24 August 2016
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Make your move Hassle Free with these Helpful Tips

Hassle-Free MoveLeaving your old home to move into a new one is bittersweet. Memories would be left behind, but new ones will also be created. Aside from your sentiments, you also have to deal with the real dilemma of finding the right moving company in Salt Lake City like Mergenthaler Transfer and Storage to help you do the job.

Make your move easier and more hassle free with these helpful tips.

Helpful points to remember:

  • Move only what you NEED

Only bring things that you REALLY need. How would you know if you still need that pair of shoes? Simple. If you have survived your everyday life for 3-5 years, chances are you won’t need that thing and is good to be given or thrown away. There are different organizations that could benefit from your pre-loved stuff.

  • Avoid last minute packing

It is human nature to cram. Not only in school, but also in packing. So in order to avoid the stress, pack early. Start with your clothes and slowly move on to other things like your kitchen appliances. When moving day comes, you will be surprised at how little you need to pack left.

  • Know the policy of the place you are moving to

This applies to people who are moving into flats or apartments. Different flats have different policies and it will be helpful to know this ahead of time so as not to cause you and the moving company unnecessary problem.

  • Be with the right moving company

Now that you have finished sorting and packing, choosing the right moving company is essential. The best way to do so is through referrals from friends and families who have availed the services.

Have accredited moving companies that are able to provide you with Workman’s Compensation Certificate. This certificate serves as an insurance that will protect you from legal action should a worker get hurt while working. It is advisable to choose moving companies that could provide you with this insurance.

Moving is not as hard as you imagined it to be. You just need the right tips and the right people to help you!