31 March 2017
Business Adviser

How’s Finding Work in Utah? Know the Answer Right Here

A Group of Employees Are you thinking of moving out of state to start anew or to seek better jobs? You may want to take a look at Utah.

There’s a reason why Utah is called the Beehive State: people there know how to work hard. The business industry also doesn’t stop buzzing about new opportunities:

1. You don’t have to worry too much about finding a job.

Utah is one of the few states that experienced a soaring job growth in 2016. Until December 2016, the state added more than 35,000 new jobs, which increased the employment growth rate to almost 3 percent. It is nearly twice as that of the national average.

2. Utah’s economy is doing well too.

Based on the data provided by the Small Business Administration (SBA), Utah’s economy grew at a rate of 2.9 percent, which was faster than the national average at 1.9 percent.

3. Business ownership is diverse.

The same SBA data revealed a more than 50 percent increase in ownership diversity in the state. From 2007 to 2012, the highest changes in business ownership based on demographics belonged to the Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders followed by African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians.

4. There are many great industries to choose from.

Although Utah doesn’t belong to the states with the most number of Fortune 500 companies, they have several fastest-growing companies. According to Inc. 500, these firms include Legend Solar, which took the 29th spot in 2016, because of its more than 7,000 percent growth and $13 million revenue. Others are Phoenix Recovery and Counseling Centers, PrinterLogic, Shopper Approved, and Lancera.

When it comes to largest employers, JobsBank USA cites America First Credit Union, Autoliv, Backcountry.com, and Bank of Utah.

To be clear, Utah doesn’t have a high average wage as it ranks 37th, but the cost of living is certainly cheaper than its neighboring states such as Arizona and Colorado. If you’re looking for stability and many employment options, the state certainly has something to offer.

Nevertheless, competition can still be tough. To give yourself a head start, take some project management courses in Utah, which can make you more eligible to supervisory positions.

31 March 2017
Business Adviser

Why Is Your Debt-to-Income Ratio So Important?

Couple Looking at Their FinancialsYour debt-to-income ratio or DTI is made up of your overall debt payments each month divided by your monthly gross income. This crucial number is important to lenders since they use it for measuring your ability to handle your mortgage payments monthly.

The Importance of Your Debt-to-Income Ratio

On your end, your DTI is vital since it can tell you plenty of things about your financial health. For instance, let’s say your debt is 60% of your monthly income. This means that you’ll have a hard time paying off your debts if there’s a sudden change in your circumstances, such as a medical emergency. You would also have a more difficult time repaying your debts than another person with a 25% DTI.

From lenders and creditors’ perspectives, your DTI is a critical measure of borrower risk, explains a loan officer from a renowned mortgage lender in St. George. Borrowers with higher DTIs have a higher chance of defaulting on their home loans. When applying for a home loan, determining your DTI would be a huge component of the underwriting process. Generally, the highest debt-to- income ratio you could have is 43% if you want to qualify for the best mortgage deals.

What This Means for Your Mortgage

What’s the ideal debt-to-income ratio? In general, lenders peg the ideal DTI ratio below or at 36%, meaning that yours shouldn’t be higher than that. This magic number would afford you more room than if your DTI is, say, 43%, which leaves you less susceptible when your expenses and income change. But if you could manage your financial situation to put your DTI significantly lower than 36%, say between 18% and 24%, then you would be so much better off.

Your debt to income ratio plays a vital role in whether or not you get approved for a mortgage. A DTI lower than 36% is perfectly fine for mortgage lenders, a DTI below 20% is excellent, while anything that’s higher than 36% is considered risky for mortgage lenders. Put simply, the lower your debt-to-income ratio, the more mortgage options you could qualify for.

30 March 2017
Ride On

Can Repair Shops Help You Find the Best Auto Insurer?

Mechanic Fixing Car

Repair shops and motor insurance companies share a special bond. Both have to work together for faster, efficient, and cost-effective motor repair. As a result, repair shops would know which among the automotive insurers are the most trusted.

Why? Experienced specialists from LRC Automotive reveal that first-hand experiences with insurance companies tell about the latter's service delivery, from claims processes to financial aspect to assessor's competence and accuracy of an estimating system used.

Claims Process

Repair can only start with an insurer's authorisation, and it starts before the submission of a claim. Yes, it needs an assessment report first, which is complete with a cost estimate. Add the shop's administration time for every claim and the parts sourcing.

The better integrated the repairer's estimating system is with the insurance company's procedures, the easier the claims processes are.


The following points should be addressed in the assessment:

  • Fair labour rate
  • Fair time allowances
  • Fair paint allowances
  • Fair time allowances for subcontracted works

As well as these: ease of invoicing, promptness of payment and, ultimately, the consistency of assessor. The more technically competent an assessor is, the more accurate the estimates are. As such, assessors must be confident in the information they put on the report.

Policy Amendments

Insurance firms have in-house assessors, but you can choose a repair shop to do the job. Make sure to ask if you can choose a repair shop. If not, ask around, including car owners with similar experience. They can tell if both the insurer and the default repairer provide satisfactory services.

Essentially, there are two entities that you are entrusting your car with in times of collision repair. But first, you have to look for the right insurance company. Repair shops can help provide you with insider's information. Just ask around.

29 March 2017

Build and Lead: Live the Life You Want

A Happy Woman

At the back of their mind, most people have a picture of the kind of life they would like to lead. While some people have vague images, others imagine their dream life in vivid detail, down to the type and color of their cars. Some people are lucky enough to live out their dream life; others, not so much.

Unknown to most people, though, luck plays little, if any part at all, in helping you achieve your goals. Sheer hard work and determination are key to leading a successful life. That is where most people get it wrong in the quest for a better life.

Hone Your Skills

Competition is a harsh reality that you have to contend with as you work on achieving your goals and dreams. To stand out in the cutthroat market, you need to build an exceptional set of skills. In most cases, you have to enroll into school or college. The American Academy recommends enrolling in high school courses online, to get a firm educational foundation regardless of your age.

Work on Yourself

Your attitude determines your altitude, so goes an adage that holds true even now. Most of the factors and needs that underlie success don’t fall in the realm of what you would call fun activities. Rather, they require intense effort as you build the necessary skills and knowledge. After that, you have to go on and gain some experience in a certain field. Your attitude towards these activities bears a considerable role in the outcome. It will influence the amount of success you will register. For the best results, you need to espouse a positive, can-do attitude as you hone your skills and knowledge.

It does take a considerable amount of effort to create and live out your dream life. However, with a little bit of planning and preparation, you can work towards building your dream.

28 March 2017
Medical Standard

Should You Get a Tooth Whitening Treatment?

A smiling woman showing off her teeth at the dentistry Having brighter, whiter teeth is something the majority of Americans would like to have. When asked what aspect of their smiles they would like to change, a whopping 90 percent of patients said they would like to have whiter teeth. This is according to the American Association of Orthodontists.

When you see the various types of teeth whitening products in the market, this is not surprising . However, the best way to whiten teeth is to have dedicated sessions at your Meridian cosmetic dentistry clinic, says Scott W. Grant, DMD. They can surely give you a set of cleaner and brighter teeth in a shorter span of time.

Why Teeth Turn Yellow

As you age, the enamel in your teeth naturally thins out to show the lower, yellower dentin. Other causes of yellowing or colored teeth include coffee, tea, soda, and red wine, which contain chromogens that stick to the surface of the teeth. Cigarettes contain tar and nicotine, which also contribute to discolored teeth.

Your Tooth Whitening Options

A typical tooth whitening treatment can last anywhere from one to three in-clinic sessions. Your dentist applies a protective substance over your gums before rubbing a bleach solution that typically contains peroxide over your teeth. They may use special laser lighting to speed up the action of the whitening solution.

Does Tooth Whitening Work All the Time?

Typical chairside treatments will not work all the time, such as if discoloration was caused by medication or an injury. Teeth whitening also doesn’t have an effect on crowns, veneers, and fillings. If you have any of these, it’s important to tell your dentist first before getting treatments.

Follow-up Sessions

You can prolong the effectiveness of teeth whitening by avoiding the things that cause discoloration in the first place. If you continue to smoke, for instance, you might find yourself going back to the dentist just after one month. If you properly take care of your whitened teeth, you can prolong the effects for as long as one year.

27 March 2017
Medical Standard

Options for Vision: Glasses or Contacts?

Man wearing eyeglassesWhen it comes to improving or correcting vision, you have the choice between eyeglasses and contact lenses. They both correct refractive errors, but each has its pros and cons concerning ease of use, cleaning and handling, and eye health.

Eye clinics in Maple Grove, MN share the advantages and disadvantages of these two options to help you decide:


Glasses, for the most part, are more affordable than contact lenses, as they don’t require constant replacement. They also require minimal cleaning and reduce the need to touch the eyes when wearing them. This lowers the risk of having eye irritation or infection. Frames today are also stylish, which can be a fashion statement or an extension of your personality.

The main disadvantage of eyeglasses is the distorted peripheral vision, because of the distance between the eye and lens. Some also report blurry vision when wearing new glasses or changing the prescription. Eyeglasses, furthermore, can be affected by weather elements, fogging up when it’s cold or collecting precipitation, which then blurs your vision.

Contact Lenses

The major benefit of contact lenses is that they sit directly on the eye, providing unobstructed peripheral vision. There will also be no concern when exercising or playing sports. Unlike glasses, contacts are not affected by weather elements, so they won’t fog up or collect precipitation. They also match everything you wear, and you can even change the color of your eyes.

Some have difficulty putting lenses in their eye, but practice can address this issue. Contacts can also decrease the oxygen that reaches the eye, which may contribute or aggravate dry eye syndrome or computer vision syndrome. They also require more care and maintenance to avoid eye infection. It is important to follow care instructions and advised replacement cycle.

Your choice for improving or correcting visions will likely depend on your personal preferences. You should also consider comfort, budget, and convenience when making the decision. If you’re still undecided about which is right for you, you can choose to have both or talk with your eye care doctor.

23 March 2017
Medical Standard

Sceptical About Braces? You Are Denying Yourself a Good Smile

Girl with bracesIt is normal to be sceptical with braces and how they work. You do not get to see other people wear it and watch as the process unfolds. One day, your friend who has them will just come up to you free of the orthodontic appliance, finally. You wonder, how was it possible for your friend who used to have crooked teeth to now have a great smile?

Whenever you do not know anything about something, it is easy to fall for misconceptions. With braces, it is no different. What is bad with these misconceptions is that they may prevent people from getting the great smile they should have had a long time ago.

Myth #1: You Have No Choice

Most sceptics view braces as very limiting. They believe that you do not have any choice but to trap your teeth with metals. What most of these people fear is the embarrassment they feel they will get from wearing braces. In reality, you have every choice when it comes to wearing your braces. Traditional braces allow you to have a sense of style through adjustment bands. Modern orthodontics also gives you the option of behind the teeth braces or invisible dental braces in Hertfordshire.

Myth #2: Constant Pain

Pain is a part of the process because the equipment is forcibly moving your teeth to the right places. What is wrong to believe is that for the whole duration of the alignment process, you will be in pain. In reality, pain only happens during adjustment periods. Most of the time they last for only a day or two. After that, you can return to normal eating habits.

Learn more about the procedure to correct all these wrong beliefs that are hindering you from getting a great smile. Never assume and base your decisions on unfounded claims unless you have researched for them yourself.

22 March 2017
Business Adviser

On Machines Completely Replacing Human Workers

A Group of Employees The all-human workforce is still very much alive — and contributing. It has changed a lot, however. Machines aid workers one way or another today, in various industries and workplaces. But there’s still a future that’s yet to come: a fully automated workforce. It’s a situation that futurists either fear or look forward to, depending on several circumstances.

When talking about machines taking over the workforce, it’s not always ‘robots’ per se. The contraptions can be as simple as fully automated presses or CNC machines, the latter courtesy of companies like FlexDrill CNC and others. These contraptions still require human intervention. Looking at other factors, however, reveal some potentially positive results.

Actual Fears Or Paranoia?

Millions of jobs have been lost—85 percent of the 5.6 million positions in the U.S. and Canada — to machines. Many people think this is terrible news. In truth, there are upsides to this change. Inflation-adjusted manufacturing output in America increased by 40 percent over the last two decades, to the tune of $2.4 trillion in annual value added by American factories. It means that even though manual jobs are few, more work gets done because of automation.

Also, employing machines is becoming cheaper. Labor costs can be cut down by as much as 33 percent globally, due to faster and more efficient machinery (mainly robots) becoming affordable for the manufacturing sector.

By 2025, experts predict that a robotic welder, for example, can drop to as little as $103,000. Hence, manufacturing can churn out more products in less time, while also costing less than when it first came out. In short, machines are becoming more cost-effective than human laborers.

If people worry about losing their jobs to machines, they don’t have to. Unless completely autonomous, self-programming AI machines get invented soon, these automated workers require human intervention to work. They won’t program themselves and would need training from operators to ensure that the job will be done.

And who’s to think that robots and their kin can’t work alongside humans? With a mechanical counterpart, people can be as efficient as they’ve ever been. The fear of machines taking over the global workforce (and putting people out of work) is a misinformed one. It should stop.

21 March 2017
Business Adviser

Why You should Join Local Trade Shows, Expos, and Other Events

Local Trade ShowThere are more options today for promoting your business and product lines. Thanks to the Internet, promoting has gone digital, so you have options other than TV, radio, and print ads. You can use the web to show potential customers what you offer, what you can do for them, which of their needs you can answer, and so on. You can also interact with them real-time, no matter where they may be.

Find the right balance between using digital and more traditional methods of promoting your business. The better you become at this, the more powerful your promotional activities can be.

All that said, however, there is a promotional activity you should take seriously. That’s to appear at events in your community or other locations where you might catch the attention of potential customers or clients.

Presence at Events and Shows

If you are located in Salt Lake City, ULTIMATE EVENTS, INC. recommends having a presence at some Utah trade shows. There are also other options, such as fun runs or marathons, bicycle races, street fairs, concerts, and festivals.

Some of these events and shows are easier to identify as useful for your business. For instance, a food festival is a fine time to showcase your restaurant or food truck business, a marathon is where you should be present to display your environment-friendly sport drinking bottles, and so on.

Activities for your Booth or Display

Some of the things you can do at the event may include giving away free product samples or free services. You can also give a free clinic or consultation. For example, if you’re promoting an art school, give a free lesson on painting or drawing. You can also set up a selling booth if you own a bookstore. A demo of a product you’re promoting is also a good idea.

Having a presence at an event in your community or elsewhere gives you an opportunity to interact with customers face to face. To make this easier to organize, work with a professional agency with lots of experience in setting up displays and booths at events, and also promoting your business.

21 March 2017
Medical Standard

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Root Canal Therapy

Dentist checking a woman's toothDeep decay, chip or crack on your tooth, faulty crowns, or repeated dental procedure on your tooth can infect or damage your tooth pulp. If that happens, you may need root canal therapy to repair and save your tooth. The therapy is an endodontic procedure, which involves the removal of the damaged nerve and pulp and sealing of the area to prevent an abscess. Though the procedure sounds complicated, there is no need to be anxious about an upcoming procedure for a root canal in Napa. Here are important reasons why:

1. Root canals are done with local anesthesia.

The discomfort caused by damaged pulp is indeed painful, but root canal treatment is certainly not painful. The nerve being removed is dead, and anesthesia may even be not necessary. However, most dentists still numb the area to make their patients more relaxed and at ease. Consequently, most people who have received root canal therapy describe the procedure as painless. The procedure feels roughly the same as having a filling placed.

2. There is minimal discomfort afterward.

Thanks to advanced root canal therapy techniques there is little discomfort after root canal treatment. Your tooth may feel a little sensitive after the procedure, but you can easily control this sensitivity or discomfort with over-the-counter medications. In fact, when you get a root canal in Napa, you can expect to return to your normal activities the next day.

3. The procedure will harmlessly save your tooth.

Root canal therapy aims to save the tooth despite the damaged pulp. The procedure is highly successful, and it will leave your tooth as good as new.

Root canal treatment saves an estimated 24 million damaged teeth in the United States every year. Despite endodontic treatment’s benefits and high success rate, some people still fear root canals in the mistaken belief that they are painful. Nothing could be further from the truth because root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain, it just relieves pain and saves teeth.