words. As the researchers wanted to use a language that participants were unlikely to have encountered before, they chose to present them with Hungarian words.

The researchers played the tapes to participants, instructing one group to say the words back like a teach yourself tape. On the other hand, they told the other group to either sing the words or say them rhythmically.

After listening for 15 minutes, the researchers gave the respondents tests to see how well they fared at learning the words. The results revealed that those who listened to short phrases and sang them back performed better than those who simply spoke the words.

The Link Between Music and Memory

Music can help trigger memory recall. Most people remember certain phrases or words from a song they heard earlier. Some language teachers use music to teach their young students, while the students use it to enhance their memory when preparing for an exam.

The researchers concluded that a listen-and-sing method could help verbatim memory for phrases in a spoken language. The researchers did not delve into whether certain melodies provide an additional cue to exercise the mind, and while they admit that future research can fortify the ideas they have brought forth, they suggest taking advantage of the strong links between memory and music when trying to learn a foreign language.

10 May 2017
Ride On

3 Things to Ask Your Boat Lift Operator

Boat liftIf you have a boat, you can find several types of boat lifts for sale in Rockport, including pile mount lifts, electric boat lifts, and hydraulic lifts. But how do you find the right contractor? ShoreStation Boat Lifts shares some questions you need to ask your boat lift operator before pushing through with the sale.

  1. Which would you recommend? Manual or electric boat lift?

Of course, electric boat lifts are more convenient, but you also need a power source. This means that electric boat lifts require more maintenance and extra care when operating. On the other hand, manual boat lifts require a lot of labor. While it depends on your preference, it is better to ask the professional opinion of the boat lift operator to help you make an informed decision.

  1. What is the installation process?

It is best to get your boat lift operator’s recommendation on the installation process as they often work with local dealers. This way, you can research if their installation process is efficient. You can ask your friends who have worked with the contractor to gauge your chosen operator’s expert recommendations.

  1. What materials are you going to use for the boat lift?

The materials often depend on the type of water you’ll be building around. The most commonly used boat lift materials are galvanized and stainless steel. If you’re building on saltwater, stainless steel is more recommended. Knowing the materials beforehand can help you prepare for the occasional cracking, corrosion and sun damage.

Building Your Ideal Boat Lift

Take your time in asking the right questions so you can make the best decision possible. When you’re working with a boat lift contractor, make sure to ask these questions whether it’s your first or second boat.

9 May 2017
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Breaking Borders: The Media Industry Should Address Rising Social Diversity in Singapore

group meeting

Over the years, Asia has gained a strong footing in various aspects: economy, tourism and defence, to name a few. This affected Singapore, which has grown in terms of social diversity.

The media industry can take advantage of the country becoming a melting pot of cultures by reaching out to people of different ethnicities, nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds. It can potentially break borders by addressing language barriers and linguistic differences and by promoting what is uniquely Singaporean to its audience.

Address Language Barriers

As a multi-racial and multi-cultural country, Singapore is home to Chinese, Indian and Malay citizens. It is also an open economy, so people from all over the world have opted to reside in the country for prospective investments. The development is likely to create language barriers.

The media industry can use professional language translation services so that their advertisements and broadcasts — on TV, on print or on mobile — will be inclusive of all people residing in the country, regardless of what language they speak.

Promoting Something Uniquely Singapore

The Singapore Tourism Board used ‘Uniquely Singapore’ as its slogan over a decade ago. A new one has already replaced it, to evoke customisation and personalise the Singapore experience. Today’s media industry can apply a similar concept to various campaigns. It could potentially contribute to the overall success of a campaign.

The players in the industry can integrate Singaporean culture and tourism into their campaigns, enabling them to stand out among international competitors in the country. Broadcasting channels, for example, may feature local destinations in TV shows, while marketing agencies may feature local culture in their ads.

Social diversity continues to be on the rise in Singapore. The local media industry can take advantage of this by reaching out to the multinational community that resides in the country and that observes it for potential investments.


4 May 2017

Hair Cuts and Marketing: How to Make Your Shop Popular

Busy hairdressers servicing clients Over the years, numerous hairstyles have taken the world by storm. From sleek ones to weird ones, men from different parts of the world are not afraid to try different styles on their hair. This makes a barber’s job so important.

Is being a popular hair stylist or barber your ultimate dream? Clients would like to know more about you and your expertise. Providing important information, such as the barber school you went to in Salt Lake City or the awards you received over the years is advisable.

But the right marketing strategies can also help you get the kind of exposure your business needs.

Here are some effective ways to market your barbershop:

Know your community

Barbershops are local businesses; therefore, it is important to know your community. Build contacts with local media by leaving your calling cards in their office. Provide contact details to local stores and distribute flyers. Identify your target clients' wants and needs. Do these and people will get to know your business in no time.

Establish your brand

Knowing your niche is important to establish your brand. Are you targeting the older generation, kids, working professionals, or teens? Determining which group your services would cater will help you know how you would establish your brand, from having a logo to drafting your slogan and marketing campaign.

Create offline and online campaigns

Once you have an established brand, it's time to create online and offline campaigns. Post an ad in your local newspaper, radio, and television stations. Have flyers and posters on the road to increase your visibility in the community. Do not forget to market your barbershop on social media and have your online presence felt.

These three basic marketing steps might be simple, but they can truly boost your barbershop’s popularity and profit. Before you know it, you'll be a step closer to your dream.